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Neoreaction does America:

If I had to summarize the neoreactionary position on American history in one sentence, I’d go with: American history is the slow process of Massachusetts taking over its region, the nation, and the world.

When we finally complete the catechism, this has to be in there. (It’s still too long for a T-shirt though.)

ADDED: This recent Foseti post also merits a special shout out.

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  • VXXC Says:

    Admin – remember my point about Reactionary Court Party, a splinter of the Court Party
    that sees the Party ending and seeks to save it…and look at Commenter Doug over at Neo-Reaction.

    Darkness is Spreading.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I replied to Foesti commenter Doug [and what does he do pray tell…? It’s obvious]

    “The right-wing of Occupy Wall Street needs to purged out of the reaction-sphere immediately.” Then do it yourself Comrade.

    “If you’re not fully committed to defending the bankers and traders, some of the most manly and robust nobles alive today, against the parasitic bureaucratic sycophants in the welfare state, ” – Doug, these people are identical. Doug, these are the same incarnation. If fact they’re the Super-Parasites who broke the Bank.

    We’re going to have a post-crash finanical sector. Of course we are, but it certainly can’t be the same people. They’ll simply do it again. Really the History of the last 25 years in Finance [and hence government and politics] is the same people doing the same crimes over and over again.

    You’re right we can’t conflate actual business with Finance. However we can’t conflate solvent and non-criminal finance with what’s been happening since Clinton bought Goldman et al into governance. For this is the secret of Clinton’s governance, he privatized and criminalized government in the 90s. Privatizing government created a second and in day to day delivery real government contracted out. This is Governance Farming in terms of the Democratic Party’s actual core product: The Government Check.

    This created a coalition that persists to this day. Their Voters are simply important symbolic ritualistic participants. Government completed it’s journey to becoming pure commerce.

    And that commerce is looting the country, Crime. Neo-Liberal policies having been tested in Latin America successfully [from a business standpoint] were then perfected in America. Tens of Trillions have been taken, Trillions more are being taken each year. This is the core of Clinton’s second pillar of government – criminalizing the State into a Control Fraud directed against America itself.

    If you actually knew anything about how our government has been operating the last 20 years, you’d know it was rife with fraud and corruption from top to bottom. The reason we’re not a 3d world country yet although we’re well on our way there ..is that there’s so much to steal. Indeed there is much ruin in a nation, and there’s never been as much to ruin as there is in America.

    The actual story of Impeachment you know is sane old fashioned Mafia types [make money but don’t burn down the entire society] chasing after Bill Clinton, Agent of Chaos and his Control Fraud INC cronies who wanted to see the world burn and are succeeding .


    admin Reply:

    OK, you dragged me in (over there), if it isn’t already too late.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I find it very encouraging that DEC has Quants however.

    Fear. The City is Rank with it…


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  • nydwracu Says:

    Didn’t Moldbug have a one-liner along the lines of “the history of the last three hundred years is the story of how Massachusetts took over the world”?


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    ‘In Charles Royster’s excellent and only mildly neo-Unionist picture of the Civil War, The Destructive War, he mentions a foreign traveler in 1864 who asked some random American to explain the war. “It’s the conquest of America by Massachusetts,” was the answer. Massachusetts, of course, later went on to conquer first Europe and then the entire planet, the views of whose elites as of 2007 bear a surprisingly coincidental resemblance to those held at Harvard in 1945.’



    admin Reply:

    Thanks, I was lazily hanging on for somebody to do that.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Yah I responded again to Doug. Now I didn’t tell him, but they’re quite understood. I’m looking at GS right now. Doogies & the Quants of Doom are our clients. No, I don’t handle the money. Just the electrons.

    “You don’t understand how capitalism works. Private equity breaks up vociferous unions and employee cartels that impede productivity. Shifting the capital structure from equity to debt sets concrete targets that management has to hit and enforces firm discipline.”

    Well yes, textbook Smith. NOT.

    Hell that’s not even Rand.

    What actually happens is the semi-criminal and semi-moronic types just fire people willy nilly to get their bonuses. We’re talking about people who can barely operate email. They don’t know how to make a business more productive. They probably didn’t get electricity or understand the telephone until the 1950s. The Criminals running the bust out at G_X for instance hired semi-human white trash from the Everglades when they were busting us out. I think the one guy was a wife beater and I only saw him once, but it’s a good guess. He looked like the guy in the redneck bar who wants to fight anyone just to beat them to a pulp. Walking around NYC dressed in a string tie and cowboy boots. So unpleasant no one wants to deal with him twice, that’s the plan. And it’s why the Doug’s of the world hired him.

    It’s a toss up whose worse, String Tie or his relatives cooking up meth. But as Doug notes they increase productivity. They’d be hard pressed to spell, never mind define productivity. But when they fire people they get bonuses, and the Street sees the stock price jump. Even if it’s just a few milliseconds the Quants have made their money, or rather the algos have.

    You’re a criminal who doesn’t know it, or admit it. This is a marked characteristic of our elites. You’re entire business plan is Control Fraud with the Fed as the crooked accountant, using the United States as the Teamsters Central States Pension Fund. This means you’re in a Union, BTW….

    “We’ll still need the same bankers”. No, their services will no longer be required in the Community. Ala Bill – HALAL.

    Of course we’ll have banking, but of course not the same bankers.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Admin, this brings up an intersection of a couple of fascinating tangents.

    Now, as I mentioned doogies of the world are my “orgs” clients. And based on 10 years of just exactly that, and innumerable calls where the problem is you see the Light Speed Barrier [look it up. It quite vexes Finance] I can say two things with confidence:

    1] It is not only possible but likely advances towards Faster Than Light and hence Warp drive will be made by the Financial Sector , and …

    2] With total confidence the most important, profitable, and vehement exploiter of said FTL tech will be the Finanical Sector, because they are searching for 2 decades at least for ever faster trading platforms to execute the Trading Algos . By platform we mean not just the servers but the global networks the commerce is carried on. HFT or otherwise.

    I’ve had long conversations about a few thousandths of a second. Milliseconds. Our contracts have them defined. This is for Global Trading.

    The servers themselves have their contracts written in microsecs, usually 10ms< to execute a trade. Less than 10 millioniths of a second to execute trades. BTW that's a few months ago so I may be dated.

    Now ponder that Admin.


    admin Reply:

    It’s late, after a complicated day, but if I’m following you with any competence you’re talking about the implications of (retrogressive) time-travel technologies for financial markets? This is a topic I’m peculiarly interested in … but realistically, I have to kick the can up the road (if that still means anything).


    Vxxc Reply:

    No I was being literal HFT seeks ever faster speeds for the motive of manic money. The research done to feed their motive is the best in the world. And the brightest minds. No theyre not at NSA or porn. Its the exchanges. Theyre evil and insane but brilliant. They may despite this advance science. So did the Nazis . They compete by ever faster trades. They are already looking at nanosecond trades. Beating light speed is on the horizon


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    I’ve been looking at this, yes. They’re trying to find any upper-hand to beat other trading posts by that split of a second. It’s funny how they’ll have a co-locator server just down the street, in a warehouse, along with stacks of CPU, just to get an edge due to proximity of the trading centres.

    Vxxc, have you seen Alexander Wissner-Gross’ video on AI and HFT? I thought it was pretty damn interesting. Here’s a shameless link to a mini-post I did: http://cyder534.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/planetary-scale-intelligence/
    The link to his talk is there.

    fotrkd Reply:

    Urban Future (1.1) included a post on this. No idea where it is now. Anyone? [admin – you’re now in the ‘City Gossip’ section over at That’s Shanghai. See what happens when you start tweeting?]

    VXXC Reply:

    @ Mark – yes you’re right.

    However the shortest distance from the exchange is the floor itself.

    NYSE is a Provider for years.

    We’re well past any conflict of anything in Finance [or governance] so let’s call synergy when we see it. It’s a alignment of interests. The point of being at the exchanges is to get that split second edge, measured in microseconds of course to front run the market. That’s why there’s HFT, why the algos rule.

    And yet little people trade…well hey…it’s a living. Just not for them.

    You can talk to people who absolutely know this is what’s happening and are not in on it – putting servers on the floor of the exchange is not cheap – but continue to try and beat it. There really is nothing so irrational as investors in search of return. I think if you told the floor at AC or Vegas that every single game and machine is rigged at least most of them would leave. If you told the faithful of sports [there is no better term, fans is not sufficient] that all the games were rigged most of them would stop betting, but in the “market”….

    I’ll check out the link MW.


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