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John Michael Greer caught in a Nietzschean moment:

… the entire concept of “laws of nature” is a medieval Christian religious metaphor with the serial numbers filed off, ultimately derived from the notion of God as a feudal monarch promulgating laws for all his subjects to follow. We don’t actually know that nature has laws in any meaningful sense of the word—she could simply have habits or tendencies—but the concept of natural law is hardwired into the structure of contemporary science and forms a core presupposition that few ever think to question.

Treated purely as a heuristic, a mental tool that fosters exploration, the concept of natural law has proven to be very valuable. The difficulty creeps in when natural laws are treated, not as useful summaries of regularities in the world of experience, but as the realities of which the world of experience is a confused and imprecise reflection.

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  • Michael Says:

    It really all comes down to this, is it all permitted or not? While I have fought for standards all my life, Ive known they had a point -those evil subjectivists, Ive even taunted them that they could be hoisted by their own petard. it seems to me now all we can say is good ,is the prime directive to survive to reproduce; plan B as a last resort or with surplus resources to assist as close a copy of my [ my DNA Speaking which sees me as mere chaff ] next closest copy.Oh sure as resources improve much can be made of this but little is said of the only objective good other than its evil.


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  • Deogolwulf Says:


    “all we can say is good is the prime directive to survive to reproduce” –

    If true, then it follows that we cannot say the statement “all we can say is good is the prime directive to survive to reproduce” is a good statement or that the evidence or the reasoning that led to it was good. Still, in putting aside all the ungoods of logic, philosophy, science, and scholarship, one will gain plenty of time to indulge in the sole good of surviving to reproduce, albeit with the danger that any enthusiasm therein will be somewhat dampened by the ungood thought that any pleasure derived therefrom is not good.


    Michael Reply:

    Obviously im not trained in philosophy but it occurs to me this is the thinking that led us to western paralysis and existential crises. That said I think my assertion makes it clear I value reason. It has seemed from my 8th grade perspective as I allude that reason does indeed lead back into itself and a sort of everything is subjective we cant know anything ennui ensues. Is this not how the Marxists deconstructed our civilization? But unlike the cosmologists stuck with “nothingness” is unstable, is there not a value frame that predates reason that in fact created reason as one of its handmaidens.Why then does it need to be justified how then could reason or any of DNAs sensual handmaidens and the mind reality they create stand in judgement of their creator.If we say ah but this organic AI has taken over now and discerns preferences we not only end up in up back in the nauseous soup but in a hubristic struggle with our creator and either contra to the rules of our creation or unconsciously back in sync with the prime directive albeit several moves down the road and unaware of whence we came? I am therefore I am good.
    And no I do not concede that we can say nothing more than to survive to reproduce is good I did not mean that. My point is all we can reasonably because it predates reason is good is what I term the prime directive of all life, I dont advocate licentiousness I advocate judging all things against whether it increases or decreases the chances of MY survival and reproduction. A sort of free market of DNA choices to compliment the evolutionary reality rather than to futilely attempt to game it


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  • Diogenes Says:

    One law for the lion and the ox is oppression.


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