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[Lenny] approached a band called Mercenary Coalition and suggested “taking on the Goons”. One of their leaders, Sabre A – a man in a leather jacket with a small 100,000 ISK bounty on his head – told him it was “impossible.” The Goons had been a force of nature within New Eden for as long as anyone could remember. Lenny rephrased his question for the mercenary. How much would it take to go after the Goons? […] Sabre plucked a made-up number out of the air, thinking it didn’t matter. Something like six or seven trillion ISK, he said. […] “Okay,” said Lenny, “I have that.” …

… two years previously another group had the same idea – to take on the Goons. Their name was Pandemic Legion and their campaign ended in disaster, in a battle that is now known as “the Bloodbath of B-R5RB” – a furious fight involving over 7000 players and the destruction of ships worth up to $300,000 in “estimated real-world value”. […] Huge battles in Eve undergo the “time dilation effect”. Time literally slows down during the fight, to 10% of normal time, simply to allow the game servers time to process everything that is happening. This means that battles last hours as gigantic capital ships cycle their weapons and hundreds of hulking spacecraft trundle slowly towards their targets. When the Pandemic Legion lost at the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, they had to watch themselves slowly die for 21 hours.

(Some Eve Online research needed this end, evidently.)


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  • Johan Schmidt Says:

    Easier to wait for the Goons to destroy themselves, like when they forgot to pay their “sovereignty” bill and their empire disappeared overnight.


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  • Hattori Says:

    Let me assist you.


    admin Reply:

    Any good introductions to the economic-industrial infrastructure?


    Stirner Reply:

    This is pretty good:

    If your Dr. Gno is out there, he is cutting his teeth in diplomacy, propaganda, and deception on EVE.


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  • Leonard Says:

    There’s a lot more to EVE than the sov wars. But those wars are quite interesting as a metagame, not just the in-game parts of them. (And in point of fact, actually fighting in a big fight like B-R5RB is said to be pretty horrible, because it is slower than molasses and many players cannot do anything except watch themselves die because the server cannot process so many requests.) Most of the other stuff happening in EVE has little or no metagame.

    Here’s an article on EVE’s game design, and one on the ISK/PLEX economy.

    The key thing about the EVE game design wrt to IRL economy is that earning in-game money (ISK) is easy, and there is almost nothing to do with ISK except buy stuff to get blown up. So people do. If that guy funding the anti-Goon war had been able to extract his zillions as dollars, there would be no war.


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  • Ananda Hohenstaufen Says:

    Hah. Banker funds giant war because people are getting bored of the game. People are getting bored because its a boring videogame! Stop wasting your time.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    I wonder if Martin Shkreli plays EVE.


    Ananda Hohenstaufen Reply:

    Perfect example.


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    That brings back memories… ran a Typhoon class Panther – Black Ops espy out of the Delve for Black Eclipse Corp. part of the old BoB or Band of Brothers… it was a gas while it lasted. Hell yea, played that for about 7 years… takes 2 years just to get the main level 4’s… course anyone could get to 0.0 but surviving took being part of a corp., which in the early days wasn’t difficult but now the trust level is shit… I quit 4 years back. If I didn’t write so much now… I’d probably go back, but all my old accounts were shut down… I still work TS or team speak with some of my old crews… people stay with Eve… once you get past the skill grind it’s a good game. I hear they’ve made it easier than in the old days for that now. Skilling up multiples now rather than only one at a time off-line, etc.


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    I want a social-political simulation in order to empirically test NRx and other ideas and generally to pit ideologies against each other in something that is a plausible experiment. I was eyeing EO, but all this 3D graphics etc. is just distracting in that. I think an actual social-political simulation could be made very simple and yet still highly realistic… Much of human motivation, even the status and prestige engine, can be understood as the avoidance of death. Death can be modelled by being locked out from the game for months if your character dies. Fear of death leads to the desire for law enforcement which leads to civilization. Social status can be interpreted as safety from death e.g. regicide or Kennedy’ assasdination is always surprising because it is not supposed to happen. I know real human motives have other aspects i.e. we crave higher status not only because it is safer but also because we want to reproduce our games, and it would be hard to model that properly. But Isn’t fear of death a strong enough human motivator to at least halfway explain everything? If yes, modelling that with being locked out from a game if you die, and thus having a very simple violence/fight system where losing a fight locks out for months and thus you are motivated to avoid violence, and also a very simple money/payment system, I suspect a political order, similar to real world ones, could emerge purely from roleplaying based on a very minimal mechanism that only does this two. I think writing such a MUD engine should be simple. (I have named the project Zopon, after Zoon Politikon, it has its GitGud page but nothing there yet.)


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