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My belief about diversity and tolerance is that it is shaped like a Laffer Curve, so that as a homogenous society sees more newcomers it becomes progressively more tolerant until a point is reached at which this process goes into reverse, partly because there are just too many political and social incentives for division. Britain probably went past that optimum around the millennium, and France is therefore even further ahead.

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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    Are there any words for “love of separation”? Dichophilia sounds too sexual. Chorismophilia is not as readily evocative but means exactly what I want to capture.


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:



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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    „Booz Allen relies on our greatest asset and differentiator—our people.”


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    My belief about diversity and tolerance is that it is shaped like a Laffer Curve, so that as a homogenous society

    or more simply, a frown

    I think it’s more like a ramp-function where there is indifference for awhile and then gradual antipathy as the numbers of foreigners keeps growing


    collen ryan Reply:

    “My belief about diversity and tolerance is that it is shaped like a Laffer Curve, so that as a homogenous society sees more newcomers it becomes progressively more tolerant until a point is reached at which this process goes into reverse, partly because there are just too many political and social incentives for division”

    sound a bit like that bit about affirmative action goes from impossible to abolish because the affirmed are to weak to impossible to abolish because they are too strong

    it also econ 101 diversity is less valued as you get more of it, but ironically its cost increases exponentially


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  • collen ryan Says:

    The young in all nations are more conservative and anti multiculturalist than their elders until you get back up to the boomers. Its obvious why they see their future, and they have more contact with the niggers because there are more niggers the younger the generation and less socially protected from niggers.Generation Identitaire obviously also has less emotional investment in the 60s zeitgeist its not their dream or as we said their bag.
    But of course their is a diminishing return I didnt call people niggers 10 years ago I was a nigger lover 30 years ago and wanted to join the panthers 40 years ago and today if i could push a button and wipe them all off the face of the earth i wouldn’t even think twice.And to be clear while the aftican nigger is clearly the least humanlike it also excuses his behavior to a degree, when i say nigger though I mean all non whites. I was as much a multiculturalist as anyone when it was first proposed as most all reasonable people were of course in the us we were daling with a historical legacy and no one understood what was happening with immigration until about 10 years ago. So we all bent over backwards to make this work and got fucked in the ass and now im done its crystal clear the races are competing species for limited resources and we are clearly ordained to own the universe. So dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way to extinction


    collen ryan Reply:

    “In polls they express low levels of pride in their country and an unwillingness to fight in any theoretical war.” uh huh but dont worry neckbeards moldbug says youre actually brilliant to take this position and you get the snowflake moldbug decoder ring to prove youre an edgelord just for participating see isnt that better than johnny got hs gun


    Wagner Reply:

    Mike, probably best for now to leave it unexamined/calcified because we need all the allies we can get at this juncture but “white” is itself multicultural and eventually I’d imagine we’d begin sawing off the diseased, or non-ideally eugenic, limbs. The Greeks and Italians for instance had their golden ages, provided invaluable cultural contributions, but were seemingly left in the dust by the Northerners; Slavs and Russians haven’t really done much, but most would count them as white; morbidly obese American trash also typify “white” but if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her to breed with any of them ideally (that hypothetical’s what it always comes down to for me). So what is white? Are all Euros white?


    collen ryan Reply:

    My theory is at different times dit branches of euro man has excelled and discounting say eastern europeans would be a mistake for instance they seem to at least of a sense of self preservation. As I have written a lot about the minutuia of this theme Ill leave it there.

    Certainly we have our dregs but again as I have already written more extensively i think multiculturalism is one of the largest impediments to eleiminating and or edifying our dregs. I also think our dregs are way more dysfunctional than they ought to be and that is elites failure.

    I would agree I also have a northern european son in law rule which has held for thousands of years in my family, however we seem to ocilate between germanic and celts {hallstatt?} judging by my dna. However That rule is more to do with I love my micro cultures and my wish to do my bit to preserve them, I hope those who are even more particularly a certain nationality would preserve their frenchness basqueness etc,I am not convinced my mostly hajinal side is the pinnacle of white dna.

    One reason which addresses you implied criticism is the anglosphere america australia new zealand canada etc all do fairly well and are white mutts and frankly celtic weighted.I think besides the inescapable fact they are a huge portion of the white world and Im certainly not abandoning them they work as well as any hajinal culture has worked.I take comfort in this because I think whites must stick together from now on, and those nations disprove the notion that whites must kill each other. As an american i easilly get french nationalism dutch nationalism it doesnt threaten me. One of my earliest criticism of multiculturalism decades ago was it teaches cultural nihilism while ethnic culturalism taught an appreciation of culture that transferred to appreciating other cultures as well. I think it is not too soon to simply look at it like this americans are an ethnicity as are australians, no ethnicity has always been that ethnicity the french are gaulish theres all sorts of clusters of euro countries that have similar strains thats fine. when inclined we can go deeper and discuss the seeds of albion or the austraian colonial history, but in general we know an austrailian when we hear one even see one sometimes.

    I am pretty wn sounding here thats more to make a point than how i actually think we should proceed, yes ultimately white only nations with only a few percent guests but in the near term make it about red/blue generally to avoid triggering, use a civil war or massive civil unrest to get the NAMs to mostly self deport, at that point we have the leeway to get more serious and explicit.


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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:


    » I have now given enough indications, I think, of the way in
    which these analyses have been carried out and of the observa-
    tions that I have made in the course of them. What I have said
    may perhaps make some things seem more complicated than
    they are. Many problems answer themselves when we find our-
    selves engaged in such work. I did not enumerate the difficulties
    of the work in order to create an impression that, in view of
    the demands a cathartic analysis makes on physician and
    patient alike, it is only worth while undertaking one in the
    rarest cases. I allow my medical activities to be governed by
    the contrary assumption, though I cannot, it is true, lay down
    the most definite indications for the application of the thera-
    peutic method described in these pages without entering into
    an examination of the more important and comprehensive
    topic of the treatment of the neuroses in general. I have often
    in my own mind compared cathartic psychotherapy with
    surgical intervention. I have described my treatments as
    psychotherapeutic operations; and I have brought out their
    analogy with the opening up of a cavity filled with pus, the
    scraping out of a carious region, etc. An analogy of this kind
    finds its justification not so much in the removal of what is
    pathological as in the establishment of conditions that are more
    likely to lead the course of the process in the direction of

    When I have promised my patients help or improvement by
    means of a cathartic treatment I have often been faced by this
    objection: ‘Why, you tell me yourself that my illness is probably
    connected with my circumstances and the events of my life.
    You cannot alter these in any way. How do you propose to
    help me, then?’ And I have been able to make this reply: c No
    doubt fate would find it easier than I do to relieve you of your
    illness. But you will be able to convince yourself that much will
    be gained if we succeed in transforming your hysterical misery
    into common unhappiness. With a mental life l that has been
    restored to health you will be better armed against that un-
    happiness.’ »


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