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Snippeted from a “read the whole thing” article on the religious foundations of modernity:

I am not saying that these founders of modernity played silly and wicked blasphemous games, but only that they still had the theological learning and the grandeur of imagination to know what their enterprise resembled.

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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    Just fyi, you (Mr. Land) feature prominently in my latest video, “Nick Land, Accelerationism, & The Fate Of All Humans:”



    SVErshov Reply:

    wow, that was like a nectar for the souls all together up to the last scene from the No land for the old man, thank you …


    RorschachRomanov Reply:

    Thanks. I should say, that passage is ESSENTIAL. In essence, it’s what we might consider a/the reactionary critique of neoreaction.


    admin Reply:

    Production values there are incredibly high. My guess would be that the narrative might be quite hard to follow for those less steeped in the background than you’ve been.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    My, these academic pre-teen dramas are sad. Glad I missed it.


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  • michael Says:

    makes one think of swift and then start to marvel about how once tech and monarchy didnt mix


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Modernity via the EnlightenmentTM was designed to remove individual responsibility through presumed group consensus. Burn it down!


    michael Reply:

    lets not confuse moderism and post modernism, DENRX has elements of all three eras and puritains were the techno futurists of their day as were the enlightenment types a bit later, the monarchists were sort of the cathedral combining state education and religion. labels really dont serve.


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    One Founder said of the Constitution: “this document was designed for a moral and religious people, it will serve no other.”

    The idiots had no idea that the whole reason they had a moral and religious people in the first place was the system they were so intent on destroying. Without the Traditional mode of governance, man degrades into a troop of baboons.


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  • Bedrich Says:

    Eva Brann’s extended daybook, published as Open Secrets/Inner Prospects is a mine of rich pickings, light and dark.

    A couple that spring out…

    …after another despairing review of current mores:

    “The abnormal want to be treated as normal but not quite. They want the world to forget while attending. I wonder if this mantra comes from them or their professionals and if the demand is too logically strained. They might really wish for friendship that comes about not in spite, but in view, of their defects.”

    …and after reading certain threads at certain sites:

    “Some people carry about a decoction of their grievances bottled as an essence to be, skunk-like, periodically squirted into the common air.”


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    […] article on modernity qua modernity here: The Roots of Modernity in Perversions of Christianity. (HT Land.) Modernity is seen to be conscious of itself, which for starters is quite unusual. Eva […]

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