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NRx in the NYT:

I sort of knew this going in but even so it was remarkable how — well, I think neo-reactionary is really the only term to use to describe what Houellebecq seems to be doing in his portrait of contemporary France and his mischievous prophecy about its potential trajectory. And I do mean neo-reactionary in the internet-movement, Mencius Moldbug sense of the term (if you aren’t familiar with this particular rabbit hole, good luck): The overt political teaching of “Submission” is that Europe is dying from the disease called liberalism, that it can be saved only by a return of hierarchy and patriarchy and patriotism and religion and probably some kind of monarchy as well, but that religion itself is primarily an instrumental good and so the point is to find a faith that actually convinces and inspires and works (and that’s, well, a little manly), and on that front European Christianity and particularly Roman Catholicism is basically a dead letter so the future might as well belong to Islam instead. (Emphasis in original.)

Douthat’s notable dodginess credentials are probably not going to be helped by this.

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  • Chris B Says:

    So not anarcho-capitalism then.


    admin Reply:

    Douthat is a Catholic traditionalist. He has his own optic (clearly shared by others).

    From the XS perspective, any version of NRx that leads into the maw of Islam has taken a seriously wrong turn. The fact that you immediately seize upon such an interpretation as a refuge from the nightmare fuel of AnCap says a lot.


    Chris B Reply:

    Your constant setting up of false dichotomies is annoying.


    Yvjrolu Reply:

    I agree, lol.


    admin Reply:

    “You know if you actually read him in any depth, you might have picked up on the Carlyean insight that the divide is not Capitalism-socialism or anti-statism -statism, but rather between order and chaos. It`s very clear, and its the dividing line between anarcho-cap/libertarianism and neoreaction. ”

    “Your constant setting up of false dichotomies is annoying.”

    It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry. (Damn, another “false dichotomy”.)


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  • neovictorian23 Says:

    Inside the tattered drag-queen clothing of current Roman Catholicism is a remnant that’s “manly” enough, and will emerge at the hour of greatest peril. That’s the “Faith” truly understood. Then again, so is martyrdom.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Yes the Faith will endure.


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  • William M Briggs Says:

    The (as I write) first comment by a professor who fantasizes about having had Douthat in his classroom is priceless. A guy who can’t see the storm raging around him because he’s standing under an umbrella.


    Erebus Reply:

    I think “Prof” is a very skilled and subtle troll. This gave it away:
    “I’m worn out. I do wonder about the source of fascination with the corruption of “The West” while the Muslim world slides into the dark pit of totalitarian religious fanaticism and Asia resides in the grip of authoritarian governments. ”

    Nobody could be that obtuse. A blind man could see that Europe is inviting Muslim religious fanaticism — welcoming it with open arms! — and that Asia’s authoritarian governments are outperforming the West in every way that matters. (And the less democratic, the better!)

    I also loved this part:
    “I am glad, though, that a tradition of propounding decay continues. But, alas! I miss the Existentialists of my youth. I’d put Camus up against any modern, as well as the American Beat Generation, certainly Kerouac and Ginsberg.”


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    Predictions like that of ‘Submission’ make me at least a little more optimistic for Slavic Europe The rest of the continent has little hope with regard to ethnic identitarianism precisely because Roman Catholicism has ceased to be a a force that promotes their interests, so what religious options do they have at the death of Liberalism other than the expanding Caliphate? Perhaps they should hope that Traditionalist Islam (i.e – that once imposed in Spain) sees a resurgence over the burgeoning fundamentalist movement. They might save themselves in this instance.

    It’s hard to feel much sympathy though, when you look at scenes like those in German cities where the people are welcoming parasites and their own executioners from trains with open arms.

    Viktor Orban was sane, the rest were suicidal.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    only three comments and that is with the backing of the NYT. Douthat may as well quit and go full-reaction. I know he’s holding back the good stuff .


    admin Reply:

    Eleven here, last time I looked. Perhaps he should become an XS sub-blogger.


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  • Jack Arcalon Says:

    Maybe subverted versions of Islam could be created, like the Nation of White Islam, or American Sufism, or Muslims for Jesus, or Mohammedan Scientism, or Unitarislam.


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