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Ominous creaking of the mainstream narrative mega-construct reaches NRO:

The liberal media establishment is frenzied in its animosity to Donald Trump, and their hysteria is becoming more vociferous and desperate as he utters clangorous violations of the normal parameters of political discourse. The echo chamber explodes, the commentariat foams at the mouth, but he seems to pay no penalty in the polls. I think there are two explanations for this: Donald doesn’t really say such outrageous things as his opponents spinningly impute to him; and vast sections of the population are more bitterly disappointed and angry at the deterioration of their country and the misinformation of the mainstream media than the subjects of that resentment can imagine.

Worth noting that Black is an FDR fan — which doesn’t say great things about his talent for sniffing out fascists.

(Disclaimer: XS wants Hillary — or preferably worse — to take the presidency in 2016. We’re only in this for the Nemesis.)

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Trump is a centrist candidate.

    Media’s been playing at brinksmanship. Have all the candidates beholden to them, then push the ‘centre’ as far left as they can without totally discrediting themselves with the voters. No-platform anyone who dares break ranks, and/or straight-up socially intimidate the voters who want to support a real candidate. A) due to the recent unholiness-spiral acceleration, they pushed too far and B) Trump isn’t beholden to them. It doesn’t help that many of the low-church priests journalists bought their own lies, and were totally shocked by how ‘racist’ i.e. centrist internet commentators were. If they’d had the comments closed from the start they could have played it off, instead it’s become much harder to fool centrist hobbits into thinking their private thoughts are at the reactionary fringe.


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  • Seth Says:

    The ship is sinking. I like Trump for his willingness to point out the leaks. But it’s idiotic to want him to be captain on a doomed vessel. Let someone else take the blame.


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  • Quote note (#207) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    Go, go Hillary 2016!


    4candles Reply:

    Suggestions for best NRx Hillary 2016 T-shirt slogans (and ra-ra skirts) are now being taken. Don’t be shy. New Stock New Year!


    4candles Reply:

    Also: clangorous 🙂


    Erebus Reply:


    I can’t help but ask: Is “worse than Hillary” an option? Sure, Fiorina is inept. And, yeah, Sanders is a running joke. Either one of ’em would make an utter mockery out of the USG. But Hilary seems worst of all — more dangerous, less human. A Hillary victory would make for very interesting times, I’m sure…


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I have to ask what Admin’s criteria for “worse” are. I think Sanders is most likely to bankrupt USG beyond any hope of recovery, but Hillary is most likely to result in blood running in the streets. With Trump, I can at least hope to die laughing.


    admin Reply:

    ‘Worse’: maximal Cathedral intensification in all dimensions. The scold is the model.

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  • frank Says:

    Trump is a master mind. He claims that he has an IQ of 132, and it’s very plausible. So basically his every step is pre-planned and he’s playing everyone like a violin. He just might be smart enough to have Moldbug reading people around. Is he the reboot candidate?


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Trump is a radical centrist, which is why he has a faint odor of fascist manqué.


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  • Mariani Says:

    Whenever something less-than-perfect slips through Hillary’s thick mesh of PR teams and focus groups, or the media stops uniformly praising her, her campaign practically collapses. It’s probably only by virtue of her having no serious competition for the nomination that she’s where she is.

    Donald Trump’s campaign, on the other hand, gains from attacks and controversy.

    The contrast is pretty good demonstration of Nassim Taleb’s fragile vs. antifragile. Maybe it’s a sign that, to gain antifragility, right-wingers should stop caring about coloring inside the lines drawn by progressives.


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  • Aeroguy Says:

    What would be supremely delicious would be if Trump won a clear majority in both population and electoral college, but since the electoral college electors are traditionally chosen by the party for their loyalty (establishment types), they throw the election to Hillary. Unlikely, but fun to imagine.


    admin Reply:

    That would, indeed, be the dream scenario.


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