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Cixin Liu (op. cit.), p.558:

“… It’s very possible that every law of physic has been weaponized. It’s possible that in some parts of the universe, even … Forget it, I don’t even believe that.”
“What were you going to say?”
“The foundation of mathematics.”
Cheng Xin tried to imagine it, but it was simply impossible. “That’s … madness.” Then she asked, “Will the universe turn into a war ruin? Or, maybe it’s more accurate to ask: Will the laws of physics turn into war ruins?”
“Maybe they already are …”

(All ellipsis after the first in original.)

Among the points here, the (Herakleitean) thesis: Cosmology does not transcend war. Strategy belongs to the infrastructure.

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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    >It’s very possible that every law of physic has been weaponized. It’s possible that in some parts of the universe, even …The foundation of mathematics.

    this is what the Nazis said. and have been saying.

    not that i know anything about Deutsche Physik, and think they probably were idiotic about being so animous against “Jewish physics”.

    still, we live in a Spectacle today. a managed state. it´s way more managed than we think and way deeper. if you think Stalinist hedgemen faking pictures is deep.

    e.g. the whole Podesta thing is managed. serves our purposes still.

    cosmology really features in how u perceive the world/logos.

    again, Nietzsche described it. perspectivism.

    if you have a schizophrenic cosmology, u can believe anything. if it´s overly complex, almost mumbo-jumbo, you can never believe in simple truths.

    it´s like a complex math schemata that deep state actors can manipulate through talking heads like Neil deGrasse Tyson. doing so, they subtly influence the psyche and thus the behavior of the cattle.

    what i´m saying is that, this endless barrage of apparently fascinating mumbo-jumbo adds chaos to the soup, so that da white man never knows which way is up or down.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    i did meet Neil at an Icelandic bar tho, he´s a nice guy. of course, probably an asset. and asset to what, is the question? a narrative?


    Wagner Reply:

    He’s a symbol of “black people can do science, participate in culture, etc.”


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    nobody is gonna tell me that math isn´t a subset of ideology.

    of course, you can say math is neutral. it is.

    however fire is neutral too.

    so are the chemicals in agent orange.

    gnon doesn´t care who deploys.

    power is neutral. it is harnessed.

    mondo come potenza.

    allahu akbar.



    Wagner Reply:

    Math as ideology – or better, as ideology-grounding – goes back to Plato. To paraphrase Michael Sugrue, when Socrates starts talking about math you know he’s putting a horseshoe in his boxing glove: someone is getting knocked out. Anti-racism and anti-sexism are “proven” by Science and most people register implicitly, vaguely, that Science is undergirded by math, Objective Order.

    Equality = 1 + 1 = 2


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    things is. science can´t be more perceived more neutrally than the neutrality of the person looking at it.

    of course, that is what Xenosystems has been saying in its workings since day one.

    and who knows who else, since forever. god himself.

    fortunately though, all peoples have known that the good have by god´s hand greater access to power (if, and only if, they listen to them selves).

    i don´t mean the menially sentimentally hypocritically “good”.

    that NW whites both were the most good and dominated the world, is no mere coincidence.

    for all pessimists are fools in that they disregard the good news of scripture.

    He is coming. like a lightning from the east to the west, he shall strike into the hearts.

    this is it, the apocalypse. the end of times.

    “communism is not a conspiracy of the masses to overthrow the banking industry. it´s the conspiracy of the banking industry to overthrow and enslave the masses.”

    Wagner Reply:

    “that is what Xenosystems has been saying in its workings since day one”

    Saying but being blind to its own self by necessity. NL is one of the holiest Puritans alive.

    Wagner Reply:

    Holy, sanctimonious, what have you.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Strategy belongs to the infrastructure.

    Another way to view this: the essence of what something is, rather than the imposition of consciousness, determines its actions. Human intent is an artifact of human self-interest, not the other way around.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    @Brett Stevens


    The notion of essentialism, or rather, the metaphysics of ‘essence’, is indeed structured according to a ‘what’; which ‘what’, is always a request for an ‘essence’. Such a metaphysical circuitousness is a necessary artifact of sampled differentiation, as it were. As soon as there is differentiation, sampling is unavoidable. But sampling can be done in different ways.
    That there are continuities & structures which suggest a ‘world’, of ‘things’ that ‘are’; lawful regularities that suggest the metaphysical structures of a substantia; is another artifact. One that may well be a governing perspective & horizon of human culture, but it isn’t absolute.

    Both “Human intent” & “human self-interest”, if one is using Occidental categories, are configured by the “imposition[s] of consciousness”. To talk about “the essence of what something is”, is only the request for a core of invariancy. But invariancy, too, is often an artifact of conscious perspective.

    Whatever stance is taken, with regard to a ‘sampling’ that has been converted into a concept, it is difficult to avoid the contingency of its construction, whether traditional Occidental notions of ‘consciousness’ are involved or not.


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  • Nathan Cook Says:

    Greg Egan wrote two stories in a universe like that (or like this): Luminous (1995) and Dark Integers (2007).


    Erebus Reply:

    I believe that Egan is actually an underrated author. Permutation City is, without question, among the best novels ever written. Topics which vex contemporary philosophers — the nature of personal identity, the future of techno-transcendental mankind, the foundations of reality itself, etc. — are playthings to Egan; he handles them with extraordinary skill and ease. It’s unfortunate, though, that his output is so inconsistent in terms of quality. Most of his recent work pales in comparison to his older novels, and his short stories seem to be getting progressively worse.


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  • Pylads Says:

    The most persuasive argument I have found to use against the liberally minded is to display the war in the sky’s that is space and the war in the microscopic. The nature of things seems to me to be disordered hierarchy.


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:


    I mentioned Heraclitus recently, in a FB comment;

    “{AK}: Zizek is a moron. Lowbrow rubbish for a lowbrow century. The “capitalist injunction to Enjoy!” is not a novel observation unique to Zizek alone. An obvious concomitant & implication of Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle”, to name one analysis, it is an obvious corollary of libidinal consumerism.

    Helen Of Troy – an Occidental cultural theatricks of patriarchal geno-nominalism & male de(sire)?
    Even Heraclitus indulges in this sociology of the geno-nominal, coerced by the insularity of Occidental regi(mentations) into seeing the Logos as ‘a child playing draughts’ distributing social status (i.e. ‘honours’). This projection of the sociocentrick, onto the ground of ‘Logos’; whilst simultaneously alienating this Logos, & its ‘Truth’ function into the anonymity of the asocial; reflects only the inordinate, yet incompetent, egoism of Occidental conceptions of ‘Self’. An ‘egoism’ too stupid to understand the nature of authentic apotheosis as an actual development; an ‘egoism’ lost only in its own calculus of social status; ‘at home’ only in its own ‘narcissistic’ inventio of Hierarchy & Honour.”

    [NL] “Among the points here, the (Herakleitean) thesis: Cosmology does not transcend war. Strategy belongs to the infrastructure.”

    {AK}: Stop telling cosmology what to do, Nick Land!
    What you call “infrastructure” are phenomenal manifestations that occur according to the filtration of metaphysical perspectives. Whatever their persuasiveness, at the level of such perspectives, they are not exhaustive or absolute. There is always more, necessarily so. One has to be careful not to hypostatise conventional scenarios of conflict as invariant, cosmic absolutes.

    In the 1980s, I wrote about “a Universal Disagreement of Energies”:

    “As you can see, Born prefers a more oblique, mystical approach to acquiring knowledge. It is amusing to note that the original, amiable clash of scientific viewpoints between Born & Einstein is the germ from which your universe’s battle between determinacy and indeterminacy has grown. Although, to be more accurate,there is mutual influence. The universe set Herr Einstein’s and Herr Born’s thoughts in motion and their thoughts have set the universe in motion. It’s a reciprocal relationship as well as an idealistic one. Reality constructs them and they construct Reality.

    After Hendrix & Bach finished playing “Duel of the Jester & the Tyrant, Parts I & II”, Artxell walked on until he came to a miniature landscape of mountains, valleys, and thinkers. Various beings were perched on peaks, they all seemed deeply absorbed in thought and meditation. Occasionally, a flash of light would jump from one thinker to another, such bright arcs being the sole indication of a dramatic Universal Disagreement of Energies – the Energies being represented by the thinkers.

    “What you are seeing,” said Sage WiseHeart, “is a conflict between thinkers whose thoughts will construct or influence the nature of the universe they inhabit.
    Forces of freedom must think for an open universe that is capable of evolution and growth. A universe that is closed off by forces of oppression will exhibit laws that favour, and confer privileges upon, those oppressive forces. So, as you can see, cosmic politics is at the root of this particular conflict.”
    (“A Divine Avenue” 1988: Ch.6, “Constructing Reality”:pp. 49-50)


    G. Eiríksson Reply:



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    man’s ideas are legion, pouring out of the subnirvanaic hells; here some of the main streams are collected; which is what collegium is, the collaboration for the collection of certain legions of ideas. it is thus a lexicon, and will store lectures & logos. it is also known as the black library, for none know the legion’s full expansion.

    Intellectual Tradition. ‘tradition’ means “a handing down”, so Intellectual Tradition (IT) is the handing down through the generations of man what is comparatively intelligent.
    Information Tradition. see Intellectual Tradition. the only difference is that Information Tradition is more about the output. i.e. the data, the essays, the maps. the math, the technology.

    Objectivity. to be able to formulate, and even actualize ideas. first grade objectivity is to convince your opponent that you are right, within your lifetimes.

    Workers of Imperial theology (IT) are mostly concerned with how theos (theory, inspiration & practice) creates favorable social structure. The empire is a structure who’s agents seek to order the structural bits of the empire so as to facilitate maximum life enriching output.

    The exact constraint mechanical design method manages the degrees of freedom to neither underconstrain nor overconstrain a structural entity, such as the agents themselves which are the base structure, or the superstructure, which is any additional machinery (institutions) such as the Internet.

    When Our Crisis comes, the specialists in sustainable development won’t be the ones with the best advice. It’s within the malfunction and short-circuits of the system that we find elements of a response whose logic would be to abolish the problems themselves. Among the signatory nations to the Kyoto Protocol, the only countries to have fulfilled their commitments, in spite of themselves, are Ukraine and Romania. Guess why. The most advanced experimentation with “organic” agriculture on a global level has taken place since 1989 on the island of Cuba. Guess why. And it’s along the African highways, and nowhere else, that auto mechanics has been elevated to a form of popular art. Guess how.

    Thus the vanguard group not only is essential to the tactical cohesion of the masses & the decayed political class; but also must literally do their thinking for them. The NRx functions as an executive elite whose grasp of history and Religion+STEM+HBD allows it to devise the correct “war aims” of the renewal struggle. Its authority is based on its scientific intelligence. The proletariat cannot aspire to “modern socialist consciousness” on its own because it lacks the “profound scientific knowledge” required to do so: The vehicles of science are not the bourgeois, but the NRx intelligentsia.

    The NRx is conservative in relation to change because it generates essentially post-crisis management institutions. In order to create pre-crisis management institutions, in a setting which we could call political-democratic, we will have to increasingly separate the political system from society and begin to conceive of the two as separate entities. To separate the way in which men relate to one another and reify that way itself as something over and above the men themselves is to achieve the triumph of what Jacques Ellul calls “technique,” by substituting the efficacy of systems for the experience of men.

    Because the liberal humanist believes in institutional rationalization and in working from within, he is only too easily rendered impotent by the masters of procedures and routines. Liberal humanists are men of good will, but like the benevolent Owenite capitalists who sought to check the power of the industrialists, they are beautiful orchids growing in a jungle. The appeal to “work within the system” is always sounded by the systems managers, for they know well that the mass of liberal humanists is nothing against the inertial mass of the system itself.

    Once again the historical irony appears that all things end up in the position opposite to their beginning. The beginning of liberalism with Locke was a movement away from the throne and altar into new free spaces of the market and the school. Now at the point of its complete development, we are bound to the corporation and machine. The genius loci of this era in which the school and the market are one is, of course, the new operational liberal, the technocrat. And one of the most eminent members of this new breed of liberal is Herman Kahn.

    The author of On Thinking the Unthinkable and the man who put the word “megadeaths” into the English language is certainly the man who can look into the eye of thermonuclear war and, without blinking, take the shroud measurements for the corpse of civilization. But, surprisingly enough, Kahn too succumbs to the general positivism of his time and only toys with apocalypse when he is asked to look ahead. For him, too, the future is more of the same, and in his Hudson Institute’s study, The Year 2000: A Framework for Speculation on the Next Thirty-Three Years, he sees the future in a linear extrapolation.

    Mr. Kahn takes into account the probable appearance of nativistic revolts against technology, but he does not see these as becoming sufficiently effective to alter the basic, multifold trend. He sees the twentieth-century Luddites as being as ineffective as their predecessors; the Technological Revolution in America will roll over protest just as the Industrial Revolution did in Great Britain. The liberal industrial worldview will spread until all the undeveloped nations are under its polluted sky.

    Kahn’s view of the future is a very predictable one, for it is only human for a writer to expect that history will grow in his direction. The liberal feels that liberal values will become increasingly triumphant; the powerless fundamentalist feels that the apocalypse will tumble the proud and mighty into the dust, and that he will be found living in the truth. Few on either the Left or the Right ever imagine that they both will be right, and that in the supra-ideological process of history, events will be as profoundly ambiguous as existence has always been.

    So it is not so strange at all than an established technocrat like Herman Kahn should see history as moving in the terms of his liberal, multifold trend. We are all magnets and what is locked in the fields of our consciousness is merely the “facts” we attract. But what is surprising about Kahn’s worldview is its utter dearth of imagination.

    a type of passive nihilism is the misunderstanding is that since mores are born from habits, and that habits can be unlearnt, that then morality must be irreal.

    The State has a history that stretches back for more than 2500 years, but much has been forgotten or lost in the intervening centuries. War, fire, flood and even conspiracy has helped to hide much of the historical record, whether it was recorded in books and scrolls or preserved in the form of artifacts. Present-day Imperial scholars dig and research to discover the hidden truths of the past, but the gaps are many and their conclusions are often simply wrong or skewed to match their preconceptions and political or religious ideology. And it is not just uncovering a horrible truth that must be feared, but also dealing with those who would rather keep that information to themselves.

    Imperial Tradition. properly this means to maintain an government that maintains as much intellectual liberty as possible for its peoples, but at the same time the uttermost despotic true moralism.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Soldiers already lost in a war that becomes
    Ever more total, ever more occult
    We bear at the very edges of this world
    The spiritual arms and the most enigmatic
    Destiny of military honours
    From the beyond: in the ranks both visible and invisible
    Of the Black Order to which we belong
    Those whom death has struck down
    March on side by side with those who are still standing

    When our NRx consisted of only seven men
    It already had two principles
    Firstly, it wanted to be a blogsphere with a true ideology
    And it wanted to be the one and only power in the west
    This racially best of the human race courageously demanded
    To be the leaders of the country and the people
    Whoever feels he is the carrier of the best blood
    And has consciously used this blood to guide the nation
    Will face this leadership and will not renounce it
    This is the selectring ground for genetic political leaders
    Its doctrine will be the unchangable
    Its organisation will be hard as steel…
    But its tactics will be flexible
    Its total image, however will be like that of a holy order
    It is our wish
    That this state shall endure for thousands of millennia
    We are happy to know that the future belongs to us
    Long live Imperial Bolshevism
    Long live Gnon


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    a sidetopic, in 2011 Dugin said: The basis of NWO was presumably realization of the convergence theory predicting the synthesis of Soviet socialist and Western capitalist political forms.

    not that this is new the admin. he sort of wrote an article on it recently.

    btw everyone should see 2003´s «The Net — The Unabomber. LSD and the Internet». one of the best documentaries i´ve ever seen. it´s hugely revealing. imo Ted is a sidefigure in it, the real interesting bits are the insights on the (construction of the) technocracy.

    the narrator is a twisted leftie, but at least he managed to make this documentary.

    the main timeline is the construction of the Cyber-Net.


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  • Anonymous Says:

    “The actions of agents become dictated by the laws of economics. Goodness only knows what sort of supergoals these entities might have – maximizing their share of some currency, perhaps a universal currency based on mass-energy? In the first million years, some agent occasionally choose to violate the laws of economics, and collect less of this currency than it possibly could have because of some principle, but these agents are quickly selected against and go extinct. After that, it’s total and invariable. Eventually the thing bumps up against fundamental physical limits, there’s no more technological progress to be had, and although there may be some cyclic changes teleological advancement stops.”

    “If the deterministic, law-abiding, microscopically small, instantaneously fast rules of end-stage-goo can be thought of as pretty much just a new kind of physics, maybe this kind of physics will allow replicating structures in the same way that normal physics does.”



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