Great Games …

… you have planned, shame if something bad were to happen to them.

Tyler Durden (of Zero Hedge) casts some harsh light on the lead up to WWIV recent diplomatic engagement between Saudi Arabia and Russia — countries that seem to be uniquely serious about the outcome of the Islamic civil(izational) war.  Roughly a month ago, these countries had a less than complete meeting of minds on the future of the region. TD quotes Al-Monitor on the conclusion: “At the end of the meeting, the Russian and Saudi sides agreed to continue talks, provided that the current meeting remained under wraps. This was before one of the two sides leaked it via the Russian press.”

Since we know all about this, it means no more talks, an implicit warning that the Chechens operating in proximity to Sochi may just become a loose cannon (with Saudi’s blessing of course), and that about a month ago “there is no escape from the military option, because it is the only currently available choice given that the political settlement ended in stalemate.” Four weeks later, we are on the edge of all out war, which may involve not only the US and Europe, but most certainly Saudi Arabia and Russia which automatically means China as well. Or, as some may call it, the world.

Russian leverage is aligned with inertia, so it can be exercised with some subtlety. The Saudis, on the other hand, are in an awkward spot:  they either back down, or they have to make ‘a splash’. Anyone looking for upcoming trigger events knows where to pay attention.

(For graphic context, try this.)

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  • bob sykes Says:

    So, as in 1914, marginalized lunatics precipitate a crisis and the utterly stupid leaders of major powers lead us into a war that will serve no one’s interests.

    WWI destroyed the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman and Russia empires and mortally wounded the British and French empires. It also unleashed nearly a century of communist terror and bred German, Italian and Japanese fascism. And to top it off, it murdered European civilization, which has produced virtually no art, music or literature of note since 1914.

    If we do get a large regional or even world war, does anyone (besides the idiots who rule us) believe that the American empire and Pax Americana will survive it?


    It seems pretty obvious that Al Qaeda or one of its allies released the poison gas, Assad had no reason to do so.


    Lesser Bull Reply:


    Britain and France would have come out ahead if America weren’t waiting in the wings (the actual British and French people, not so much).

    I don’t see China as an actual successor, so yes, I’d see the Pax Americana coming out even stronger from blowing everything up. Though I don’t actually see that happening just yet.


    Psykonomist Reply:

    The Austro-Hungarian faction would have won if not for the extra weight of America. I wonder how much more pleasant the 20th century might have been.

    China has been paying a much better long game than the west for some time. The question is whether or not they have begun to play their hand too early, but I don’t know if it matters. The primary concern for the US are all those dollars floating around internationally. China has begun to spend their portion, much to the astonishment of “the good ol’ boys” populating Average America.

    Re: “And to top it off, it murdered European civilization, which has produced virtually no art, music or literature of note since 1914.”

    Whatever that means.


    j. ont. Reply:

    No that it really matters, but the comment about “art since 1914” is a little bizarre to me. Post-WWII maybe, but WWI? Are you saying the whole modernism thing wasn’t worthy of note? Because regardless of its aesthetic quality – whatever that means – or what you may think of it, it is undeniably of significant influence. And as far as the people behind it… mostly German, Swiss, Viennese, with the occasional Italian thrown in.


    admin Reply:

    Much to agree with here, but I have to side with j. ont. on the cultural question — decadence can be an extreme aesthetic stimulus.


    admin Reply:

    “It seems pretty obvious that Al Qaeda or one of its allies released the poison gas, Assad had no reason to do so.” — My guideline is the Efficient Propaganda Hypothesis: Under conditions of modern professionalized State organization, all politically relevant information is reduced to noise.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I know of this man. He is Bandar, who as ambassador bought Washington and it’s surrounding envrions, he was also fondly known as “Bandar Bush” by the estimable Bush family. This is a name already known to Americans who remember. Not quite so fondly.

    Frankly on the evening of Sept 11th, instead of sharing a cigar Bush should have shot him personally. Certainly the Marines wouldn’t have objected. But Bush was a coward.

    The Bush’s disgrace will follow them forever, and I served in war under both Presidents.

    As will the disgrace of all the whores he bought, who have stayed bought. This being their idea of Honor.

    Louis Freeh remarked in his memoirs that Bandar set the Best Table in Washington. I do not think Director Freeh meant it kindly. But I am not kindly minded in these matters, I could be wrong.

    I don’t see world war coming from this, although it’s a possibility. You see Putin is a MAN.
    Would that we had one.

    But I wouldn’t mind if it did. And yes I’ll muster. I’m just not feeling kindly still about the entire affair.



    Psykonomist Reply:

    Cowardly or complicit?


    admin Reply:

    @ VXXC
    Grist for your mill.


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