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Dark thoughts from Carl Bildt:

When Trump receives the jubilant British anti-Europe campaigner Nigel Farage before seeing other foreign politicians, he is sending the worst possible signal to Europe. By design or by default, he transmits a signal of support to those dark forces in various countries trying to undo what generations of U.S. and European statesmen have worked to achieve.


How could anyone fail to appreciate their work?

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  • TheDividualist Says:

    “The star of that year’s conference was undoubtedly the Swedish conservative leader—since Prime Minister—who delivered a speech of such startling Thatcherite soundness that in applauding I felt as if I was giving myself a standing ovation.”

    Margaret Thatcher in 1993 or on Carl Bildt’s speech to the International Democratic Union.



    Mike Reply:

    Of course, it’s not like Bildt had much choice.


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  • Thales Says:

    “By design or by default, he transmits a signal of support to those dark forces in various countries trying to undo what generations of U.S. and European statesmen have worked to achieve: the replacement of native populations with foreign clients.”


    vxxc2014 Reply:



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Q: How could anyone fail to appreciate their work?
    A: They suffer from it.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    I love dark forces: they are honest and work in any situation. It is like heavy metal, always a blast of power. The forces of light on the other hand are fruity and distracted and miss reality in a cloud of their own drama, attention whoring and emotional projection. It is why people throw them out of helicopters.

    It’s something like; beware the Christian light, it will take you away into degeneracy and nothingness. What others call light I call darkness. Seek the darkness and hell and you will find nothing but evolution.



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Grant me light
    Light in my heart, light in my tomb,
    Light in my speech, light in my seeing and light in my hearing
    Light in my skin, light in my hair
    Light in my flesh, light in my blood and light in my bones and light in my spirit,
    Light before me, light behind me,
    Light to the right of me, light to the left of me,
    Light above me, light beneath me,
    Increase my light
    Forever into all directions
    O God, strenghten my light and give me the greatest light of all,
    The light of your darkness,
    Grant me light, God of night.


    Johan Schmidt Reply:

    Have you read Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Night Watch”? That’s a central component of the theme.


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  • Wagner Says:

    RE: Outsideness’s “Okay, you can throw shade on the Aztecs, but at least they had serious aesthetics.”

    This argument from The Accursed Share has proven a few times to reduce SJWs to sideways-glanced mumbling:

    “The Aztecs, about whom I will speak first, are poles apart from us morally. As a civilization is judged by its works, their civilization seems wretched to us. They used writing and were versed in astronomy, but all their important undertakings were useless: Their science of architecture enabled them to construct pyramids on top of which they immolated human beings.”

    Is there any book on Bataille besides Thirst for Annihilaton that isn’t so pozzed it’s sickening?


    SVErshov Reply:

    “Humanity is faced with a double perspective: in one direction, violent pleasure, horror, and death-precisely the perspective of poetry-and in the opposite direction, that of science or the real world of utility.Only the useful, the real, have a serious character.” Georges Bataille


    SVErshov Reply:

    there is one short book on Bataille – Georges Bataille A Critical Introduction Benjamin Noys.
    writtent in simple language, non pretentiouse and insightful

    “Bataille noted that ‘Nietzsche wrote “with his blood”; to criticise or, better still, to test him, one must bleed in turn’ (BR, 334). To criticise or test Bataille also requires that we bleed in turn and that we experience how Bataille wrote with his blood” pg5

    no joy without agony first.


    Wagner Reply:

    Noys puts the word “primitive” in scare quotes eight times in that book, as in “so-called ‘primitive’ societies” when referring to societies that are primitive without scare quotes, as Bataille understood. He came from an exotic world, the world before postmodern nihilists blew up the distinction between up and down, or blew down I should say.


    SVErshov Reply:

    Noys call him self : nostalgic remnant of the past. Accelerationist reader – Session Four, The New Centre… he is strong analitic, and his ability to go streight to the point on very complicated matters, really remarkable. in that sense his introduction on Bataille very valuable, as it can help to decide if you want to go further or not. He did not bleed much, but provide kind of warning, – reject it or accept it, you gonna be trapped.

    ||||| Reply:

    Human sacrifice probably wasn’t useless tho.


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  • scientism Says:

    I think this round of nationalism has more in common with the break up of the old empires or of the Soviet Union than the 1930s. There’s no desire for lebensraum or to establish new colonies. There’s no militarism. There’s not really even any authoritarianism. Almost every serious player still talks up liberal values, democracy, Judeo-Christian values and the rest.

    There’s very little in the way of new ideologies. It just looks like a break up. Trump represents the break up of the American-led ‘liberal world order’ (AKA American imperialism). The various ‘far right’ parties of the Europe represent the break up of the EU (and not much else).

    Meanwhile, East Asia is being pushed together into a bloc, which is surely better for them in the long-term than America’s reckless, reality-denying meddling.

    Domestically, there will be winners and losers, but it doesn’t look like we’re heading for global apocalypse just yet.

    Anyone have any idea of how this will all go horribly wrong?


    Anon Reply:

    >Anyone have any idea of how this will all go horribly wrong?

    Apart from Islam, as said below, one of the tech trends mirroring counter-globalization is localized production. So any sort of transnational elite crackdown on localizing tech, e.g. severe restrictions on 3D printing, could be something that has a negative influence on nationalists, localists, and counter-globalists.

    Also, the combination of left influence in academia (especially identity politics, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this yet) and increasing innovation in biology. The worries about CRISPR as bioweapons from Islamic terrorists is less a problem, than smart apocalyptic progressive nutjobs with actual skills. See Eliezer Yudkowsky’s recent comment about CRISPR and people who voted for Trump. Bet you there are thousands of people out there with real skills in biochem, genetics, and molecular bio that are just hankering for the next 40 years so they can get their vengeance.

    Lots of people forget this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_anthrax_attacks

    Only thing that scientist got wrong was the payload (the mail system).


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  • darkreformation101 Says:

    Anyone have any idea of how this will all go horribly wrong?



    scientism Reply:

    What’s the scenario? Seems like post-EU break-up Europe will be better positioned to stop terrorism.


    Anon Reply:

    Not sure what darkreformation has in mind, but here is my scenario.

    The historical trend for the last 50 years is that Islamic extremists have been used as a wild unchained dog of the West and globalists to achieve their policy objectives. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safari_Club

    And: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Game

    Combine this with near-unlimited Gulf State warchests to fund wars, elites who either fawn over Muslims or are bought off with petro-money, mass immigration and demographics, a hardened core cadre of foreign muslim vet fighters from the last 15 years, and the enemy of our nuanced elites (people like us, or close to us in the conceptual space), then you get a serious problem on the horizon.

    Globalist ambitions are threatened by exit and breakup. Those same globalists have used the very tool/means in the past that is currently being amplified with flows of people, propaganda, money, trained individuals, etc. Such a scenario could generate a civil war or insurgency on European soil (per John Robb), which would then give the EU progs what they want (political control) under the guise of the usual reason the state gives: protection.

    This is in isolation as well. The first country to have any sort of civil uprising in it, will have every pissed off actor on the planet hankering to get pay back against the West. So you would probably see funding on all sides. And a failure to achieve peaceable breakup.


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  • darkreformation101 Says:


    Good links, in particular the first.

    The following, if true, is what I had in mind:


    Just saw this today.

    What is happening now, post-election is that the Dems are coming out in support of Muslims and Islam. This will be an issue that will grow.

    The problem, nicely demonstrated in the Orlando massacre, is that these Dalits will not be controlled and they will play their own game.

    It comes down to “us or them”. If the Brahmins side with these Dalits (which they will) then it comes clear. All it takes is a man of talent to whip the broad masses of the people using all the arts of demagoguery against the Brahmins and their pets. But, crucially, it will require the backing of the men with guns, and some, or a substantial portion of the money men. Furthermore, I think it will require foreign support. For Europeans it would require Russia or a Right-wing America. A real trick, however, would be to turn these Dalits against the Brahmins by cutting a deal. That requires, however, a real understanding of their psychology and metaphysics.

    This is the broad outline of the future. However, the Brahmins are on the move. The attempt to create an EU army is a threat to any populist force.

    For example, in Bejing 1989, a commander refused to shoot. Outsiders had to be drafted in to fire on the mob. In Europe, if there was a French revolt, no doubt German, Spanish and Swedish soldiers (heavily salted with Africans and Muslims) would be drafted in to fire.

    Damn the Brahmins, all they had to do was manage the country, lose the odd election and carry on. Their failed policies require them to double down, then double down more.

    Scientism, no offence, seems to think everything will be ok. I don’t. This will get worse, much worse. And with little chance of it getting better.

    It would take someone with Moldbug’s understanding, the riches of Caesar, the strategic cunning of Napoleon, and the demonic demagogic talents of Hitler, and the forbearance of a Buddha to solve this problem. In short, a King.


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