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Robert Kaplan explains ‘Why East Asia Alienates Intellectuals’:

… East Asia is a rebuke in major respects to the humanist project. It is prosperous and successful, with the latest postmodern infrastructure and technology; yet at a macro political level it is consumed less by universalist ideals than by old-fashioned ethnic nationalism. China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and so on are deeply conscious of their own ethnic identities, which carry within them clashing claims of sovereignty in the South and East China Seas, as well as elsewhere. East Asia shows how exclusivist mindsets need not be confined to poor, post-communist populations or poverty-stricken peoples with tribal or sectarian differences. East Asia is a flagrant example that sustained capitalist development need not necessarily lead to universal values.

Modernization without ethnomasochism isn’t something the Cathedral wants to understand.

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  • Dan Says:

    So Russia veers right. India veers right. Britain, France, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Korea veer right. Israel veers right. German has been rightish for a while. A right wing populist revolt in Ukraine. Egypt winds up on the right. Much of the Arab world moves right.

    Meanwhile, American moves far to the left.

    Is this some kind of bad dream?


    Orthodox Reply:

    These moves to the right are single steps in a multi-century journey, and they may even only be feints in the West, though probably not in the case of Russia, Egypt and Asia.


    VXXC Reply:

    America isn’t moving far left at all, it’s elites are, it’s established fascist university Progs are. I realize this is difficult to accept but Intellectuals are not the nation. America’s elites are famously not the nation. Indeed we are quite alien to each other.

    As to the “vote” Obama only got 1 million more votes out of hundreds of millions. The States have been ethnically packed by Immigration to skew the results. BTW if Canada were inclined to shed millions of Democratic voters the border states would be packed as well [Canada’s sheddings are running from taxes, so not].

    The Left is the State and the State delivers checks. The Left is the State and the State employs tens of millions. Really they should be delivering over 100 million votes at least. The Left is the State and the GOP is the captive opposition, when there’s no actual choice voting is a useless ritual.

    In East Asia the Intellectuals may be may be part of their culture but in America they’re rabidly and spitting angry opposed to it. They quite hate us and we’re learning to reciprocate.

    America is staying about the same except methods and tactics are changing. Ours and theirs as well. They’re moving to grab every more loot as fast as they can. That is our actual politics. They’re also continuing with these pathetic and plaintive wails to disarm.
    That last has the exact opposite effect.

    The Intellectuals are moving Left along with the rest of the Statist party because everyone senses bankruptcy and this is their “prepping”. Everyone senses that normal politics is ending and this is the Left moving to it’s respective Camp.


    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    True but with caviates. The progs are effective.

    I was a teaching assistant for two classes in Political Science this term. Professor a very nice, charming man. Decent. Sincere. Extremely Progressive.

    The class was essentially Cadre Training on the politics of poverty and social assistance. Blatant Chomskyite-Michael Moorish films were de rigur as part of the course materiels, such as “Inside Job.” The selection bias in materiels was, to me, blatant; everything progs wrote and said on everything presented as social science gold, anything critics said – the students were exposed to only the most easily dismissed straw-men. (It’s clear the professor was sincere and thought this was the way the world really worked. It is clear he did not at all think he was engaging in any kind of propagandistic manipulation. Rather that he was educating the students who may already have been victims of propaganda due to believeing non-prog soruces).

    The professor encouraged comments and dialogue, especially in friday sessions that I, as TA, monitored.

    So I know the level of resistance students had to this stuff. At first there was a fair amount of substantive disagreement. By the end of the class, basically only one Indian (dot, not feather) economics student (with an exposure to genuine alternative sources) remained a hold-out. The others had all essentially become meme-bots.

    The type of thing that swerved me against Progism in the ’90s seemed most effective on these students: a real turning point that caused mass conversion among the bitter-ender students was their viewing of “Inside Job” (which is what Dr. Frankfurter would call bullshit; if he weren’t a prog himself).

    The younger generation is a lot less right-oriented, and a lot more succeptible to prog memes, than the previous generation. Which was itself a lot less right-oriented, and a lot more succeptible to prog memes than the one before them. Rinse and repete. And it is NOT a matter of them starting off as progs and they’ll go right as they get older and wise up. Some will (some always do. I am one). Most will never be as right-oriented as prior generations will; they will just come to seem in their middle age to be “right-wing” relative to the ones that follow *THEM,* because many of them will stay this prog (and no more), even while the Hegelian Mambo continues around them.

    That is, unless something significant changes the trajectory.

    But, yes, the mass of the people – already very different from when I was a young up-and-coming moderate liberal (before I got disillusioned and became something even more worthless, a mainstream conservative. . .before I became…)

    There are a lot of areas of human life where Progressivism does not work at all. But turning masses of people into prog meme-bots? That it does very, very well.


    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    Correction: I wrote “Dr. Frankfurter” – of course I meant Dr. Frankfurt, of “On Bullshit” fame.

    VXXC Reply:

    “Michael Moorish”? 😀

    I think Debt Slaves will identify their interests with the perceived deliverance from debt: Good Grades from Comrade Prof. Beliefs always tend to align with interest and not against. Here we have the truth of “reason.” Also consider that as TA you are you know POWER to them, as is Prof. They may not be completely candid with you and certainly not in class as it’s against their immediate and clear interests. That Professors and teachers grade on who they like curves is well known for at least decades. All time probably. Finally consider that the Indian – understands not only harsh economics but actual harsh and real POWER. So he’s not so easily intimidated. The Indian police smack you with the cane as greeting, this is to establish power up front. Comrade Prof will not prove so formidable a foe.

    Comrade Prof and the Cathedral have all the friends, believers and subjects they can buy and not one more or for one second past ability to deliver.

    The answer: acadamae et dicit ignit.

    Follow on: correcting spelling in context means you’re missing the point.

    For by Law and Schools we are enslaved. Force they cannot trust, nor can they wield it themselves.

    admin Reply:

    Brilliant (and horrifying).

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  • R7 Rocket Says:

    Another thing the hipsters in the Cathedral refuse to understand…

    Nuclear Weapons. And the need for patriarchy.


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  • Erik Says:

    Sweden is crazy left. Britain is not veering right, it’s got a right waking up to the power of the left.


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  • northanger Says:

    Masochism means never having to say ”Stop! Stop! Enough!”

    Google the PDF: Nationalizing Sacher-Masoch: A Curious Case of Cultural Reception in Russia and Ukraine, Vitaly Chernetsky


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  • MW Says:

    Ethnic nationalism in Asia is OK because it’s not thug ENR demotism, or something…


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  • Reefer Says:

    Borders of western countries like Canada or Australia are still wide open — at dispossession levels, these countries are literally being given away. Any non-progressive intellectuals are pretty much ostracized; like Frank Salter in Oz or Ricardo Duchesne in Canuckistan. Legislation, like Oz’s Section 18c, designed to suppress dissent is being strengthened and fortified. Things in the west appear to be getting progressively worse.


    admin Reply:

    “Things in the west appear to be getting progressively worse.” — understatement of the millennium.


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  • Porphy's Attorney Says:

    @Dan“correcting spelling in context means you’re missing the point. ”

    That assertion is simple status-mongering, so I won’t take it personally.

    “Michael Moorish” as a description of “Inside Job” is apt; it was tendentious, selective-editing. A propaganda hatchet-job.

    ” They may not be completely candid with you and certainly not in class as it’s against their immediate and clear interests. ”

    I considered this hypothesis but did not consider it worth mentioning in this context for two reasons.

    1) Whatever his other faults, this professor did not slant grades against people who disagreed with him. As I said, there was a fair amount of disagreement early in the semester, and they had no reason to “update their priors” in this particular class by way of “I better say what he wants, or my grades will suffer.” That didn’t happen (I did about half the grading myself, anyhow. Tests were multiple-guess. Papers he graded but I see the grades).

    2) He did not even attend the Friday discussion sessions (except one or two times). Like I said, I monitored those. And I did my best to encourage as wide an expression of views as possible (short of manipulating the direction of the discussions myself). So at those Friday sessions, they were not directly catering to him, telling him what they thought he wanted to hear, for the simple reason that he wasn’t there to hear those.

    I’ll add a third reason:

    3) Lets say what you’re saying is true. After all it’s very Moldbuggian to say that many (if not most) people within the Cathedral express beliefs in alignment with it because of its power, and if that shifted, their views would shift, too. It hardly demonstrates that The People really secretly agree with NRx (views they’re not even exposed to, unless they are oddball autodidacts like us) and are against The Powerful (aka The Man, aka Prog Intellectuals), and are just looking for the chance to rise up en mass against The Machine.

    To invoke another Moldbug statement: the purpose of Prog “educators” is to take people in Plato’s cave by the hand and lead them out of the cave and. . .into an even deeper cave.

    You deny that this is effective, on the basis of basically hope. I see it working all around me. While admittedly being astounded and amazed that this does work so well. (of course it doesn’t catch literally everyone; the prog machine grinds slow. But it grinds small. It certainly works at the margin. Indeed far from people becoming more resistant, if anything Change Progs Can Believe In seems to be accelerating on many fronts – even in the face of impending doom. Indeed Prog-ganda like “Inside Job” is designed to insure that, when things *do* go tits-up, the minds of the masses will be inclined to turn to Even Greater Progism as The Solution. Not to the right, outer or otherwise).


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    This. The new virus is not just a virus but the supposed virus removal software itself.


    admin Reply:



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  • Antisthenes Says:


    Farage 2020


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    Ok, this is the most pointed quote note yet, Nick. It explains the quandary I was wrestling with and posed to you ages ago: How can capitalist globalisation be seperated from the universalist virus it parallels? East Asia is a (massive) counter example – as long as it holds. I guess Singapore and Hong Kong are on the fringes in this respect, tender-hooks.

    Carl Schmitt’s geopolitcal theology is really about this maintenance of strong states and the tension of diversity because he believed it to be the fallen way of man. He felt liberalism, if it infected everyone/thing would lead us into a false consciousness of ‘togetherness’ and peace, but in fact, we’d just be decaying from the inside-out. It was the biggest trick the devil could play, to make us believe in a universalist, one-fits-all planet of zero tension/aggression/violence.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Not totally on board with description of Australia’s prog power level. Australia is big majority Euro/Anglo and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Progressivism is in, at least a temporary, strategic withdrawal (see 2013 election). Agree that the Cathedral IS at work in the unis. My 20 yo daughter regales with tales and examples and it absolutely does require a disciplined mind to resist the virus (which thankfully she has). Thus I suspect as with many trends, Australia is merely behind the curve. That said, the open borders crowd has been thoroughly resisted and Australians had more of a necessary survival instinct borne from an “edge of the periphery” mentality (see WW2).

    VXXC– I want you to be right with regard to the elite/country class divorce (so well outlined here: http://spectator.org/articles/39326/americas-ruling-class-and-perils-revolution ), however there IS a reason there are elites as oppose to non-elites. Like it or not, elites set the cultural table in all kinds of terms. It is only when the elites are utterly incapable of keeping the lights on do things happen. There are still not enough disaffected elites to form a new elite. Until that happens, all the Tea Party rallies in the world won’t do more than slow the Cathedral’s momentum (see 2014 mid term looming Dem disaster– and the completely predictable post-victory Republican agenda. After a perfunctory victory lap, back to business ie immigration ‘reform’, ‘fixing Obamacare, etc).

    Porphy’s Attorney- fabulous perspective (caveat: not to be a nudge but do check your spelling!)


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  • VXXC Says:


    yes it is. Horrorfying.

    Like the Temples of the Meshica [aztec] they must be destroyed.

    Our Laws are also now an immuo virus and must meet the same fate.

    Neither are intrinsically evil, they’ve been changed into instruments of it.


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