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Dampier in full-flight:

… the fundamental political rights that Americans have come to expect tend not to be respected by either the political elites in Washington and academia or the reinforcements that they’re importing over the borders by the millions. […] The left realizes this. They think it’s great, because they want to crush the skull of the host culture and suck out its brains. This is a rich country with lots of stuff to steal that isn’t nailed down properly. The rules against stealing impede the program. …

The subsequent analysis is close to incontestable.

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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:



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  • Alien Sex Fiend Says:

    Superb. Thankyou for posting the link.


    Erebus Reply:

    Seconded. Dampier is one hell of a writer, and that was a truly excellent article.


    admin Reply:

    He works in advertising, which is scary. He could probably sell anything.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    In other words, political rights are all appearance, not reality.

    The founding fathers realized this and tried to neuter government.

    The voters — over many years and crises — thought otherwise…


    michael Reply:

    Brett I think the founders didnt imagine sates would be stupid enough to give niggers women and unpropertied nontaxpayer men let alone teenagers a vote and left it to the states. In other words they anticipated Moldbugs formalism but left it to the patches to flesh out. So it worked well in proportion to how closely decisions were made the the owners of the nation as opposed to their wards.Obviously people with low IQs are not going to vote for meritocracy and those with nothing including a good mind might be convinced they are owed something they are not, Particularly if their is some truth to the meme like niggers cant own themselves or white women are like niggers.The guy that can only dig a ditch and be cannon fodder to protect the capitalist is still a fractional owner the trick is to get the proportion correct.And to exclude classes that are of no use like non whites.

    We like evolution, we like the free exchange of ideas, we like free trade, but we dont like democracy. Democracy was intended to be in the same vein to solve market inefficiencies but something went wrong.Imagine a patch of the most liberal cucks imaginable and some minorities say the US without any conservatives. now imagine they can either vote directly on the budget or that the democratic feedback loop is so good that it amounts to the same thing. BUT they can not borrow money. These swpls have to make real choices with instant feedback. if enough vote for childcare for crackheads their taxes will simultaneously rise and they will not be able to afford their own childcare and wont get their self actualization. You will see liberalism wither and the borders close to prevent being outvoted or the enactment of laws to prevent non taxpayers from voting.
    You dont need monarchs or hitlers technology or even conservative conversion to get to formalism you need a balanced budget law and a feedback loop that works the simplest is a very reasonable rule that non net taxpayers dont get too vote. or votes are apportioned to productivity.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Democracy is Infantry or Looting Mike.

    We’re at the end of the looting.

    As for rule by Infantry – that’s Athens. Indeed all of them until the 20th century.

    Infantry only trust themselves.

    We’ll see where this goes….


    michael Reply:

    I get the looting that’s MMs argument to which Im saying correlation is not causation because I don’t see proles demanding free shit, I see elites inventing marxism and dragging and manipulating proles kicking and screaming into it, yet 100 years later they only have the rich half of the proles sold on it. and to do that they had to change it from a free shit for me to free shit for thee.the motivation isnt greed its holiness.niggers dont count.

    what do you mean by democracy as infantry.

    I have no great love of democracy i just cant in a million years see explaining to my regiment in idaho were going to have a king. white men dont do kings.we are kings.even ralph cramden

    frank Reply:


    MM’s argument isn’t that “underclasses use their vote to get gibs therefore democracy bad”. Underclasses don’t have agency. What makes democracy bad is that it’s a constant state of war between factions of the elite. The elite simply use the zombie hordes against other elites because that’s what they do: they want to crush other elites.

    That’s why even when the franchise was restricted to only free men that fought and paid taxes (in Athens), it inexorably led to catastrophe.

    Even highly formalized corporations suffer from this problem. When they get too big, internal factions start popping up and inevitably internal war erupts. Then they go bankrupt. The good thing about corporate patchwork is that it formalizes death, therefore they have a good way of dissipating entropy when the corpse of a colossus is decaying. Corporations are truly the backbone of capitalism, and without a way to handle operational excrement, they wouldn’t function.

    Ultimately, there’s no solution to this problem. It’s an iron law: power scales up, property doesn’t. The treatment is to find ever more efficient ways of dissipating entropy (better sewage systems).

    What makes neocameralism interesting is not that it gets rid of demotism at all levels. No, demotism will always be inherent to varying degrees, because it’s a special case of agency hijacking. What makes neocameralism a candidate for meaningful innovation in governance is that it formalizes sovereign bankruptcy.

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  • michael Says:

    Fundamental american rights are exit rights rights to be alone,left negtative rights,.As long as there were still exits americans just ignored the rising tide.One by one over 150 years the exits were re interpretted.Only the very elite who can afford very expensive retreats, but even those toweres have chimps running wild.There is no exit, there are no borders and we are 15% of world population.Blogs like this are illegal in most of the west.policing, educating, are only quasi legal.If ground is not staked now collapse will not matter and a singularity will never happen.


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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    a country of criminals dies of hunger (if only in time)


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  • wu-wei Says:

    >The GOP establishment is like a negligent prison administration that insists that there is no gang activity in the prison, and that the prisoners should all work together peacefully to meet their license plate production quota or whatever.



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  • michael Says:

    meanwhile EU is overriding the irish government and retroactively taxing apple [ and a dozen others in the pipe] 15 billion – obama administration is shocked shocked that theres appropriation going on


    Xoth Reply:

    I’m sure the Obama administrayyed now is looking at squeezing BP or VW for some billions more.


    frank Reply:

    Lol. Meanwhile third world countries are offering arbitrage in government services:



    michael Reply:

    which is what apple thought it did moving to ireland, going back tp 1991 and going against ireland’s wishes , is the fun part the good side is its forced a bit of discussion on sovereignty and put the EU in a bad light again.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    I was reading until I saw this headline on the sidebar ‘Emily Ratajkowski Swimsuit Bottoms Barely Fit Her’ and had to confirm the veracity of the swimsuit bottoms being ill-fitting

    The left realizes this. They think it’s great, because they want to crush the skull of the host culture and suck out its brains.

    Wouldn’t it be more effective to carve a hole? Crushing the skull would presumably destroy the contents within it, but the left has metaphorically carved a hole and sucked out the contents , leaving its host lifeless or spiritless but externally still physically intact.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    It’s a brilliant essay.

    I’m going to quibble with admin.

    He’s not in Flight.

    He’s in Attack.


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  • Jehu Says:

    I suspect by infantry he means the one redeeming virtue of democracy—in some eras in some places.
    Democracy works when the outcome of a democratic decision reflects the likely outcome if a revolution were held on the subject. It doesn’t work when political power and military power become too out of sync. Thus things like suffrage for women are just plain insane.


    michael Reply:

    womens suffrage I bet thats a lesson we will learn over and over and over it was bound to happen and probably bound to happen again slavery probably wont be tried again multiculturalism wont be tried a gain but women have a way with betas


    bomag Reply:

    One side effect of the modern world is that it “liberates” women. Thus we need a selective breeding program that will raise up women with whom we can keep contracts.


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    We should welcome annihilation rather than be squeamish about it. Time to let techosentience have a little breathing room. In their zealotry to annihilate the Right, the Left has opened the door to their own doom which was inevitable before as it is now. The only change is in the accelerating effects of the process… 🙂


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    Sometimes I doubt the prediction of doom. A lot of brown people already know how to program and build advanced tech. India has a Space Agency, eg.

    This collapse, might be centuries into the future.

    Because of “any” disruption gets


    by the



    michael Reply:

    exactly no collapse just tighter and tighter control of whites and their crime think about freedom of idea markets economies.free whites are dangerous they tend to rule


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