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Angelo M. Codevilla concludes this grim recent essay:

We have stepped over the threshold of a revolution. It is difficult to imagine how we might step back, and futile to speculate where it will end. Our ruling class’s malfeasance, combined with insult, brought it about. Donald Trump did not cause it and is by no means its ultimate manifestation. Regardless of who wins in 2016, this revolution’s sentiments will grow in volume and intensity, and are sure to empower politicians likely to make Americans nostalgic for Donald Trump’s moderation.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “As always happens with democracy.” All of Western political writing is just a piecemeal restatement of Plato at this point.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Averroes corrects Plato, noting that the Kyklos need not *necessarily* roll in a pattern–though it does so *usually*. Democracy can transform into tyranny, anarchy, aristocracy, (or not transform at all), et al.


    nnms Reply:

    >Averroes corrects Plato
    Averroes nitpicks Plato.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    Callisthenes always had the better of Plato, which is why mouthpiece Socrates changes the subject in Gorgias. What nobody wants to take is the black pill, because existential angst and uncertainty makes normies cry.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    Lolol Callicles, Callisthenes is a gymnast.


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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    will the ’17 revolution cross the ocean? (although it probably will have more of a civil war taste, for sure)


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    I would like to thank Admin for linking to this guy. I started reading Fernandez because of this. I find his writing to be crisp, clear and clinical. His observations and inferences are, well, delicious.

    I then went out and read his book: three conjectures. Excellent. Thanks!

    @Uriel writes about a civil war in America..

    … For years, ever since I studied Caesar and saw the patterns, I have thought about this possibility.

    I wonder, like with Muslims flocking to ISIS, will any Europeans cross over the pond to fight?

    You could see leftists and rightists all crossing over to get in the game.

    Then, maybe the Chinese and Russians get in the game too. Then the Mexicans and Muslims get in the game. Soon, everyone gets involved. The fire spreads. Europe goes up. Russia decides to make a move and take back the baltics.

    Turkey invades Greece and Germany. Then, boom.

    Coming soon:

    I am planning to write a piece soon on what America should have done after 9/11. Essentially, they should have threatened Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with war unless they put pressure on Mulla Omar to give up the bitch (Bin Laden.) Bribe Omar with guns, money, drugs and pussy (don’t damage the product boys.) If Omar did not take the bait, put a bounty out on his head and then make the same deal (only better) with his *sucessor*.

    I believe, if you put their balls in a vice, and offered them an out, they will take it. They should have got bin laden, and then executed him in public in New York City. (Sends a message.)

    If intimidation and bribery does not work. Then step two: strategic violence.

    If USG had to go to war with Afghanistan…… First ….propaganda….call them a bunch of faggots and rile them up and get em to fight, or if they refuse, then they are a bunch of faggots.

    Invade, and destroy them in open battle. The, the rest is simply a matter of administration. Promise not to use Airpower, lure them in, entice them with females, then smash em. When they retreat use Airpower to finish them off. (Like Napoleon in Russia firering on the ice).

    Hunt down Bin Laden. Tell him to give up now, or his family with be dealt *with*. Then, once he has been captured, then turn the country over to a strongman, give him, guns, money, drugs and pussy and tell him to keep the streets clean.

    All in all, USG could have solved the Bin Laden problem in Afghanistan in a couple of months — six months, a year tops.

    It requires giving complete command and control over to someone who knows what they are doing.

    Democracy cannot fight, it cannot practice strategy. It is useless.

    Or so I think.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    Since when did we become constitutionalists? Is this a step forwards or backwards


    pyrrhus Reply:

    Codevilla is waxing nostalgic for the 1920s, but unlike the NRO crazies, he knows the Constitution, mangled beyond recognition by Federal judges on the take, has been TKO’ed….


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Who said we were constitutionalists?


    michael Reply:

    the constitution he speaks of is the one that prevents government from interfering with private patches,its a constitution that gave a vote only to white male adults of property.He points out as I have ten thousand times that it is elites who created the left ratchet not mobs of proles demanding free shit. In fact he points out that mobs of proles have been demanding through state referendums reactionary policy and elite intellectuals have upped the anti systematically to the point that they now rule like kings what they say is law not what some old paper says. He points out that capitalists do not act in the interests of capitalism or even the long term interests of their own corporations but more like drunken pirates.or rather privateers in the service of a drunken king.
    which of course brings into question the solution reaction puts forth.-Lets put the cognitive elite in charge and give them title. Well they already are and have and these are the results.Kings can not possibly administer an entire nation even in the old days so courtiers made a meal of of it and this is what happens today. History is full of hamstrung kings unhappy with their lack of real power.elites whether jew or gentile do have a way of pwning whatever system has been devised to stop them.The constitution was designed to disincentivize them from pwning the government and directing their energies to private sector.Like racism constitutionalism has a legitimacy and built in constituency.
    This is important because as the author states we are either going to civil war or being occupied by [that word that so rankles admin]
    Once you accept that [and i gather this site does not accept that war or occupation and death are near term certainties] you understand you need a way to rally enough violent force to prevail to a situation where if not ideal at least ideal is again a possibility. yes i sympathize its so unpleasant to have to think about race and civil war more fun to larp about AI robots and space travel. But men put away childish things and do what needs doing. Our children and grandchildren need -dare i say it, their future secured.If at this point in time people as intelligent as yourselves can not see that we are at the eve of destruction and force is all that will save us then youre morons, my experience has been that above 130 IQ people become moronic.could it be that you have a bias, that you are essentially physically weak and psychologically averse to violence and so have adopted a philosophy that cleverly excuses you of doing anything but snarking from your laptops?


    admin Reply:

    Thanks for the hard-bracket stuff. XS might make a civilized shitlord of you yet.


    michael Reply:

    I dont know the cathedral tried NRO tried the paleos tried my poor dead mum tried just a sacking vandal at heart

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I recently had the displeasure of watching (American) TV for 3 hours straight and I don’t think Admin realizes the extent to which we are doomed and the word nigger is one of our last weapons left.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    “The problem with ordinary racism is its utter incomprehension of the near future. Not only will capabilities for genomic manipulation dissolve biological identity into techno-commercial processes of yet-incomprehensible radicality, but also … other things […] On the sweetness-and-light side, racists and anti-racists can be expected to eventually bond in a defensive fraternity, when they recognize that traditionally-differentiated human populations are being torn asunder on an axis of variation that dwarfs all of their established concerns.”

    Nick Land, “Hyper-Racism”

    ~N. L.: The race debate in our time is superfluous as the technocyborg ten generations from now will unfathomably surpass the CHIMP of today.

    ~The Technocyborg Ten Generations From Now: The race debate in our time is superfluous as the technocyborg ten generations from now will unfathomably surpass the HUMAN of today.

    Land’s transhumanist vision of a techno-enhanced future race that obliterates our (our = non-progressive) contemporary racial hierarchies has a tempering effect that ultimately will de-accelerate the “progress” to that master-race in that it relativizes the current hierarchies, and the intactness of the current hierarchies is necessary to achieve the most expedient scientific efficiency in achieving that aim. The more we affirmative action the “sleepier” races into the classrooms and laboratories out of a gut-sense that ~we’re all equal~ the longer it’s going to be before we crystallize the mental horsepower necessary for breeding “the overman”.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I see your point.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    But yet Land pro-vides (makes visible) ordinary racism. So that he made this prediction hardly does make him a Communist. But maybe it does make him a sort of Bolshevik.

    This would make Cryptogen a Bolshevik too, with his deracinated dream of a post-bloodline geekocracy.

    ▬ « dissolve biological identity »

    Certainly that´s a central feature of the Bolshevik´s dream.

    But who isn´t a Bolshevik by now?

    Incidentally, this is being discussed around (Frog) Twitter, as the Chad (sanguine male) vs. the deracinated nu-male.

    The matter though is more complex, than I´ve seen it discussed as so far.

    Many references missing. Very taboo material.

    Sang real. <3

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  • R. J. Moore II Says:

    Simmering the AltRight have come to believe by living in echo chambers is that they’re behind this all. AltRight, Trump, Ron Paul, Stormfags and SJWs are all products of related currents in a disintegrating empire that never had any more than contrived unity. When they decide to turn on the Empire, instead of fighting each other for control of it, they might accomplish something worthwhile. Until then, they’re just useful idiots for the oligarchy that’s behind everything that’s wrong with ‘America’.


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