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A familiar point, stated exceptionally well:

… while the evolution of northwest Europeans to extreme altruism worked great for the last 500 years or so (it allowed for the type of cooperation that more or less created a far better world), it left us very vulnerable to exploitation. We simply have no genetic defense against being called bad names.

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  • bob sykes Says:

    The game theory of evolution shows that an altruistic society is vulnerable to invasion by selfish freeloaders, and that eventually there is an equilibrium between the two.


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  • nyan_sandwich Says:

    muh critical whiteness studies.


    Thales Reply:

    lawl — I’d audit that just to have it on the transcripts…


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  • Izak Says:

    “We simply have no genetic defense against being called bad names.”

    It’s especially true when you consider the whole entire tradition of Indo-European poetics and the extreme degree of importance associated with reputation and renown — undying fame, in their words.

    All that matters to most white people is being an exemplar of the culture’s moral values. “Making it” in the upper-middle class (or cathedral, or whatever) is best understood for each individual as a game of A) correctly parsing the spoken and unspoken social mores of the day, and B) regurgitating said mores as one’s personal convictions. No pragmatic political solutions or labels can ever stand a chance against a self-augmenting scheme where people routinely manufacture imaginary moral crises as a way of building their own reputations. You have to strike at the root — the morals themselves.


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