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David French at NRO (wait, it’s good):

Our national political polarization is by now so well established that the only real debate is over the nature of our cultural, political, and religious conflict. Are we in the midst of a more or less conventional culture war? Are we, as Dennis Prager and others argue, fighting a kind of “cold” civil war? Or are we facing something else entirely? […] I’d argue that we face “something else,” and that something else is more akin to the beginning stages of a national divorce than it is to a civil war.

Also this:

The Internet brings all of human knowledge to our smartphones, but rather than using it as a tool for outreach and understanding, we’re using it to find and live with people just like us. In other words, we’re sorting.


A civil war results when the desire for unification and domination overrides the desire for separation and self-determination. …] … I don’t believe a civil-war mentality will save America. There are simply too many differences and too many profound disagreements for one side or the other to exercise true political dominance. Red won’t beat blue in the same way that blue beat gray. Adopt the civil-war mentality and you’ll only hasten a potential divorce.

We’re getting there.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Did blue beat grey, or just militarily defeat them? The Civil War remains the primary fracture in American society, just as WWI/II remains unresolved, but Leftists are in denial of this.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Good point.


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  • Smg Says:

    Blue (French is Blue) wants a truce now that Red is finally woke. I’d like to let Blue leave peacefully but not before taking a chunk or two out of them – minimally, helicopter rides for media.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    French is a sworn Officer and the Oath does not expire.
    Also they can leave peacefully but with not a piece of Continental US.
    I’m reasonable, they can have Hawaii and Puerto Rico, DR.
    But not an inch of North America. They’d park hundreds of millions from the 3d world there and let them into our territory. Blue doesn’t make peace, just takes gains at table.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    They’d park hundreds of millions from the 3d world there and let them into our territory.

    Virtualization just hit a new projected plateau.


    John Hannon Reply:

    “helicopter rides for media”

    Any room on those copters for some British media? Be good to see the likes of Owen Jones, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, the Channel 4 News team, and all those lefty establishment Radio 4 comedians taking a one-way flight today.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Do your own Divorces.

    And this won’t work. One sides need to dominate the very souls and every aspect of life drives their insaitiable frenzy for power. Sadly this is complimented by the Right Wing Intellectuals craven need for peace at any price. That doesn’t mean peace. We fled the cities and now we have sancutary city invasion beachheads. We have the displaced native vibrants in the suburbs. Sancutary NATIONS are not the answer. Of course if we divorce we’d have 400 million niggers in north America as fast as ships and planes could bring them. This is the new plan. The long term goal of genocide and conquest remains.

    Not to mention that this compromises our most important legacy of matchless geography.

    Admin I often think you mean harm to the United States for its own sake.
    Your not making the omelett just throwing the eggs.

    As for French I’m going to that page to ask if his oath has expired.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I think French already adopted his quota of the 400 million niggers, so yeah his oaths expired.
    Asd for admin and most of the “alt right” I really dont see the alt its all the same NRO denialism cuckism. There is no more an exit ,than amerindians make natural conservatives. There is death or war. But its worth noting Admin and French are on the same page,And what can you expect from miscegenators. I say this with no great ranchor also being of their generation i could easily have ended up in their dilemma, their were fences we tore them down we were idiots and though i began to realize the economic realities by my late teens it took decades and decades to start using the word nigger unapologetically i dont hate niggers for being niggers but it says something about the utter contempt for entire bullshit story these commies have been selling for 200 years


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  • Orthodox Says:

    There will be civil war unless Blue allows Red to have military bases. Think about Hawaii, it would probably go independent or fall into China’s orbit if the Blue States are responsible for policing the Pacific.


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  • s Says:



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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    I played enough Dungeons and Dragons when I was in college to have developed some expectations about how people behave when they’re engrossed in heroic fantasy role-playing games. The question is basically, “What are the odds that the player characters (Blue) are going to let their orc opponents (Red) leave the field of battle without massive bloodshed?” This outcome seems very unlikely to me.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ▬» Spiritual Combat for the Masses. Paula White in The Power of Thoughts teaches the power of thought and dominion. Before dismissing it, consider who it motivated. It is the opposite of resentment and victimhood for the masses. »


    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    They need to hurry up and kill us orcs to win the game!


    Thales Reply:

    Oh, c’mon! Only shitlord grognards play D&D. Snowflakes play indie narrative and drama games where everyone’s a winner.


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  • Juri Says:

    We use the words we know, and find/select the results we expect, when googling. Anything else would be next to impossible. So that and big data does a fair deal of the sorting for us, since we can’t sift through all the information alone. It’s built into the technology of the Web. It’s the hidden ground. And not until the figure, the projected content of the user, coincides with this, will there be any “rest.”


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    We’re getting there…is the best I could say about the article as well.

    Here’s the problem with the piece:

    “No, absent a presently unforeseen unifying ideology, event, or person, the idea that will save America is one of the oldest ideas of the Republic: federalism. So long as we protect the ‘privileges and immunities’ of American citizenship, including all of the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights, let California be California and Texas be Texas. De-escalate national politics. Ideas that work in Massachusetts shouldn’t be crammed down the throats of culturally different Tennesseans.”

    To reference the (second) Jacobite article, which I quite enjoyed, the problem, it seems to me, with Protestantism is that it ceased to be Protestant when it gave up on the practice of exit. Perhaps William Lloyd Garrison decided when Protestantism became Crypto-Calvinism (for history). You can only be Protestant if you protest to be more, not less, Protestant. Luther understood the problem. Here I stand; I can do no other. Oh, wait. You want to go full commie? Dear Princes of Germany, slaughter the traitors and heathens!

    Calexit is cool. But secession is evil. Sanctuary cities should defy Trump. But States’ Rights is evil. Stalin has not done enough! We need a million more Stalins.

    Federalism, in the sense which the author intends as I take it, died with Lincoln’s invasion. Here’s the modern Protestant’s (Crypto-Calvinist) response to individual conscience, private property, liberty and exit:

    Bake. The. Cake.

    In the end, French kneels in a pathetic attempt to appease the Left:

    “If we seek to preserve our union, we’re left with a choice — try to dominate or learn to tolerate? The effort to dominate is futile, and it will leave us with a permanently embittered population that grows increasingly punitive with each transition of presidential power.”

    Secular Protestant toleration of transexuals equals double-plus good, but alternative ideas or lifestyles to the Crypto-Calvinist plan for universal progress and equality, health and safety, the inevitable force of its narrative?

    Good luck with that, French.

    But I do agree that it’s (somewhat strange) good news that the patchwork meme has now cracked NRO’s wall of dogma, spray-painted with bright Progressive pink colors: America, the Shining City upon a Hill.

    How do you incentivize Crypto-Calvinists to support Exit for real heathens and witches, not just for other Cathedral Loyalists who choose Exit as a way to virtue signal?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Protestantism is that it ceased to be Protestant when it gave up on the practice of exit.

    Brilliant point. Perhaps it gave up on Christianity and became its ultimate form: deritualised, empty, protest (i.e. no Exit).

    Christianity as Yeshua taught it was Exit.

    In the end, French kneels in a pathetic attempt to appease the Left:

    “If we seek to preserve our union, we’re left

    He said it. ▬» If we seek to preserve “our” “union” we are Left. »


    collen ryan Reply:

    you dont they have been hunting down and imprisoning heathens since the 1600s, protestants in america are like jews in israel they even call t that. they were fine subverting civilization the world over but here at new jerusalem they are about creating heaven on earth


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Whatever profundity is found in Christian philosophy is due primarily to this infusion of pagan ideas. Conversely, the shallowness of Christianity is the direct result of the clumsy efforts made to improve upon the ancient doctrines.
    On the other hand, his opinion on Islam is quite the opposite; it improved on paganism.

    In his cavern on Mount Hira, Mohammed prayed not for new truths, but for old truths to be restated in their original purity and simplicity in order that men might understand again the primitive religions: God’s clear revelation to the first patriarchs. … The Prophet was but the reformer of a decadent pagandom, the smasher of idols, the purifier of defiled Mysteries.



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Islam is overly sentimental compared to the ascesis of Heathen Rome.


    Malcer Reply:

    Islam has too many Niggers and Achmeds into it to be respectable.


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  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    Rothsteinberg here.

    My friend Arthur Sackler has joined us on our World Cruise for the Good of All Humanity.

    Some are praising the Sackler family as the “new Sassoons”, and with good reason.

    If you don’t understand how the Sassoons improved China, then you don’t understand the first thing about how the modern world really works.

    The Sassoons arranged for large amounts of opium to be imported into China, the result being that even “Queen Victoria got a cut, and in exchange she gave them Hong Kong as a place from which they could conduct their world drug, er, I mean they were able to use Hong Kong as a base of operations.

    From here, the British military would protect the unbridled flow of opium

    Everything the Sackler family is doing today vis-a-vis their Big Pharma opiates was first alpha-tested in China 200 years ago.

    My friend Arthur Sackler is “the father of modern pharmaceutical advertising” and he inspired the ambitious OxyContin marketing strategy

    Sackler secured the license for the tranquilizer Valium and turned it into “the world’s first $100 million drug” (and later the first billion-dollar drug).

    The Sacklers then devised a brilliant strategy of promoting “pain management” by creating front groups that furthered Sackler interests, then by providing incentives for doctors to use their drug, and by defaming doctors who resisted the use of OxyContin, ultimately threatening doctors with the loss of their medical license unless they started prescribing synthetic heroin for minor ailments.

    Suddenly, giving out OxyContin like it’s ice cream became the norm. The few medical practitioners who got in the way were silenced and crushed.

    The expansion of opiate use geared specifically at “surplus” White workers and the middle class was mandated down the private and public chain of medical command

    And so stupid working class goyim were deliberately hooked on this killer drug.

    The Sassoon family got hundreds of millions of Chinese people hooked on opium in the 19th century on behalf of the British Empire’s East India Company.

    And today, thanks to the Sackler family, the exact the same thing is being done to millions of surplus useless American goyim on behalf of Big Pharma.

    To celebrate this, I open a $2.07 million bottle of Goût de Diamants champagne

    What makes Goût de Diamants special is not just the exquisite champagne contained inside, but the exceptionally crafted bottle adorned with an expertly cut Swarovski crystal nestled in a pewter that looks similar to the Superman logo.

    The bottle is a classic work of Alexamder Amosu, and only a few are sold in the world, making it a rare and valuable edition.

    Here’s to you, Arthur Sackler and Family, for a job well done!

    And here’s to you, stupid goyim!

    Keep getting addicted to Oxycontin, AND keep hating white Russkie supremacists, until we tell you it’s okay to stop.


    Xoth Reply:

    Close to Le Mesnil-sur-Ogers so it should be good, though I do have a weakness for Aÿ myself.


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  • Hegemonizing Swarm Says:

    > we’re using it to find and live with people just like us. In other words, we’re sorting.

    We’re sorting, alright.

    What I’m not convinced about is that this sorting also results in movement of people required for any kind of “divorce”.
    The internet has undeniably resulted in clustering into lots of communities, but most of those seem to be fine with (or even prefer) communicating online, maybe with the odd meet-up here and there.

    Also this ignores the widespread political disenfranchisement. Voting Trump as protest vote against the political system, not out of particular loyalty for “red”.
    I think any significant organizational changes based on classical liberal-conservative divide can be relegated to the realm of civil war fantasies.
    (This doesn’t rule out states wanting to split off, or demand less interference from the federal government, or other forms of exit.)


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  • The Z Blog Says:

    I’ll just note that the guy responsible for popularizing the term “Cold Civil War” was John Derbyshire, not Dennis Prager. French know this, but he and the other kept men of the Buckley Mystery Cult are forbidden to utter Derb’s name, nor anyone else outside the hive walls.


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  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    @ Xoth

    I prefer the 2009 SUBLIME Millésime Brut for only 157 euros over the $2 million Goût de Diamants, but don’t tell anyone


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    “When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutions of the law shall have nearly
    ceased, and the close of the Kali Age shall be nigh, a fragment of that divine being who
    exists in his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma. . .shall descend to earth. . .He
    shall then reestablish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those who live at the end
    of the Kali Age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are
    thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of [new] human beings
    and shall give birth to an age that shall follow the laws of the Krita Age, or age of


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Seeded Pepematron http://imgur.com/gallery/2i4Wh


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    national cuck review..isn’t that the author who complained about the alt-right harassing him


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  • Julius Evola Says:

    Ugg, terrible piece. Why I don’t read NRO. French bloviates but he never says what it means, what is going to happen, or what should happen. I never talks about demographics, or demographic trends, or race. When Buckley fired Brimelow, he made that rag perfectly useless.


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  • Outliers (#56) Says:

    […] The “Cold” Civil War (Nick Land, Outside In) […]

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  • george stong Says:

    1. Trump fires Mueller
    2. Trump is impeached, removed from office
    3. Rioting in the streets
    4. President Duterte


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    it took decades and decades to start using the word nigger unapologetically i dont hate niggers for being niggers but it says something about the utter contempt for entire bullshit story these commies have been selling for 200 years

    Well said. I consume a lot of material by African-Americans as well as African-British.

    I still think it’s important to use this word. It hints at the undeniable difference.


    Wagner Reply:

    That from Mike struck me too. We’re all real libertarian oriented. We are saying, “You don’t tell us what the truth is, we will decide that for ourselves.” Classic sublimation of protestantism. But it’s arbitrary to freeze the genealogy there: it goes back to Zeus slaying his own father and the Jews slaying paganism. Amor fati is the only way out of the parricidal cycle.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Only Negro I would have a baby with is Rihanna.


    “I live where the sky ends”


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