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The Audacious Epigone on American disunity:

This nation no longer makes sense. Inertia, economic convenience, and a large enough tax base to run a global empire are the only things holding this carcass of a country together. […] How the political dissolution will occur is anyone’s guess — probably along currently existing state boundaries, though that needn’t necessarily be the case. What seems clear, though, is that it’s time — past time — for secession.

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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Make America Great Britain Again” Teleo Aeon


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  • AMK Says:

    All these people seem to think you need common values to run a country, but common values aren’t even mathematically possible.


    The formula given is [Nx(N-1)]/2 where N is the number of people in the group. This bounds common values at an upper limit of no more than 400 people, assuming they debate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 277 days straight, with no person speaking for more or less than 5 minutes. Above a certain limit, the ability to establish values breaks down, and a central authority is required to establish a common value system/legal code. Even if you do it more efficiently by having them take turns speaking publicly it is still N x T (number of people x time to speak for each), which for 500 people who each speak for 5 minutes is still 42 hours of taking.

    And they have to decide that value code on each and every point of law.

    The obvious solution is a market for values or a patchwork, but human monkey brains are evolutionarily habituated to thinking in terms of “we,” when we is not possible in large societies.

    “We is mathematically impossible,” should probably be the first lesson taught in high school.


    Issac Reply:

    AMK, you seem to be glossing over orders of magnitude in difference and the proclivities of each group for inter-group cooperation among individuals. AE’s point is that no central authority can unite mestizo catholics, arab muslims, anglo atheists, orthodox jews, west african diasporatics, etc. etc. The context in which that central authority held control over these many groups was one in which a totally deferential majority of quasi-christian europeans deferred to the “rights,” of all minorities. This is an impossible situation when that majority ceases to exist, which is an inevitable function of the near future.

    A patchwork might emerge from this, but not on anything libertarians would recognize as market values, since those are anglo protestant values and anglo protestants are becoming a tiny and hated minority despite their inertial grasp on power along with liberal jews. Mathematically impossible is what I’d say about peaceful dissociation. The future is almost certainly a bloodbath from which most post-christian western values will not emerge unscathed.


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  • vxcc2014 Says:

    That’s nice.
    Now any competent government on the land mass we call at present North America will do what the geography mandates: Take Atlantic to Pacific. Just as we did.

    I said competent.

    I didn’t say White you notice. Nothing mandates it has to be white.
    I can hazard it won’t be Black.

    As what’s between the Atlantic and Pacific are the richest lands on earth in every category of resource including arable land it’s quite worth taking, but it’s the geography that determines destiny.
    Not your precious and transient data. Atlantic to Pacific. That’s destiny, and its manifest.

    Competent government is who’s going to win.
    Not statisticians, or cowards.
    They want to weasel out of fighting and think it clever.
    Actually the wars of American Reunificatoin would make China glueing itself back together look tame by comparision. So there’s no avoiding a fight in America.
    I’ve told him this but he’s convinced I’m sure “the data doesn’t lie.”.

    Of course by the measures above you know what else doesn’t make sense?
    China. And it never did. Doesn’ now.
    Go sell that to the Chinese, see you in the glue factory.

    Neither does France – see the Discovery of France. France a most improbable nation.
    Then again so was Rome.

    Then again so are most marriages, familiy reunions…I can go on.
    All human things are transient and improbable, fragile.
    But geography endures.


    Christian Talour (@ChristianTalour) Reply:

    I don’t see the North American state as destined to be Atlantic to Pacific. The geography in the West suggests a state on one side of the Rockies and another on the east. Resources and current economic data suggest at least two states are entirely possible.

    Also, I can’t see how a “competent” government could form from non-whites. There’s no other demographic capable of retaking and reforming a united North America.

    I agree that modern China is not necessarily “probable,” but the Han heartland is highly probably considering the history of the Chinese state (and ethnic/linguistic unity). Tibet and Xingjan are not probable parts of it, but they are not the population center, and they are imperial acquisitions.


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  • vxcc2014 Says:

    PS I’m now vetssc17 @twitter

    it took 3 years and 65K tweets but they suspended me lol
    and I didn’t bother appealing
    aint’ bending no knee


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  • Garr Says:

    Audacious Epigone compares Red vs. Blue to husband vs. wife and says that since husband and wife will split Red and Blue should and will … but I thought that divorce is Bad, and that wife should accept subordinate status?


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Arther Lexington wanted to be in the secret club. He was in the secret club. Where else can you meet actual demons, in flesh, at 7 PM Fridays?

    The problem, for Arther, was the demons were so disturbingly human. Horns springing from nowhere on command, definitely. But they also met for golf every second Sunday. Pruflas’ handicap was 23. They drank beer and talked about football. Everyone in the club was welcome.

    Yes, they could summon the consuming blackness to sear the souls of the virtuous. They used this to light cigarettes and win bar bets. “Bet you can’t chug this Thai Bomber.” “Bet I can.” A little unexpected extra heat, and…

    There was nether world gossip from thousands of years ago, sure. And it was exactly the kind of “Did you hear what Dantalion said when Cerberus piddled on his rug,” thing you find in aboveground gossip.

    Winning a round of poker off Valefar really takes the wind out of one’s mystique.

    Arther had made the mistake of asking about the Black Plague. Surely, one of the most significant events in history, a mass disaster called an Act of God, which ironically resulted in immense wealth, would reveal some occult secrets of the universe? Apparently, Hell was bureaucracy. The Department of Arrivals had developed backlogs. There were appeals and calls for reform. One wit suggested that maybe waiting in line was also a suitable punishment for damned souls. Gripping stuff.

    Arther wasn’t sure what exactly he expected. Or perhaps, that was exactly it – he expected the unexpected. There should be something otherworldly about the next world, shouldn’t there?

    He had vaguely heard about a club with angels instead. They preferred cricket, and drank in drawing rooms instead of pubs.

    Every culture had legends of benevolent and malevolent spirits. And thus it had come to pass that the truth of these legends was substantiated, at least for the select few in these secret clubs.

    Arther Lexington knew of other legends. Legends of a fey otherworld. A land which defied description. A land merely whispered at in poetic forms. Poems which eons of mankind had found evocative. Arther’s secret club was obviously not secret enough.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Well, I’ll be darned.

    np: C:\Users\Admin\Music\2001] The Other People Place – Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café [raftónlist]\01. Eye Contact.mp3


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  • John B Says:

    On the UK brexit controversies: the endless coverage of the difficult negociations might serve a purpose; that of preparing the ground for a non-brexit brexit. “Yes, we still have to pay into the EU and accept their rules, but really it’s the best deal we could possibly get!”. I think that’s the most likely outcome.


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  • ReluctantReactionary Says:

    Talk of secession is a bit premature. The US dollar and the Euro are both still hanging in there thanks to ZIRP, and possibly even negative rates. When we reach the point where it takes an infinite amount of new government debt to produce an infinitesimal amount of GDP growth it is game over. We’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop since 2007.


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  • dmf Says:

    people and the money already clustering in and around a few mega coastal city-zones soon leading to a situation where nearly 70% of population will have 30% senators and such, this kind of tension can’t be contained for very long…


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  • Wagner Says:

    I just realized what it is about Land and China. It’s hyperstition. The act of his atomization from the West fans the fire for a similar movement. It’s an act that promotes a give-up mentality. Does Land hold Intelligence as the one true God? If he did why would he align himself as the arch-propagandist for a people that’s invented essentially zilch compared to those of Euro stock? Or am I equivocating on Land’s definition of intelligence which seems to amount to “breeds like rabbits”?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Apparently, Big W, the Inuit have fifty words for snow. They could well regard Europeans as having “invented essentially zilch”, in comparison to themselves. ‘Zilch’, hides everything one is ignorant of; everything, outside of one’s channels of positivist preoccupation and emphasis.

    The USA has a foundation of European-rejected extremities; Puritan and penal.
    This background – Neoreaction and the All-Trite would call it ‘genetic’ – of religious and penal rejects, could well explain U.S. Americans extremist obsession with justification, whether in moral or other forms. It also explains the casuistical cast of its litigious propensities, with the sphere of reflexive legislation being exploited by ‘patent trolls’, for example. This boosts the market for nostalgic moral imagery, harking back to idealised simplicities, after the trials and tribulations of such ongoing exploitations.
    Positivist approaches, done in exclusivist ways, usually lead to conditional reflexivity, which exclusivist habit is inequipped to deal with, being constrained by the inadequacy of its own stock of overstretched assumptions; all of which, usually results in a background of barely controlled and channelised, mass hysteria, which of course is an ongoing market of profitable anxieties to be assuaged.
    When those channels of positivist assumption are habitual horizons of theoretical fixation, a particular kind of fundamentalism obtains, throughout all positions and contradictions on the surface which it governs. That positivist surface, is, the USA. If one wishes to understand it’s conditions, one has to transcend the fundamentalism of that surface. In fact, one has to transcend the entire Occident.”



    Wagner Reply:

    I’ve been studying Tantra lately. Good stuff. Maybe your Mother can come over to give me private lessons.

    I can give credit where credit’s due, Art – can you?

    You’re on the Internet now, right? Those cunning whites must have stolen the plans for it directly from the Rig Veda.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    With the development of the telegraph and telephone systems; and the Internet, too; homo sapiens at last achieve technocultural parity with the bacterium order!” (FB comment, 20th of September, 2017)



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  • Wagner Says:

    Michael / Collen Ryan / Viking was right that Land failed, and continues to fail in this present moment, to explicate what follows from his own premises. Many can’t get over their “grammar-Nazism” to appreciate what Michael was saying. He rehashed his “I didn’t gradumucate from high school” shtick for reasons of ironic dissimulation (the mindfuck of modesty) but I think with the way he wrote he was actually fulfilling the premises of the internet generation’s will-to-direct-speech. You don’t need proper spelling and punctuation and all that to communicate properly – is there proper spelling and punctuation in lived, face to face speaking? Mike is the embodiment of a new mimesis of “chatting” imo. Ahhh! But your ball-slicing English teacher told you to use capitals, even though one can infer that such and such is “capitalized” from the context, what a mortal sin. Better be a grammar-Nazi than a Neo-Nazi! Collen Ryan that illiterate redneck that can’t even spell “spell”. Best to just write him off and wipe our hands of it rather than peer with squinted eyes at what he was actually saying.


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