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Over a year old, but lucid, from Lew Rockwell (via):

… maybe a racist is someone who believes different groups tend to have common characteristics, even while acknowledging the axiomatic point that each individual person is unique. But whether it’s family structure, a penchant for alcoholism, a reputation for hard work, or a great many other qualities, Thomas Sowell has assembled a vast body of work showing that these traits are not even close to being distributed equally across populations. […] The Chinese, for example, gained reputations in countries all over the world for working very hard, often under especially difficult conditions. (As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons American labor unions despised Chinese workers in the nineteenth century.) By the mid-20th century, the Chinese minority dominated major sectors of the Malaysian economy even though they were officially discriminated against in the Malaysian constitution, and earned twice the income of the average Malay. They owned the vast majority of the rice mills in Thailand and the Philippines. They conducted more than 70 percent of the retail trade in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. […] We could tell a similar story about Armenians in various parts of the world, as well as Jews and East Indians. Japanese-Americans went from being so badly discriminated against that they were confined to camps during World War II to equaling whites in income by 1959 and exceeding whites in income a decade later by one-third. …

ADDED: Since I’ve been clattering out Quote notes to excess, this is being pinned here (via) on the pretext of vague connection. It’s quite astounding:

The Alt-Right movement’s rise to prominence, by way of the Republican nominee’s campaign, is why the movement matters, and why we can’t afford to frame its members as anything less than a band of racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, white-nationalist xenophobes who spew dangerous bullshit while hiding behind their keyboards. … The Alt-Right crowd is an ensemble of bigots who want us to understand their affinity for intolerance. Case in point: The Alt-Right group American Renaissance responded to Hillary Clinton’s speech by writing, “There is a very broad overlap between the races, but they differ in average levels of intelligence and in other traits.” … Calling these people anything less than vile racists would be morally reprehensible and intellectually fraudulent.

Is that embedded quote (from Jared Taylor) supposed to be so obviously unacceptable that its equally obvious factual accuracy is simply irrelevant? Have to assume it’s vile racism even to ask.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Even so, the real issue is this:

    Diversity does not work. In any form.

    What works is homogeneous nations, ruled by culture, driven by some sense of transcendental purpose and absent the toxic stew of individualism/socialism/leftism that third world nations cling to as they descend.

    We know what works. Instead we are pursuing what does not. Solution: physically remove Leftists and their policies, then get back on track.


    TheDividualist Reply:

    Have you ever thought about why is that so that of all kinds of heresy, racism is the lowest status, basically connected to redneckdom in elite discourse? The model I came up with lately is that the upper classes behavior is determined by class (i.e. everything that makes class, IQ, education, upbringing), the lower classes behavior is determined by ethnicity (again everything that makes that, genetics, upbringing).

    Thus the elites make the mistake to assume the behavior of the lower classes is determined, like theirs, by class, which is the essense of leftism and the lower classes assume the behavior of the elites, like theirs, is determined by ethnicity (which leads to in the most extreme form NatSoc).

    From this angle, ethnic determinism makes one look lower class, class determinism makes one look upper class. So that must be why?

    I.e. elites are always “globalist” and rootless, this is even historically so, medieval aristocracy married all over Europe, Russian aristocrats in Anna Karenina tried to imitate French and English elites and so on, so taking ethnicity seriously automatically present one as a non-elite? Elitehood is only proven by sufficient rootlessness, that is why?

    It would be interesting what Nick thinks about this – given how he too is pretty rootless, if I get it right.


    michael Reply:

    I think this is a good idea, partly true description of what the classes think and as you point out partly true of reality. But the aristocracy wasn’t marrying niggers, and they loved inventing phrases like”well bred” “breeding will out” “wogs begin at Calais” etc describing themselves even down to the family level as a race. They were well aware and of genetics in animals and men darwin was no shock to them only a confirmation. I would also argue against the aristocracy being rootless or globalist, what defined and affirmed their titles were rootedness, they were the warrior class whos titles were based on the ground they held, what you describe is merely alliances for military advantage.
    The lower classes conversely were aware the ruling class were mere mortals culture was full of full of humor about this shakespeare’s plays always have commoners making fun of the aristocracy, as well as commoners rising into the aristocracy which has always been part of history from biblical times. This is the problem with a paleo moldbug perspective it denies there are two sides to the equation


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    > down to the family level as a race

    This is closer to the historical pre-19th century conception of race.

    Most of alpha families still view it like this. Even living in an almost all white nation, or some small town in America, it´s family vs. family somewhat, at least for some of them. These people are predators and don´t care, they like to put down what appear to them to be lower white people. It´s always been like that, except even greater alphas are just and honorable.

    But for any upper class person (that does not buy into the we´re all equal in voice) this is understandable; because the way that lower people communicate & operate hurts the ears, eyes, hearts and the brains of the upper.

    Properly those (pseudo)alphas that put down other people for merely banal or inane reasons (some very latter day bourgeois fluffery trend that will start today and end tomorro, i.e. ephemeral) or simply unjustly, these are called chads.

    Of course, things are changing. Revenge of the Nerds indeed. Bill Gates, and everybody you know, Musk, Jobs, that´s just the start.

    The chad will become obsolete. Maybe a repairman for some outer layer of an automated weapons system in Silicone Knights Valley 3.0.

    Good genes in one century isn´t necessarily the same as in another. Because conditions change!

    Allahu Akhbar!

    John Hannon Reply:

    I know my place.


    frank Reply:

    Good insight.


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  • Rec0nciler Says:

    IMO, the real issue is: can I make myself work harder?

    Park McDougald joked (?) that NRx wants an “executive as tiger mom” to coordinate the U.S. economy to a higher and more efficient state. But that can only work if the tiger mom has a healthy and well-developed biological capacity for…what is effectively herding cats. (And the cats need a similar capacity.)

    Can we become better self-managers? (Fish oil helps, I’ve heard.)


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  • Seth Largo Says:

    B,b, b, but – – – Galadriel and muh Norse gods.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    The Norse gods are doing WarHammer 40.000 + Neuromancer now


    Ahote Reply:


    Then þose ebul jooz came and enslaved da white bruÞa’z.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    «So much for social mobility… 1,000 years after William the Conquerer invaded, you still need a Norman name like Darcy or Percy to get ahead».

    “Furthermore, Norman descendants also enjoy other privileges, including attendance at the best universities. In a recent study that examined the enrollment at Cambridge and Oxford over the last thousand years, it was revealed that at certain times, Norman names were 800% more common at Oxford than in the general population, and more recently, were at least twice as likely to found in that institution’s enrollment.”



    Wu wuz wikingz indeed.


    Ahote Reply:

    “[…]Due to superior achievements of wealth, wisdom, bravery, or a combination thereof, some individuals come to possess more authority than others and their opinion and judgment commands widespread respect. Moreover, because of selective mating and the laws of civil and genetic inheritance, positions of natural authority are often passed on within a few “noble” families.[…]” —Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “A Short History of Man”

    TheDividualist Reply:

    It is never 100% clear to me how superior ability to fight and conquer HBDs into ability to produce and lead. Maybe William was smart, a good strategist, but the average Normann who just earned his nobility through being fierce in battle? How did that contribute to making smart, well learning, successful-in-civilized-pursuits descendants?

    Can we assume it is because they had their pick of women, and the prettiest women had the highest IQ and that is how the sons and grandsons of fierce but perhaps dumb knights got smart?

    I mean, what else?

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You´re in the horizon of your answer in the latter part of your query.

    Getting a pretty pussy & keeping her demands IQ. Or smarts anyway. Firstly they themselves put all these “shit tests”, traps and confusion, interpersonally, and even socially, and then you need to beat all the other guys. If you´re merely good on the battlefield, but with no social skill outside of it, it looks like a tougher time for you. Just to mention a couple of things.

    Ancient battle is the ultimate fitness test. It´s far more versatile than any sport. Gracility matters. Jet-pilotlike focus.

    Aristocracy is far more than most people think. Even on the “Right.” You need to be convincing, you need to send the right worded letters to the right places, you need to keep up with the latest wartechnology, broker deals with all sorts of industry-men, you need to watch out for traitors, etc., etc., etc., demands IQ.

    See e.g. this documentary about Vlad Tepes. He´s essentially a CEO of a corporation.

    The world hasn´t changed that much.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    seem liks a point here quite legit: political theory failed miserably to improve or explain anything, sub categories of political theory as cultural factor, ethnical factor, mental model failed too. who the hell need this whole ‘science’ supposedly invented by Aristotel, in any way everybody knows it will ends on Marx and only capitalism is what still working. so, work hard and believe.


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  • Ur-mail Says:

    > Meanwhile, it silences critics of State violence with its magic, never-defined word racism, an accusation the critic has to spend the rest of his life trying to disprove, only to discover that the race hustlers will not lift the curse until he utterly abases himself and repudiates his entire philosophy.

    Cases of this abound, but seems bang on in the case of Moldbug and Strange Loop / Lambda Conf.

    Although the inability to read clearly seems more at cause of the accusations in the above case. Inegalitarianism and racism, being fuzzy terms mostly given life in inverse proportion to how closely they are examined, seem often bungled by those who adopt these discourses.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    We´ve got to use counter-meme magic. ‘Rayciss’ must be diluted further. It is diluting. Call anyone and everything racist.


    michael Reply:

    i dont see how its the lefts only weapon is “the minority” I dont see them letting it go its why the invasion.Its why they fight attempts at assimilation, nationalism wasnt a bad word as a kid it was used to rally all to americanism but the left realized the last thing they wanted was a cohesive nation and began deriding it


    Norse Sex God Reply:

    The Left only believes in “minority rights” as a form of Uncle Tom-ism, because those “minorities” serve the role of good little co-opted workers who will work as proxies for the Left despite being secretly despised by them, and as such the Left is inherently deeply racist.

    Similarly, the Left is also deeply sexist, because they won’t recognise the individual differences between people, preferring instead to paper over them with a sort of androgynous equality that is delusory in principle as well as in practice.

    If the Right is a reaction to the Left, as has been argued by several Conservatives, then what passes for the Right is a crazy solution to a crazy problem, one created by a Left that has lost not only its sense but also its purpose.

    The role of new emergent political movements such as NR should be to replace both the Left and the Right, viewing them both as ultimately untenable if not outright barking mad.

    When Frank Zappa infamously declared that he was neither a Democrat nor a Republican, he was not expressing any particular political viewpoint, but instead the absence of mental illness caused by one …

    Will some of this suffice for your purposes?


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  • Walter Oleg Says:

    “… maybe a racist is someone who believes different groups tend to have common characteristics, even while acknowledging the axiomatic point that each individual person is unique”

    I say “treat individuals as individuals and treat groups as groups. “


    admin Reply:

    Stereotypes are compression protocols. Given finite cognitive resources, they’re inevitable. Realistic ones are, therefore, to be preferred. Much evidence suggests that existing stereotypes are generally realistic (as statistical heuristics).


    admin Reply:

    Normality and abnormality are unevenly distributed between populations. (It takes work to be a Chinese nerd.)


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Jonathan Haidt writes about this in The Righteous Mind (see p. 225). He refers to Emile Durkheim, who says that homo sapiens is really homo duplex, existing simultaneously on the individual level and the group level. Asking whether to treat someone as an individual or as a member of a group is like asking whether to one should think of an electron as a particle or a wave.


    michael Reply:

    exactly the switch comes in when they use individuals as foils for groups, and responses to groups as hate against an individual. A race is not a human being its a concept.


    Walter Oleg Reply:

    Indeed. Exactly my point. I treat people of any race I meet with respect. But would prefer to live in a White community. I don’t wish to be ruled by Jews but don’t judge every Jew I meet as looking to take advantage of me. It’s not either/or; it’s both/and.


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:



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  • illegal Says:

    I wrote a long comment just kind of fishing for emotional cues on the subject and just decided to publish it on my own thing instead of posting the whole thing here. It’s meant to be an investigation of my own feelings on this area. I’m still working on it. Part 0 indicates that it’s just a rough journal entry. I think most of my stuff is like that. I’m not outlining a treatise. I’m just trying to understand it. “White guilt” must end. I think a lot of this stuff is actually just our way of learning how to live without it. And getting rid of it. I think that’s what a lot of the “Alt-Right” which is a stupid term, even this, is doing. We’re trying to figure out how to get rid of these irrational worthless feelings and thoughts telling us that our feelings are “wrong.” Morally wrong. When really they’re completely correct.



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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    religion is all about purging the heretics, after all. progressives are feeling like Catholics after Calvin.


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