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Everywhere signs of a Great Ending:

Gramsci marched right through the institutions and clear off the cliff on the other side with the buildings tumbling after him. The established secular church of the Western left has fallen; it is now just another religion, like Christianity, Buddhism or Islam. Its special status as the high priesthood of the quasi-scientific Future is gone.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    Investigation report of molecular level

    Dear Sirs

    our recent investigation with use of X-ray fluorescence (XRD XRF) of aluminium, silver, and gold ingots standards did not confirm that Great Ending is coming. All findings are the same. It was hard to accept, so we recalibrated our Skyray XRD XRF EXPLORER 7000 which was used in this investigation, and have to confirm that our finding is consistent and the same.

    your till the Great End

    note for conspiracy theoretics: it is not Science fiction, as I actually conducted these tests


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Didn’t the miners of Moria perform these tests as well?


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  • Garr Says:

    Why is Jim’s site frozen?
    Where’s Viking?


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    The internet has just been serving as your mirror, that’s all, showing the oppressor what the exploited have always known, but which you all continue to deny. There is a logic at work; it’s very simple, not at all surprising; but utterly obscure to those who live according to denial.
    Christianity and Islam are Occidental religious regimes whose histories of expansionist violence cannot seriously be compared to the development of Buddhism. Such conflation, as well as aggressive categorisation as ‘religion’ (religio), are characteristic gestures of Occidental denial.


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  • dmf Says:



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  • dmf Says:



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  • Bruce Arney Says:

    “What is manifest is the gods have fallen, leaving many institutions rudderless.” What is left is the old Hollywood wizard standing behind the curtain, minus his golden threads, but we can order fast food, fast sex on line, while videotaping both activities, so all is well with the world, n ‘pas?


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Caverns caverns everywhere, nor any sky to see.

    …I can’t quite get over anxiety about cave-ins, although the locals assure me such things happen only in legends. The vaults are titanic, and do not appear to have nearly enough support to hold up the series of vaults found above. Not to mention the digging of wells is strictly regulated to avoid fatal accidents involving falling into the lower galleries. Indeed wells are rarely used in favour of the numerous small streams. Which much wear away at the dark rock.

    The cave is lit by some sort of brilliant bioluminescent lichen with no visible food source which could possibly support such energy expenditure. The lichen appears to smolder like an ember in a breeze. Most is the usual blue or turquoise I’m familiar with. Upscale homes are built near patches of more exotic hues, first orange, then violet. High class horticulturalists seem able to produce ambient white light by carefully controlling the ratios. However, most of the roof is simply left alone on account of being too high to bother.

    Passes between higher and lower vaults, much like mountain passes, are found everywhere. At least, everywhere given the sheer scale of the caverns. I’ve travelled two galleries up from the one I first found myself in, a task that took barely more than weeks, and I did not hurry. Some passes are wet, some are dry, and some have flowing basaltic magma. The locals do not appear to have yet invented the steam engine, and I suspect I can make a comfortable living for myself using this magma in due time. However, again I’m rather anxious about where the magma is flowing to. Is it not filling up? Shouldn’t the gallery it is flowing from be approaching one of those collapses of legend?

    The local fauna appears to have many lizards as you might expect, but also plenty of mammalian types. However, few if any appear to be of familiar species. Scales, exothermia, sharp teeth, yes. Not such a fan of four legs, however. The mammals are usually four-limbed, but I confess seeing my first feathered leopard was a disturbing shock. It also has a beak and is coloured more like a peacock.

    Despite being underground, the lichen is so bright there’s an abundance of plants. Few are green, which would reflect most of the lichen’s light. Some sort of hypertrophied hanging moss seems to predominate, appearing almost like reverse seaweed. It is a medium brown with a golden-yellow sheen. Edible, but tasteless and not the easiest chew. A separate, rarer species is thick enough delight Tarzan. There are what appear to be palm trees with filamentous leaves of a dull orange. Greener greenery as I’m familiar with is found in the violet galleries, where they normally appear black. Although their alien forms belie the similarity. We start with some sort of thick woody ground-crawling vine, sprouting leafy rosettes, and it only gets stranger from there.

    As you might expect in a cave, the ground is not flat. There’s a suggestion of an overall tube or ball shape, and the second gallery was largely reminiscent of a mountain river valley, most of the rock is twisted into all sorts of whorls. The vast size of the galleries is magnified by the necessity of zig-zagging up grades to keep the effective slope below forty-five degrees. The towns are often built on terraces overlooking other parts of the town, and sometimes several layers of such. As the ground largely curves up instead of down, it’s easy to visually survey many such outposts. Where the gallery folds in on itself and forms caves within caves, even the locals give up on attempting to map it.

    I’m also disturbed by how climate changes between galleries. With the vertical distance I’ve traversed, it should have become intolerably cold, based on the vaguely tropical starting state. It not only remains balmy, but the third gallery is actually warmer than the second. Along with the climate, the wildlife has substantial differences. Some travellers told me that a few galleries up there’s an area dominated by some sort of mole-like creature, a totally different ecology to the reptilian one here.

    The most disturbing part is how we’re able to converse so readily.


    Anonуmous Reply:

    Alrenous, where is that from?


    Alrenous Reply:

    I’m the author.


    Anonуmous Reply:

    Cool. You should give it its own URL and write more.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Thanks. It’s not impossible.


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  • AMK Says:

    Ending? Wishful thinking maybe? No, its just beginning.


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  • Jefferson Says:

    Sandboxing is a nice alternative to “exit in place.”


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  • Kevin C. Says:

    “The established secular church of the Western left has fallen; it is now just another religion, like Christianity, Buddhism or Islam.”

    Except that Christianity and Buddhism don’t rule over, with increasingly strict orthodoxy, a vast network of indoctrination centers, attendance at which is nigh-mandatory, not only for admission into the upper classes, but increasingly for any sort of employment above menial, and even “middle class” existence. So long as HR departments demand that college degree — no alternatives accepted — and the new orthodoxy of which Haidt complains rules (and goes on expelling the Bret Weinsteins and hiring eight new deans just to police Halloween costumes), then the “established secular church of the Western left” will be more than “just another religion”. Only when a certificate of having attended a Progressive madrasah is worth little more in the job market — especially that for government jobs — than proof of graduation from a Christian seminary or a Buddhist school, then we can speak of said secular church having become “just another religion.”


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  • dmf Says:



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  • Wagner Says:

    It depresses me how utterly useless Land’s brain is at this juncture of history. “Do you want to cause an apocalypse or not?” Land says “I like trannies, frogs should cut their balls off.” If you are a vulgar frog do not comment but if you have a shining dagger to stab into Land’s brain, stab. At this point we can give up on Land entirely, he is a complete sell-out. Do whatever you can do to scorch his very soul with hellfire.


    Wagner Reply:

    Definitely not something someone who is bloodthirsty would say.

    Logging in to say that I like to make concessions to Artxell halfwhy because I like to rub it in his face that he never makes concessions to me. I look back and can think of nothing. Oh well, that’s Machiavellian I suppose but shows weakness.

    The Hindus are right that the sim-managers are blue with lots of arms.

    As above so below, they’re as corrupt as mankind. Their problem is a gambling addiction. They like to make bets on what a meatpuppet is going to do with his splinter of sim-manager-freewill, that’s literally all they do, eat junk food, make bets about our lives and try to get rich off it.

    The biggest lie is that there in another plane somewhere; no, they’re hiding in cored-out snow-capped mountains in the East that are barred from being climbed.

    The blue god base is located in the hollow peak of this. We must climb and infiltrate:


    Oh. You motherfuckers thought I wouldn’t come after you too????

    So here’s the plan. The villagers may chase us with weapons so my suggestion would be that we don’t go down the way we came up, travel down the other side of the mountain in a diagonal route. People think I’m joking about this. I’m not joking, this is the telos of the will to power. We sneak in through the vents and silenced-pistol kill a blue pajeet taking a shit, drop down into the toilet stall and go from there. Got it?

    Read Kenneth Grant for more on this. I was telling my cousin (who I love and who gave me lots of good books as a kid) that I was interested in the witch burnings that took place in our area (New England) and that I was reading someone who thought Lovecraft was nonfiction and she looked at me like “well he’s finally lost his marbles, I saw that coming (and it’s partially my fault AHHHH)” – but yaeh nobody reads Grant why? Some poz but that Joshi defective can’t hold a black candle to him. This is a hyperstition that being schizo I raise my eyebrow and wonder if it actually has to be investigated:

    “[T]he whole attraction of the Yezidi for both Crowley and Grant is the idea that they are devil worshippers. If not for this, they most probably would have been ignored—not only by Crowley and Grant but by a number of nineteenth-century explorers who mention them in travelogues on the Kurdish tribal areas… [T]he Yezidis are easily one of the most discriminated-against clans in the world…

    One of Aleister Crowley’s associates during his sojourn in the United States in 1919 was the noted author and adventurer William Seabrook (1884-1945). Fascinated by the occult and foreign locales, Seabrook had written a number of popular books and magazine articles on his travels in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, and even claimed to have eaten human flesh on at least one occasion… When it comes to the Yezidis, Seabrook claims that these “devil worshippers” maintain a network of seven towers across the Middle East, and Central and East Asia:

    “Stretching across Asia, from North Manchuria, through Tibet, west through Persia, and ending in the Kurdistan, was a chain of seven towers on isolated mountaintops; and in each one of these towers sat continuously a Priest of Satan, who by “broadcasting” occult vibrations controlled the destinies of the world for evil.”

    I have a lot to say about mountains generally so maybe a post in the future on that, I’m really fixated on them actually. One of the admin tech things I’ve always hated about xenosystems is that I can’t post multiple links, cuz when it comes to talking about mountains, pictures are required.


    Wagner Reply:

    Annnnnnd posted at 3:33 unintentionally.

    wutz habbeding



    George W. Bush Reply:

    *the schizos reading this*

    *raising eyebrow*

    Somethings have happened to me with 3:33 on this site too. It’s weird, man….

    There’s a point where 333 is RERERE but Idk man…

    All schizos reading this, I would like to dress up like clowns and play dodgeball with exclusively little rubber ones of the type mentioned by Curtis/Zizek’s doppelganger (Zizek is masked too ya know). Land can be the clown-ref blowing the whistle whenever people don’t

    *Bowden voice*

    HURRLLLL the ball like (name redacted) could.

    It was one of these btw:


    Little bigger than a grapefruit I’d say but I was a kid so maybe I have size-distortion. Suffice it to say it was a weapon of pain. I was talking boisterously with my coworker today about the “dodgeball days” and a funny way he put it when he “started to GO OFF” was … yeah… that’s how you MAKE THEM PAY. I like that. Proles have an intuitive understanding of justice too.


    Wagner Reply:

    Will to power, magick, and hyperstition are indistinguishable in my mind. What are there differences? What is an earlier example that expresses this concept? What is a new and better way to express it?

    This could be a deadly meme.

    Wagner Reply:

    Could one 🤔 perhaps 🤔 SKYDIVE 🤔 onto a mountain peak 🤔

    *007 theme playing*


    Wagner Reply:

    Anudder theory why neech went insane: remember him talking about long legs and stepping from mountain top to mountain top; he fell into the valley between two mountains. He thought he could reach, maybe he did, maybe he slipped on the ice.

    Wagner Reply:


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  • Wagner Says:

    This one gets me at an emotional level for some reason:



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