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A passing comment from Peter Frost, on the changing tides of civilization:

Lab work will probably have to be offshored, not because it’s cheaper to do elsewhere but because the “free world” is no longer the best place for unimpeded scientific inquiry. A Hong Kong team is conducting a large-scale investigation into the genetics of intelligence, and nothing comparable is being done in either North America or Western Europe. Cost isn’t the reason.

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  • Akaky Akakievich Says:

    “We now have evidence that extreme stress, heat, cold, malnutrition and pollution (including tobacco smoke) trigger changes in the way genes are activated or silenced. Long-term studies of populations in various countries have shown that these conditions can induce adverse health effects that cascade down generations. Slavery is likely to be no different.”



    admin Reply:

    … but just to be safe, we’ll make scientific research in the field impossible.


    Handle Reply:

    Here’s a simple and relatively cheap bit of related scientific research that anyone brave enough could do for under $100K.

    The genetic heritage of American blacks spans a spectrum of European admixture with mean being 20% and SD being something like 5%. This is a very easy and cheap thing to test for – it could be done individually nearly a decade ago for less than $100, and maybe a lot less now and in bulk order.

    We don’t have a predictive model yet that tells us how to get from genotype to IQ, etc., but we do have that for ethnic group admixture, and when groups differ we can probably use the latter as a proxy for the former on average.

    Because of cultural rules of one-drop hypodescent, all of these individuals will probably self-identify as (e.g. Obama), and also be considered, ‘black’ by their society and suffer the same slings and arrows that are supposed to account for 100% of all that infamous disparity.

    Ok, but what accounts for the spectrum of life outcomes within that population?

    So, some social scientist gets a few thousand random African Americans and measures their SES and life-outcome index and all the normal social statistics variables, but also they do a genetic test for European admixture. Then they run the regression analysis and see which variables correlate most strongly with life outcomes.

    Hypothesis: Life outcome or IQ or whatever proxy your want to use will correlate strongly with European admixture. And furthermore, extrapolating the line to 100% will end up near mean white value for that metric. Indeed, because of affirmative action, it may end up slightly above.

    Like I said above, this result could be obtained quickly and cheaply – well within the wherewithal of private funds – and it will probably get even cheaper with time. You don’t need governments to pitch in billions to build a LHC or fusion pilot plant. You could probably attract enough volunteer test-subjects merely by offering free results.

    Now, of course, all those would be hatefacts, and you would make yourself an unperson by investigation them directly. So the trick would be to arrive at them inadvertently and ‘accidentally’.

    If it were me, I would propose a dissertation topic such as “Investigating the wretched legacy multi-generational psychological trauma impact of wicked white imperialist colonialist slave-rape on today’s under-privileged women.” Or something like that. And, whoops, out pops the result. Oh, snap, I swear I wasn’t looking for that, I was trying to prove the opposite point – that raped slave women would have worse off descendants! Please, don’t lynch me!”

    You could also run the above experiment with any other group with a lot of admixture between two population groups with a sizable disparity in their respective mean values of some life-outcome-relevant mean attribute. So, Mestizos in Latin America is one possibility. Jews are another group. South Asia is a treasure trove of genetic mixing (e.g. Razib Khan), and North Africa as well.


    Akaky Akakievich Reply:

    ‘Life outcome or IQ or whatever proxy your want to use will correlate strongly with European admixture.’

    With ‘high yallers’ coming out on top, presumably.

    Akaky Akakievich Reply:

    Yaller dog blues: http://youtu.be/7NcpWMjC30M

    Aeroguy Reply:

    If you stick to American populations there are complications and of course difficulty in determining a control group everyone will agree on. The biggest complication is that African immigrants (like Obama) tend to do significantly better than their slave descended counterparts. I think the cultural genetic feedback loop could very well be at word with learned helplessness acting as an IQ shredder. There is also the complication of comparing someone who is 50% because all their grandparents were 50% and you have to go 3 generations back to find the originating white ancestors vs someone with a white parent, due to the way alleles manifest and are able to combine. This isn’t an easy slam dunk like comparing whites and blacks directly, but I’d pay money to see the results if done properly.

    Chuck Reply:

    “Hypothesis: Life outcome or IQ or whatever proxy your want to use will correlate strongly with European admixture. And furthermore, extrapolating the line to 100% will end up near mean white value for that metric.”

    Repeatedly done. In “Colored” populations throughout the Americas, micro differences in European ancestry predict income, education, and occupation. It’s now standard to control for SES in admixture mapping studies. See, for example: Table S2 in Cheng, et al., 2012 “African Ancestry and Its Correlation to Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans: A Genetic Admixture Analysis in Three U.S. Population Cohorts”
    — or Florez, et al. (2009) “Strong association of socioeconomic status with genetic ancestry in Latinos: implications for admixture studies of type 2 diabetes” As for IQ, researchers are sitting on the results. Anyways, it doesn’t matter as the admixture effect is attributed to, when not “colorism”, assortative exogamy (more apt Amerindians/Blacks out-mate, thus an ancestry x human capital effect). These marxists are tenacious fellows. They’ll only admit to innate differences once the neo-eugenics tech is online — at which point they’ll demand embryonic selection vouchers for the genetically unprivileged.

    Handle Reply:


    Yes, I’ve heard of the Diabetes studies.

    Yes, it is always possible to claim yet another epicycle to try and explain away the latest refutation and failure of your last set of epicycles. It is not always possible to remain respectable or be taken seriously when making increasingly specious and outlandish claims. Chasing these people out into the low-status wilderness of absurdity is worthwhile.

    Colorism can always be claimed as yet another epicycle, but that is at odds with what is actually claimed in most discourse, which is that all blacks are equally lacking in privilege.

    Alrenous Reply:


    American Blacks were mainly African prisoners bought more or less aboveboard from existing black African states. This probably had a noticeable effect on things like aggression as compared to the source population.

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  • Nathan Turner Overdrive Says:

    PRC genetic research will be used against them in memetic warfare. Yellow Peril! now with added Nazi! – “They want to survey and quantify our Precious Bodily Fluids.”


    admin Reply:

    That’s no doubt true. My guess is that the ideological pay-off is unlikely to compensate for the loss of scientific leadership.


    Nathan Turner Overdrive Reply:

    Dolly was 1996 – China must be beta-testing human cloning by now. Its an obvious multiplier of human capital:
    Person X was a child prodigy and has gone on to impressive advances in technoscience. IQ > 160.
    [Evil Chinese Black Lab: Such people are rare and valuable. Suppose we could raise their occurence rate a thousandfold or more? And there are so many couples with fertilty problems, who would otherwise be good parents…]

    The Boys From Beijing! Fu Manchu Menegele!


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Human Cloning is fraught with enormous difficulties but keeping frozen sperm is laughably simple. Keeping human eggs is more difficult than sperm but effortless compared to what has to happen for cloning, For the same effort and lack of ethics in making cloning possible you could alternatively have an army of ubermensch by the time you have a successful clone. From a national perspective, a eugenics program makes far more sense than a cloning program. Cloning is most useful for narcissists or application in intel. I suppose they could also have application as a control group, but that’s getting pretty dark ethically speaking. The thing is, even if you perfected human cloning, perfected would mean getting a singular successful result refined down to “only” requiring thousands of failures, a hundred thousand failures per success is more likely. That’s a lot of wombs to be renting out, even for China, that if used for eugenics could get results like Khan from Star Trek.

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  • Quote notes (#98) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Chuck Says:

    “Colorism can always be claimed as yet another epicycle, but that is at odds with what is actually claimed in most discourse, which is that all blacks are equally lacking in privilege.”

    I tested and disconfirmed IQ-colorism using a kinship model. I just haven’t had time to polish and formally publish the results. Assortative exogamy is somewhat plausible, though. And it’s difficult to rule out using genomic admixture studies.

    Malloy and I have begun to revisit the S.E. Asian IQs. It appears that migrant S.E. Asians — in contrast with Hispanics (in the U.S.), Pacific Islanders (in the U.S. and New Zealand), and Middle Easterners (in Europe) — don’t underperform relative to Whites — though they do relative to N.E. Asians in the same regions. Interestingly, the migrant results are starting to mirror Piffer’s allelic ones, which suggest that only Black Africans (15% of the global pop), Amerindians (genomically less than 5% of the global pop), and Oceanians (a trivial number) are, as races, innately cognitively disadvantaged. So, globally, at least practically speaking, race-IQ seems to be decreasingly important. It is, of course, of great sociological interest– or at the zealous denialism is — as it’s a window into the progressive’s soul.


    tnabaliava Reply:

    Is there any data on differential racial admixture between siblings? Just in case you haven’t heard of it before: since siblings inherit their genome randomly from each parent, they will in general differ in the percentage of their genome that comes from, say, African ancestors vs. European ancestors. Only comparing siblings controls for a lot of things at once, and if IQ correlates with within-family admixture, the pattern could be only explained by appearance-based discrimination or “innate” racial differences.


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  • Magus Janus Says:

    Alrenous, the more likely reason is not that slaves were more aggressive than population left behind but rather that recent african immigrants are middle or upper middle class on avg from africa.


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