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Elizabeth Price Foley @ Instapundit:

Pope Francis has been dogged by accusations that he is sympathetic to communism. The Pope doesn’t help allay these concerns when he meets with Raul Castro, reinstates a Marxist “liberation theology,” vocally anti-Israel Nicaraguan priest who won the Lenin Peace Prize, invites a Peruvian liberation theology priest to speak, and hosts the World Meeting of Popular Movements, where he said attendees must unite ”against the structural causes of poverty, inequality, the lack of work, land and shelter, the denial of social and labor rights,” and confront the “empire of money.”

At a minimum, it seems Pope Francis is becoming very cozy with liberation theology, which is essentially a progressive/Marxist vision of Catholicism. A top Soviet bloc defector recently claimed that liberation theology was created by the KGB.

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Called it. Pope’s not intellectually sovereign. Which means the Catholics do have a pope, but it’s not Francis. It’s Francis’ master, who, of course, was not elected, and probably isn’t even Christian.


    OldStudent Reply:


    Sounds fascinating.
    JeSuis Frances


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Anyone who wants equality will begin a slow drift toward full Communism. The Pope knows his audience: the third world (generally, the audience for Catholicism, which is why WASPs avoid it). They want equality. Who’s he going to preach to, his constituents or some Europeans who are going to avoid his religion anyway?


    Michael Reply:

    where to start?
    So its catholics or protestants that founded the Cathedral-er AIACC?”
    WASPs avoid Catholicism” -Uh yeah, that was kind of Luther’s point.
    “Anyone who wants equality will begin a slow drift toward full Communism.” -Uh yeah that was kind of Marx’s point.
    “Who’s he going to preach to, his constituents or some Europeans who are going to avoid his religion anyway?” Europe still has the most Catholic countries even without the eastern Church.
    “-the third world (generally, the audience for Catholicism,” not so much really it hasnt the enthusiasms of Islam or evangelicalism its too cerebral for mud people.
    But sure Francis is a commie entryist and so the Church is likely lost and eventually Europe and the entire world will cease any sort of Christian practice


    Alex Reply:

    But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?


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  • bob sykes Says:

    The few remaining Catholics in my family (I quit around 1960) are cafeteria catholics. They pick and choose among the offered doctrines and go their own way. Even my French Canadian mother did that back in the 40’s and 50’s, and still does today at 95. However, there are still true believers who take Popes and priests seriously.

    When Francis I was elected Pope, there was a flurry of posts on anti-Catholic sites commenting on a Medieval prediction regarding a Last Pope, whom the posts identified as Francis I. While I doubt the Church will disappear, It did survive the Borgias, it looks like another round of radical downsizing (a la Roncalli and Vat II) is about to happen. That would probably be a good thing.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    I don’t know enough of the behind the scenes politics to understand why, but it is fascinating to me that the Church went from Benedict XVI to Francis, literally a 180 degree about face on a lot of the issues. From Pope John Paul II through Benedict XVI, the Church was very pro-free market, with criticism what you’d expect from the Church. I wonder how much of this is a Latin American phenomena.


    Orthodox Reply:

    And here’s what Chiesa is saying of Pope Francis. The decadent Germans below refers to those offering communion for the divorced and remarried, tolerance for second marriages, approval of homosexual unions.

    From the end of 2014 until today, there has not been even one more occasion on which he has given the slightest support to the paradigms of the innovators.

    On the contrary. He has intensified his remarks on all the most controversial questions connected to the synodal theme of the family: contraception, abortion, divorce, second marriages, homosexual marriage, “gender” ideology. And every time he has spoken of them as a “son of the Church” – as he loves to call himself – with ironclad fidelity to tradition and without swerving by a millimeter from what was said before him by Paul VI, John Paul II, or Benedict XVI.

    … As a perfect Jesuit, Bergoglio is a great realist and has already understood – even just from scanning the names of the delegates elected by the various national episcopates – that the next session of the synod will be even more unfavorable for the innovators than the previous one.

    He knows that the final decisions will be up to him and to him alone. But he also knows that it will be impossible for him to impose on the whole Catholic world innovations that are far from having gained the prior collegial consent of the bishops.

    Who live not only in the decadent German Church, but in Africa, Asia, and all those living “peripheries” of the world that are so dear to him.



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  • snorlax Says:

    Almost as interesting is the rather Orwellian terminology used by the Instapundits. “Israel under Ottomon [sic] rule.” Indeed.


    Sam Reply:

    Just as Jerusalem is no longer called “Aelia Capitolina”, Israel is no longer called “Palestina”. It even rhymes!


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Francis may be playing a complicated game.

    As for the Church the Borgias are far from the worst of times.

    We may have an antipope, we may have a weathervane, we may have a faithful but very complicated man. You see other than not unusual remarks about poverty he hasn’t changed all that much. Reaching out to sinners and communists as a man of God saying come back to us can’t be conflated with sympathy, although the Left certainly flatters itself so and the Anti-Catholic right will believe anything bad.

    Whatever he is doing we may never know, it may not come out for decades if ever.

    How misunderstood even today is Pius XII?

    We take the view of today’s headlines.

    We have no memory. What for instance were the key issues of the US 2012 elections? Do you remember?

    In a month we’ll have forgotten whatever it was that Cameron won on in the UK.

    One must understand that the Vatican takes not even the long term view [the longest extant term there is by the way] but the eternal view. Rome has a long memory.


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  • Alex Says:

    “The ways of Rome are like unto God. They are mysterious and sometimes they transcend understanding.”


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