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O Great Powers of the Abyss, please let this happen:

Following their apparently delusional belief in the “success” of Tuesday night’s violent protests, anti-Trump groups are plotting “Democracy Spring” threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The operation, backed by Soros-funded MoveOn.org among others, warns on its website that “We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do – or until they send thousands of us to jail.”

Here‘s a cop-perspective on the recent episode of street-level democracy activism. There’s more. (Via.)

I was slapped around a lot on Twitter recently by the usual Alt-Right mob for expressing the inflexible opinion that right-wing rioting — and political violence in general — is strategically retarded. So I have to assume now, out of attributed consistency, that my sparring partners at that juncture are considerably less amused than I am about the prospect of left-wing rioting. Rioting for democracy is, of course, better still. Eventually, violent social disorder and democracy begin to look like the same phenomenon, differentiated only by speed (or ‘spontaneity’). Then our grim work is done.

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  • Orthodox Says:

    I remember reading about some libertarian guys in the 1960s or 1970s, they’d go to the protests with all the hippies and egg them on to toss stuff at the police, leaving as soon as the idiots started to do it. On Reddit someone claimed that a guy went into the anti-Trump crowd on Tuesday and got a bunch of people to chant “We want free shit” before walking away laughing.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    I was slapped around a lot on Twitter recently by the usual Alt-Right mob for expressing the inflexible opinion that right-wing rioting — and political violence in general — is strategically retarded.

    Let me guess: the phrase “action is better than just being on the internet” featured prominently.

    It has always been thus. I remember back in 1997 how there were these bold members of far-right groups who always urged us to “take it offline.”

    Remember that fully 50% or more of those group members are paid informers… no wonder they wanted us to run out and commit crimes, then go to jail, so the cops could make an arrest and the stats could go up and the informer would get a bonus of course. Informers never change.

    The fact is that clarity of thought is the rarest thing in the universe, and until the right knows what it wants to happen, “action” just adds to the chaos.

    Coincidentally, none of those “action now!!! no keyboard warriors!!!” guys ever achieved anything — well, besides a few pointless hate crimes of course. And meth.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    What fucking genius thought having a Trump rally at UIC was a good idea? You want proof that Trump and his band of merry makers are idiots, well you got.

    If I were doing strategy for Trump I would have scheduled a riot-provoking rally on purpose. It can be used two ways: to seize the moral high ground, or to fend off any accusations they may hurl while descending to their level. Trump appears to be going for the latter option. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-16/trump-warns-there-will-be-riots-if-hes-denied-nomination-bad-things-would-happen


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  • Duder Says:

    I remain steadfastly of the opinion that the “right” – if it can even be called that today – needs to develop an active cultural component.

    I don’t know why, but “right wingers” don’t seem to enjoy spending lots of time farting around in public doing nothing but complaining.

    For leftists, activist culture is one and the same with social life and self-expression. It is a part of their daily existence.

    The right wing has to develop a cultural social aesthetic activity that takes place in public. An antithesis which can be seen, heard, smelled, and felt.

    Music, film, voice. Physical movement in three dimensional space taking place in public areas and being seen and enhanced by the participation of physical bodies. Aesthetic activity replacing old aesthetics. Cultural inspirations undermining old cultural inspirations.

    Young and middle aged kids are at the bar to hear interesting new music. It is post-rock with vibes and using sampling cut up techniques. Electroacoustic yet also classical and pop at once. The audience is full of Bernie Sanders supporters. It is strange, this correlation. They espouse radical feminism and take great care to support the aesthetic ideological bounds. They gatekeep the community scene.

    A wild Trump supporter appears in the middle of this scene. The beer is hopped. The music is ambient shoegaze. Posters are being dispersed. Stoners are talking about Bernie Sanders.

    Are these spaces relevant? Do they matter? Yes. Yes.

    Trumpian aesthetics must begin to make a scene. It must show itself as the new and exciting place to be. There can be no room for interpretation. The old political correctness is false. It is neither hip, friendly, or cool. There is nothing redeemable about it. Thus we see that Trumpian right aesthetics are the new cool. They are the most interesting developments taking place in the music and art world. This radical new field of right wing aesthetics confuses, delights, upsets, frightens, and surprises. The old guard is confused and horrified. Nobody knows what to think. The time is ripe for exciting and confusing stuff.


    Erebus Reply:

    The industrial/martial/neo-folk scene isn’t quite “Trumpian,” and isn’t very popular, but has always been aligned with the right. Martial industrial, in particular, is notable for the fact that it is an explicitly right-wing form of art.

    As far as the visual arts are concerned: Everything sufficiently heroic — and everything which speaks to our ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage — is necessarily of the right.

    The problem isn’t that there are no right-wing aesthetics, but that right-wing art is either obscure or perpetually out of fashion. The self-appointed arbiters of fashion certainly have a lot to do with that.


    hotspur Reply:

    The problem with this argument is that it implicitly accepts the value of popular music subcultures. What if “insert quirky sub-genre here” music sucks, and involvement with the scene is a waste of time? Many people have come to the fringe-right after years of involvement in these youth music subcultures, realizing that the answer lies somewhere else.

    Who cares if the left controls the nightlife archipelago. Let those with eyes to see, see, and those with ears, hear. They will use up all that the bar scene has to offer, and find it wanting. The rest of the beer swilling herd concerns us not.


    michael Reply:

    You need to flip the artists its not like theres as many potential right wing artists being suppressed its that the talent has decided to work for the left.Im sure we could do a bit better but even right art gets cucked country music classical music are well on their way.The way you do it is first with intellectuals and then with strategists that use all sorts of intelligence spycraft propaganda polytheatre etc to build up a young man movement while making the left seem ridiculous the women and artists and elites will follow.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    The Left has money, patrons, invites them to parties, is in entertainment and media.

    The Right’s money is tied up in mundane things like stuff we actually use, or need to live.
    So boring we are being practical.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    I disagree. I think all of the energy and creative ferment is in the process of shifting to the right. Has been since the 90’s. It’s a natural consequence of the truth being verboten to those with leftist allegiance – you can’t be funny, can’t tug on the heartstrings, and can’t create art that will be remembered, if you can’t engage with reality.

    Look at Duck Enlightenment – the funniest account on Twitter. Look at all the comedians defecting to the right. The left is boring, gouty, crusty. It’s on an ebb tide.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    I haven’t seen anything so far to refute or even mitigate the thesis that Exit > Voice (necessarily) for those on the right.


    izvirk Reply:



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  • grif rutledge Says:



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  • michael Says:

    The theory is that its pointless if no one already in power will not advocate,The cathedrals a pretty mixed bag most of the hard power guys military, police get regular humiliation training, occasional right wing violence balloons remind them they might have options.It gives the right a census of whos willing to go how far and it reminds the left they are playing with fire and might want to slow down. Of course if you want the left to speed up because you think they will “collapse” and summon you to davos to take over then i suppose its counter productive. I find it impossible to imagine any scenario where the Cathedral surrenders in fact it looks to me like they are mopping up and about to get next level opticon tech that will eliminate any option but compliance. Its not like anyone has any serious plan to start a patch, find an exit or Ai is around the corner sometimes you can look a few moves ahead and see the games over unless a long shot gets lucky.Im not recommending fomenting an uprising but I am recommending start planning one cause the DENRX Bot cavalry isnt coming,Davos isnt going to call.But you do have half the population that simply wants order and to be left alone to raise a family all you have to figure out is how to get the nukes from the Cathedral is that really soooooooo hard jeez


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  • spandrell Says:

    1848 worked out, didn’t it?


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  • wenshuang Says:

    Oh, this will be good. Please, people, voice!

    Btw, Don’t want mannerbund, public aesthetics, or cargo cult “cultural rituals”. If Nrx should do anything other than think, it should build stuff and start a company. More like East India Trading Company than a college frat or a LW rationalist solstice LARP. Better way to prevent entryism too.


    SVErshov Reply:

    on same page here, what can be better concept proove if your own organisation structured in the same way you advocating as best one, and making money. what NRx doing quite good is data flow analisys, Data is multi billion biz and with world becoming more chaotic day by day reliable information may save huge bucks for big corps.

    one example, few years back, foolled by “growth” mantra, Mittal aquired French Alselor steel for 6 bills euro. from systemic point of view that was absolutely stupid asquisition, no way they can dream of ROI.


    Xoth Reply:

    NRx could roll up its sleeves and do all the dirty work needed to implement patchwork. But maybe it’s better suited for the role of a think tank.


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  • anon Says:

    “… political violence in general — is strategically retarded.”

    Do you have actual reasons behind this, or is it as you say, an opinion?


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  • Xoth Says:

    Without admitting any liability or intent to incite anything, I would say political violence has its place, even if a dubious one. It is obviously used by the left, why should the right cede it? Take some inspiration from Europe and think “autonomous left”, which is another word for plausible deniability. (Best when combined with a strong media backup, of course, as well as some discreet funding, preferably tax money.)

    The effects can range from Norway’s post-Breivik elections (immigration sceptics took over) to Indonesia’s 1966 clearing out of communists. Not to mention all the leftist violence over the years.



    admin Reply:

    Political violence is an extreme expression of ‘voice’ and thus subject to all the criticism that Rousseauistic abortion deserves. (Hard security is something else entirely.)


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  • Dotplot Says:

    how did we bungle Michigan so badly?

    earlier you talked about removing macroeconomics. isn’t that 1929, or Europe under Trichet?


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