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Richard Fernandez on current geopolitical mind-games:

Putin is daring [Obama] to over-extend; to tread upon the European ice, which he knows in his heart will cave in under Obama. Fighting an all out sanctions battle would force Obama to rely on the EU, which Putin calculates will abandon him. In the resulting debacle, not only would NATO be shattered, Obama would be too. [… ]

One reason why Putin has made a special effort to humiliate the president is that his profilers may have pegged Obama as suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Putin the secret policeman must be thinking: how do you get a narcissist to melt down? Answer: by personally and publicly shaming him, thereby provoking a narcissistic rage.

That rage can take either of two forms: a reckless act or a withdrawal into a fantasy in which the narcissist remains invincible in some universe of his own.

Either would suit Putin.

Related from Fernandez here, and here. For those who can’t get enough of that ‘back to the 1930s‘ feeling there’s WRM (sensible but lost) and Paul Johnson (lost), but both picking up on the real rhythm.  It’s a mess (and it’s going to get a lot worse).

ADDED: The WEIRD Putin problem.

AND — Some graphic contextualization (via ZH):

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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Shame about Johnson– always enjoyed is work in my pre-DE days


    admin Reply:

    I’m adding an extra link you might like.


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  • Quote notes (#74) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • fake_username Says:

    I believe Richard Fernandez has been reading TheLastPsychologist, which more people should.


    RiverC Reply:

    TLP is espresso for the nous, to mix an already strained metaphor


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  • bob sykes Says:

    Johnson and Meade are worse than lost. They are actually supporting an anti-democratic junta that staged a coup d’etat to overthrow the legitimate, freely-elected government led by Yanukovych. The real insurgents are in Kiev, not the east. And yesterday’s debacle in which Ukrainian troops defected and surrendered their equipment is an indication that perhaps a substantial majority of Ukrainians oppose the junta. Surely, a large majority in the east do, and there may be majority opposition in the west, too.

    It is truly disturbing to see America’s and Europe’s elites in full delusional mode, mindlessly mouthing jingoist Cold War slogans and warmongering. This has got to be a symptom of terminal Western decline.


    admin Reply:

    OK, but Putin is in fact Hitlering it up a bit.


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  • Jake Burkhalter Says:

    I listened to an interview with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen yesterday. I think Richard Fernandez is pretty far off the mark in gauging NATO sentiments.


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  • MW Says:

    That 20Committee article highlights an interesting paradox: you need to be a certain type of conservative to have feelings of militarism against Russian aggression, but if you’re too conservative then you realize that the “bolshevism of Washington” is a greater threat to your way of life than Putin ever will be.


    nope Reply:

    The guy that runs 20Committee is a mouthpiece for the establishment. He isn’t conservative at all. If you dig into his background he is actually a serving member of US naval intelligence whose trade is psyops and sigint.

    In other words, anything coming out of his mouth is inline with neoconservative propaganda and whatever the Pentagon is peddling, rather than US paleonconservatism (see his post in the comments about disagreeing with white males).

    He is also a fucking jackass when you call him out on his bullshit. See the flippant response in the comments with a one line sentence, “thanks for the FSB comment.”

    Dude is a carbon copy propagandist.


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  • VXXC Says:

    It’s money.

    They want that money from the Ukraine again.

    that and war drums are another welcome distraction from say..M0 shooting up to $4T USD.

    And M0 shooting up to $4T USD is the floor. The ceiling being the notional madness of derivatives.

    War drums [but not actual war of course unless there’s an OOOPS] are a welcome distraction from our actual finances. As well as rally the stupid right around the flag. Why would anyone urge Obama to battle over anything? At the first sign of an actual external existential threat removing Obama as Commander would be the Top Priority.

    Who would want to follow Obama to anything but a Jay Z party? If Beyonce is there.


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  • bob sykes Says:

    @bob sykesThe term “Hitlering” is nonsense. Putin is an authoritarian, but he is not a fascist or nazi dictator. He’s not murdering millions in gas chambers or relocating entire populations, etc etc. Whet he is doing is exploiting a situation that the US/EU created in their arrogance and delusion to redress what he sees as grievances.

    The scenario playing out is bad guy fights bad guy and the bad guy wins.


    admin Reply:

    I agree with your last sentence.

    ‘Hitlering’ was meant in the sense of the articles linked — which quite accurately depict the authoritarian-demotic-corporatist leader of an aggrieved power, seeking through superior cunning, will, and exploitation of opponent fecklessness to rebuild a highly centralized, anti-Anglophone continental nation, through exploitation of the opportunities presented by co-ethnic allies scattered during the prior downswing of fortune and its resultant territorial fragmentation. If you really don’t see the 1930s resonances in this, I’m not seeing the same process unfold that you are.

    “Putin is … not a fascist …” — part of the neo-1930s delight is that it’s fascists all the way down.


    elsid Reply:

    it’s a hoax. Its been discussed about on zerohedge. The important thing to understand is that anytime anyone reads about hot topic issues of the day from American or western mainstream sources always assume the total inverse and you will be almost always closer to the truth.

    2nd Putin and the Russians are as fascist as the Vietnamese are Trotsky Marxist. if anything Putin isn’t antisemitic enough, still 1/4-1/5 of Russian billionaires are Jews.


    admin Reply:

    Every significant actor in this is engaged in an apocalypse of deceit. The profound decadence of the West, now reaping its nemesis, does not transform Eurasianism into a fount of light and truth by contrast.

    Still, I shouldn’t have been so casual with this yellow-starring story — the intended point was that it’s significant of the hysterical 1930s atmosphere, which isn’t going to be simply dispelled.

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  • RiverC Says:

    The way to avoid war is to give Putin what he wants and not fight back.

    The ‘Jewreg’ thing may prove indeed to be a false flag, but accepted as real enough that people will remember it – since we’re going with 1930’s ‘resonance’ right now.

    admin, if your υπερ-πρόσωπο could whisper one thing to one shoggoth in this instance, what would it say and to whom?


    admin Reply:

    Perhaps something like: “Are we really going to play it this rough”?


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