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Robert Tracinski on ‘The Paradox of Dogma’:

If I were to come up with one idea for how the left could cripple itself over the long term, it would be: teach your young adherents that ideological debate is an abnormal trauma and that it is a terrible imposition to ever expect them to engage in it. It is a great way of raising a generation of mental cripples. And that is exactly what they have set out to do.

(Congenital conservative optimism aside, that seems right.)

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  • scientism Says:

    The Left has been winning for the last couple of hundred years because it insists on debate and colleges have been churning out sophists for the purpose. What we’re seeing now is the result of the Left having no competition left. Why bother with all the fancy tricks and linguistic treachery when you can just tell people to shut up? The mistake he makes is in thinking the Left’s old tricks can be turned against it, as if the sophistry his generation learned at Leftist institutions and that led to conservatives losing every debate the Left has ever instigated, will somehow prove useful now the Left has moved on to shoving his kind into labour camps.


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  • Chris B Says:

    Pertinent questions not being faced here are – what is the left? who are leftists? Constraining the left to one specific group in time and space is kind of how the misdirection with communism and the USA *not* being hyper communist works.

    Also, are we now really convincing ourselves that the ideas central to power now have been the result of superior oratory as opposed to selection mechanisms brought about by power adaption?


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    The adaptations enable the dominance; they do not produce it. Plenty of high-IQ people become useless because they are not taught to utilize their inherent abilities well. There are plenty of high IQ westerners that have been for generations sucked into revolutionary fervor, which was part planning murder and part sophistry and linguistic cleverness.

    To give this up is definitely a loss, but you are correct that the underlying advantages should still hold. However, seriously dysfunctional culture can turn a tour de force into a trickle of dissidents (what has happened to conservatives in the West.)

    The tables must needs eventually turn, but when and at what cost?


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    A generation of mental cripples serves the left: it’s production of useful idiots which are already polarized to see only liberalism as true and everything else as an attack. Permanent democrats.


    hypersitious Reply:

    Sadomasochistic politics.


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  • Karl F. Boetel Says:

    I think he’s just told us how the Left is making itself invulnerable. Unless you think its former grudging willingness to allow some kind of a debate maybe — as opposed to just criminalizing all opposing views — has somehow helped it. But as far as I can tell, their arguments are all garbage, and always have been.

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    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Exactly right.


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  • Xavi' Says:

    What an utterly bizarre conclusion. We see this time and again from from Moderate Leftists i.e those without the desire to liquidate, and Movement Conservatives, who of course are simply Classical Liberals, who adhere to Enlightenment principles, abstract Principles peculiarly only formed after much terror; of tolerance, stoic, detached reasoned debate, and the like. You know, Gentlemanly dialogue that originated in the West, that has long been replaced. I suppose it’s one of those “Gotcha moments” where the Republican declares, “see we are more tolerant and open minded than you Progressives.”

    He also fundamentally misinterprets the function of Safe Spaces. Safe Spaces are of course easy to mock for their absurdity, but that is surface level thinking. The purpose of a “Safe Space” is to strategise, without interference, current or future methods of linguistic deceit, and the impending, immediate, subsequent despoilment of cultural enemies. Of which the previous word craft seeks to uphold. It is not a sign of weakness, but a consolidation of power granted by the State or Academic apparti. A power which must be denied at every level. Those who are forbidden “Safe Spaces” must –

    (A) incorporate harmful Progressive elements into their sphere. Effectively being managed under the watchful eye of the intruder, where language, aesthetics etc. never step outside comfortable limits for the express benefit of the groups the intruder intends to protect.

    Or (B) are dispersed and not allowed to adequately coordinate a defense for themselves from the incoming despoilment.

    How this fool and many like him come to these conclusions is beyond me, the nailing shut of the Progressive mind ( It has been for well over three-hundred years ) signals not a debilitating defect, but total victory. Having bested their foes, ( of which I am utterly flabbergasted the Left could have possibly won considering the rich History we still pilfer knowledge from, never underestimate the meat brain of the savage amoung us I suppose ), the need for debate is frankly over. Debate to the Progressive mind is overt hostility, having abolished debate as oppression seeking to justify its existence. The Progressive is in preparation for the logical conclusion, where sharp objects are pushed into the bodies of their cultural opponents in public venues, emaciated husks once carrying the from of men, with blank stares aimlessly wander dim corridors, and projectiles fired at high velocities do away with a multitude.


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