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This kind of thinking is still considered controversial among true believers:

People often cite the war guilt of Germans as driving their hostility to xenophobia, but it is far deeper than that. Europe’s establishment is overwhelmingly universalist, in that it believes that not only are all humans equal in dignity and rights but that we as people have no moral right to discriminate between in-groups and out-groups. This is a secular heresy of Christianity, and it is why diversity has become a sort of religion in countries populated by Europeans, especially for those who have lost their actual faith; outside of European-populated lands such an idea remains mostly alien, and totally impractical, especially in the countries from which Germany now attracts many of its migrants.

In particular such a post-Christian idea is incompatible with Islam, a religion in which the division of humanity into believer v non-believer is strong (and with most Islamic societies being clannish), and will not be disintegrated by Europe’s lukewarm melting pot. So far Islamic immigration to Europe has failed to produce the post-racial paradise that was hoped for, and to many this hope is starting to resemble previous utopian political schemes attempted on the continent. I seem to remember the last one collapsed with protests in Saxony, too.

If it were just Good Germans v Bad Germans then these protests would soon disappear because most people are decent and fair-minded. But the Left is in denial of the fact that many of the people drawn into their morality play now insist on speaking parts; that they did not come here to celebrate diversity, and find liberal, universalist ideals hollow and repulsive. A liberal immigration policy that entails importing lots of illiberal people will necessarily mean the end of liberalism, a political philosophy that is almost exclusively European.

Like it or loathe it, it’s terminating itself.

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  • Y. Ilan Says:

    Nietzsche’s antichristian philosophizing has become crystal clear in the contemporary West. Slave morality, leading to the Last Man.


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  • Anon. Says:

    >This is a secular heresy of Christianity

    From Twilight of the Idols:

    They have got rid of the Christian God, and now feel obliged to cling all the more firmly to Christian morality; that is English consistency, let us not blame it on little bluestockings à la Eliot. In England, in response to every little emancipation from theology one has to reassert one’s position in a fear-inspiring manner as a moral fanatic. That is the penance one pays there. – With us it is different. When one gives up Christian belief one thereby deprives oneself of the right to Christian morality. For the latter is absolutely not self-evident: one must make this point clear again and again, in spite of English shallowpates. Christianity is a system, a consistently thought out and complete view of things. If one breaks out of it a fundamental idea, the belief in God, one thereby breaks the whole thing to pieces: one has nothing of any consequence left in one’s hands. Christianity presupposes that man does not know, cannot know what is good for him and what evil: he believes in God, who alone knows. Christian morality is a command: its origin is transcendental; it is beyond all criticism, all right to criticize; it possesses truth only if God is truth – it stands or falls with the belief in God. – If the English really do believe they will know, of their own accord, ‘intuitively’, what is good and evil; if they consequently think they no longer have need of Christianity as a guarantee of morality; that is merely the consequence of the ascendancy of Christian evaluation and an expression of the strength and depth of this ascendancy: so that the origin of English morality has been forgotten, so that the highly conditional nature of its right to exist is no longer felt.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    If the political situation in Europe of their Peoples and their Elites is like the situation in America the people and the elites are 2 divergent groups who recognize their interests are fatally opposed. Never mind your preferences or ideology that is the ground truth. The difference between us and Europe *may* be our arming ourselves. The “may” qualifier isn’t that we may be arming ourselves for war – we are. The “may” qualifier refers to whether the Europeans can and will arm. There are strong white market indicators – white market being legal arms – that they are doing just that. The grey/black market for White Europeans is not known to me.

    It’s very clear that in Neoreaction many have most of their daily personal contact with the Elites and progressives and are unaware of the minds or situation of the People. The other part of neoreaction and it’s mostly found in the comments are actual proles/or ordinary citizens who are long fed up and found their way here by research, reference or chance. Behold the divergence here in Neoreaction itself. It manifests also in our analysis and recommendations. Elite brushing NRxn looks to collapse, Putin, China, The Super-Intellligent AI or the end of man himself. Non-Elite NRx looks to action and that War always Swims Right, Nationalism and eth-nat centered policy. Our basic ideology that something’s gone fatally wrong with the Enlightenment remains the same but one wishes for the end of all things, the other for survival and deliverance. To the former – Gentlemen I must inform you that you will indeed want to live at the test and it’s unwise to wait for others to decide your fate. To the latter no such advice is needed.


    Nick B. Steves Reply:

    Tho’ these dire warnings are never (to me) unwelcome, they seem never to come with sufficient spcecificity to be actionable.


    admin Reply:

    It’s the mainstreaming that’s the phenomenon of interest, I think.


    michael Reply:

    the specificity as ive said many times is to start with an intelligence agency and a dept of defense, the Cath can be got, but first we have to figure a few things out Id start with Vlad who probably already knows loads.


    Wade McKenzie Reply:

    “To the former – Gentlemen I must inform you that you will indeed want to live at the test and it’s unwise to wait for others to decide your fate. To the latter no such advice is needed.”

    Hear hear!


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    The Mordor School of Reaction: We’ve just realized Sauron is EVIL and we must be destroyed along with all of Mordor-Lightenment.

    Notice there’s no gradation involved. Once all that was Progress was Light. But then Sauron Delano Roosevelt came and led the Elves of Anglo-Saxondom into Darkness. America is the Land of Mordor. It’s Ring of Fnargl must be taken deep into the heart of America and cast into the fiery chasm of Leftism from whence it came.

    One of you must do this….

    And the Fellowship signup roster for the quest? ZERO. Not me said Glimli…and everyone else just quietly drifted away from the Council of Dakota Rivendell.

    Fuck me to Tears.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Did you know some of the major rulers of Rome, including (I believe) at least one emperor, were atheists?


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  • CuiPertinebit Says:

    I’m gratified to see this acknowledged for what it is – a Christian heresy, rather than the actual teaching of Christianity.

    I agree the heresy has come from a devolution specifically of Christianity. Many think that it is found in the Scriptural admonitions to love one’s enemies, etc. But, of course, those with a knowledge of history and Scripture know that Christianity is a Church founded upon an Apostolic hierarchy, rather than an ideology found in a book – and the Church carefully contextualized these words of Christ in the integral whole of moral teaching.

    So, one can argue that the heresy is the result of Protestantism’s rejection of the essential nature of Christianity (and thus, the Church’s authority) in order to justify their radical assault upon the foundations of Western Civilization, reducing it to an easily misinterpreted ideology found in the static letters of a page. The result is a grotesque mockery that replaces actual Christianity by occupying Christian institutions and culture – giving our generation a unique insight into just what the Scriptural term “antichrist” means, in its fullness (“anti” means “in stead of, in the place of,” in Greek). Certainly this is a potent element of the cancer.

    But I feel the real metastasis came in the values of the Enlightenment and Freemasonry, which represented the European abandonment of the war for the Truth in favor of an ideological truce – the replacement of orthodoxy with a universalist, “non-dogmatic,” tolerant religion of the Brotherhood of Man (but tolerance has its dogmas, as we all know). This was the reaction to the sudden privatization of truth in the Protestant apostasy, and the subsequent demands for toleration of diverse opinions and worldviews. But the Worldview of Feigning not to Have a Worldview is a sloppy basis for a functioning civilization. Europe is now rubbing shoulders with people who were never part of this ideological truce. It may be that Catholics can be brothers, and Europeans can at least be in-laws; but Europe is learning the hard way that the “brotherhood of man” is a lie, and is again having to face a people whose conviction, even in a lie, is stronger than Europe’s exasperation with the problems of Truth. We will either find Truth again, or we will be subsumed more irreversibly by the Lie.


    Wade McKenzie Reply:

    CuiPertinebit has elsewhere averred that the answer to the sociopolitical crisis of the West is to have “recourse to the Sacred Heart by means of the Immaculate and Dolorous Heart of the Blessed Virgin, for a miraculous increase in our defenses against the forces of dissolution”–in other words, he’s a Catholic superstitionist.


    Despite the puerility that runs rampant here at Outside In, I’d like to think the denizens of same aren’t so puerile as to be persuaded by Catholic superstiionism. In fact, the level of superstitionism exhibited by someone like CuiPertinebit only makes the “Protestant apostasy” and “the nominalist heresy” seem all the more attractive and necessary.


    ultraZEN Reply:

    Zoroastrian cosmology + Universalist Judaism + Neoplatonic Metaphysics = Christianity.

    Christianity breeds heresies as maggots on a corpse, as its orthodoxy is in itself the very spawn of various heretic teratologies.

    The fruit is already present in the seed: Orthodoxy breeds Catholicism breeds Protestantism breeds Postchristianism.


    OLF Reply:

    All religions breed heresies, it’s just basic meme mutation and standard memeplex evolution. The thing is that in Christianity it’s noticeable because Christianity is formalized belief system (does any other religion have a branch of theology called dogmatics?), but it’s fairly easy to track the same development in every religion, be it religion proper, or religion in a broad sense (as used in NRx circles).

    TexasCapitalist Reply:

    Dude you should probably get a new avatar if you’re an against Catholic superstition, you do know who painted that right?


    Wade McKenzie Reply:

    No, DUDE, I’ve no idea.

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  • Bob Says:

    People often cite the war guilt of Germans as driving their hostility to xenophobia, but it is far deeper than that.

    It is far deeper than that. It’s not simply war guilt, but fear of war, specifically WW3, that has driven German attitudes in the postwar period. The last time the Germans seriously espoused nationalism, they ended up fighting the whole world because of it. Subsequently, nationalism has been associated with war and devastation for Germany. Furthermore, WW3 has been feared to be nuclear, with Germany caught in the middle.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    You’re getting WW3 piecemeal as it is….

    Which is in line with post 1945 conflict. Nukes do make the full up commitment expensive.

    But this doesn’t require full up commitment.

    We’re not of course talking about MENA here we’re talking about Western Lands.

    Now: how did these enemies get here?

    The answer is they were invited and indeed can expect generous benefits for coming.

    Who invited them?

    That is your true enemy and it doesn’t require nukes or 400 Divisions to deal with that enemy.


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  • Metannoyance Says:

    Eric Gans (Rene Girard’s first PhD student) calls our current heterodox post-Christian state of affairs a ‘Victimocracy’.

    I think that rather hits the nail on the head.


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