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Mark Langfan at Arutz Sheva (via):

The reason Obama doesn’t want the truth of the Benghazi-to-Syrian Rebels gun-running operation to come out is that all of a sudden the “al Qaeda attacked Benghazi” narrative doesn’t make any sense.  For, why on earth would al Qaeda attack a gun-running operation to the Syria rebels when the Syria rebels themselves are al Qaeda?  Al Qaeda wouldn’t be attacking their own al Qaeda weapons pipeline.

So, Obama’s real fear is not that he ran guns to al Qaeda, but that if this were know[n], al Qaeda would be removed as the possible suspect in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three Americans.

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  • Neener Says:

    Here is another conspiracy for you Nick.

    There have been several mass prison breakouts in the last few months. Hundreds of al Qaeda members were broken out.


    That’s three different trans-national break outs in Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya.

    Also, 20 000 M16s were “stolen” from a US military warehouse.



    admin Reply:

    Thanks, especially for the last data-point, which arrives as completely new information to me. The story-line that practically writes itself is that al Qaeda is the new Taliban (early ’80s style), being upgraded as a proxy army, this time to fight the Shia bloc — particularly Iran. I wouldn’t want to climb too far out beyond the very cautious, hypothetical mode at this point though. What are you thoughts?


    Neener Reply:

    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. It does seem like a proxy war. But it may be hard to tease out who-is-who given the sorts of deceptive actors involved, i.e. intelligence agencies, special forces, terrorist groups. Then again, CIA protection of al Qaeda does appear to match their modus operandi from years gone by. Consider the way they stonewalled the FBI with respect to the 9/11 hijackers al-Hazmi and al-Mihdar:


    BTW, I found another recent prison breakout in July, this time in Indonesia.


    Quote from page:

    “The most significant of the escapees was Fadli Sadama, a three-time terror convict who a decade ago had links to highly placed operatives in Jemaah Islamiyah, al Qaeda’s main franchise in Southeast Asia, at the height of the organization’s power and influence. Jemaah Islamiyah was behind the 2002 Bali bombings, the deadliest terrorist attack in Indonesia’s history.”

    Coordinated prison breaks all over the planet, that are aimed at releasing members of al Qaeda or al Qaeda affiliates. An organisation that officially is supposed to be up against the ropes. Consider Obama’s words back in May stating al Qaeda being nearly defeated, now all of a sudden they have the capability to co-ordinate transnational prison break outs in a few months. All this while the Syrian government and Hezbollah amp up their campaign in Syria.


    SOBL1 Reply:

    To add another piece to the timeline, did the US have to kill Osama when they did so that all of the post-OBL raid Al-Qaeda aligning could be easier to sell to the US public? It’d be a lot tougher to sell supporting al-Qaeda elements in Libya/Syria is OBL was still around as the figurehead leader. He was iced roughly the same time the US supported the Libyan rebels who had Al-Qaeda supporters, which was hushed up more by the media than they are suppressing info on Al-Qaeda in Syria.


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