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Race, science, and pseudo-science … it’s complicated. Radish presents a blood-chilling review essay on the subject, which isn’t to be missed (whatever your priors). As might be expected, it leads to a discussion of crazed fascist experimentation on human guinea pigs (aka ‘pajama ferrets’):

… perhaps you were wondering where I’m going with this. Well, here’s a hint: in 2012, experimental psychologists, psychiatric neuroscientists, and even a pair of “practical ethicists” put their heads together and came up with an honest-to-God cure for racism.

You could say the argument was over, if there had been an argument.

(Meanwhile, it’s probably best not to put yourself at risk by noticing this (from here))

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  • VXXC Says:

    “whatever your priors.”

    Yo Admin dude. Priors means something.


    admin Reply:

    Priors = preliminary assumptions, no? (Given a subjective-probabilistic sense by Bayesians.)


    Handle Reply:

    As in, ‘Statements, like axioms, which are logically prior to deductions.’


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  • VXXC Says:

    The Cure for all of This is Old Time Religion. Meet Saint Stalin, Icon/Halo and all. Sword too.

    Now that they’re safely dead in Russia I can absolutely OK this.



    Artemisia Reply:

    I was going to ignore this article, but I proceeded to read it (because I am always curious what foreigners think about the madhouse I call Motherland), and I must say I am quite offended, therefore stereotype rant follows. (And this is not even about racism – which is indeed deeply-ingrained in Russia, and was present in that melting pot that was the USSR, and so it never became a melting pot without degrading into violent xenophobia – oh well).
    In any case, all the amusing backwardness of small provincial Russian towns is, well, amusing, but it’s about time people realised that Russians are not polite (except with people they really like or when the power relations demand it). Russians like to spoil conversations. Russians like to spoil first encounters. If you tell a Russian “oh, you’re not being polite, we don’t do this in the US, you bad, bad human”, be sure that the Russian will take a special pleasure in not being polite onwards. It’s going to be especially bad if the person gasping at our lack of refined and sophisticated manners is American – first, because most of them are going to approach Russians with a sense of smug patronizing superiority (that’s hard to hide, and no matter how much we like to criticize Russia, the rule of thumb is – we fairly rarely do it in front a foreigner, he doesn’t need to know what happens in our kitchens), and second because Americans (much more than the Europeans, again, rule of thumb) are the people, in communication with which you just want to be mean, because you can’t for the life of you understand if they mean what they say! I, as a Russian, generally have terrible trouble telling if a smile (or any other positive statement) is genuine or not. Incidentally, in case of a Middle Easterner/Mediterrenean the positive statement is generally genuine, and in case of a Brit (no offense intended) it generally has that “I hate everyone so this statement is actually bitter and has 35 layers of poor trolling sarcasm” flavour – which I kind of appreciate. Anyway, I know how to deal with it at least. But the way Americans communicate? How on earth am I supposed to build social relationships with a base like that? It’s all “lovely” and “wonderful” and “fantastic” – where did the negative go? When Americans ask me how I’m doing, I 1) get surprised that they care and 2) tell them how I am actually doing. Which involves, generally, quite some shit, because people’s lives involve, generally, quite some shit. When I get particularly angry (which a lot of Russians are) I tend to emphasize the negative – because, damn it, IT’S RIGHT THERE, and should be stuck right into your face if you don’t see it – it won’t disappear if you ignore it hard enough. Trust us – we tried! The bitter cold especially did not disappear, and not because cold is just the absence of heat and so cannot really *disappear*. You get offended for being pushed headfirst into negativity first thing in the morning? The better! Maybe you delicate flower will wither and die saving us the trouble from looking at your neat checkered neckties, red roses and bright butterflies! (The sentiment there does get slightly exaggerated, but only ever so slightly).
    And every other article does that – “oh, tsk-tsk-tsk, you are proud of your past.” Yeah. We are. Are we also ashamed of it? Yeah, we’re not cardboard cutouts, we have a fairly complicated relationships to our past. Do we talk about our pride – yeah, it’s pride. Do we scream about our shame from the rooftops as a kind of self-denigration therapy? No. We’re fucked as a nation enough without that bit. How exactly does the whole thing work at the level of culture – no idea, but that’s because it’s complicated, not because we’re clueless. Although we might be, who knows.


    Handle Reply:

    Heh, deciphering what is actually expected of you by the American unwritten social protocol is apparently our shibboleth.


    Artemisia Reply:

    Well, the deciphering is easy – the believing that human communication can be voided of most content and replaced by protocol is the harder part. Paranoia always rears its head slightly (“no one would bother with this if it were so meaningless, so might this actually have a meaning that’s totally lost on me?!”)

    Handle Reply:


    There is no real answer to that question. It’s enough to make your head spin. Ameroko’s basilisk.

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  • VXXC Says:

    LOL – Priors means Prior Arrests.

    Some of us not safely in China may want to brush up on our Locutions.


    admin Reply:

    Have to admit, that never crossed my mind. Do I get some kind of official nerd certificate now?


    VXXC Reply:

    Admin — You’re in LUCK!! I have a spare METROCARD and a spare ticket Elizabeth to Newark.

    You’re certificate and prize is a Free Pass for you on THE VIBRANCY TRAIN!!

    And in the back you’ll understand – if you keep your ears open – that priors and where you ..er…ah..did your undergraduate and graduate work is compared. Just like Academia!!

    Any train into Newark NJ Penn Station is worth a year in college in Vibrancy Training.

    Yesterday I’m taking the PATH to Newark. 3 vibrant young gentlemen performance artists proceeded to put on a Vibrancy Ritual Dance for the whole train!! I admit they are athletic. They were able to do so many flips without the hanging out underwear accidentally strangling them.

    Funny thing is I’m not racist. If their Fathers would just Kick their Asses all would be fine.

    SWPLs eyes lit up as if they’d seen a Saint walk through the Train dispensing miracles. They gratefully joined in by filming and were eager to hand the young men “donations”.

    Seriously…like they’d seen a Celebrity.

    Also the gratitude I’m sure was in no small part for refraining from Violence. Just sorta undercurrent.

    Like what was under me shirt.


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  • Noir Says:

    Just think on it… move out of the box… next these idiots will come up with the perfect cure for both extreme Left and extreme Right: we’ll all become pure and perfect citizens of the Cathedral. I knew there was madness in their method, now I know its part of their mad plan… the Cathedral’s planned society of the Future: Paranoia as survival mechanism?

    Stop the World I want to get off… full speed ahead! 🙂


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  • VXXC Says:

    Ameroko’s basilisk: No enemy Basilik’s to the Right of Us.


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  • Igitur Says:

    I’m not exactly skeptical here — maybe in a pre-Socratic sense — but given how you’re a master weaver of words, delegating the work of persuasion to scatterplots is just unnecessary.

    Anyone can pick defects out of a scatterplot.

    If HBD would just focus on its negative — universality — it would have nothing to prove. You can’t possibly show that the coherent human species has to be taken as an even plane in any given aspect. Not with how much DNA we share with higher primates anyway.

    Risking repeating myself again, it’s really a matter of accepting haecceitas as your lord and savior. Tribes reemerge at the molar level, but of course they do. Race reemerges in places that don’t have proper genetic separation between’em, just based on looks and skin color. (In this way, “race realism” is a lot like realism in international relations; it happens, but not because nations are inevitable)

    Now, is the kind of racial policy you want to see incompatible with haecceitas? Maybe it’s a tribal policy.

    Anyway, you can’t win arguing science with the people who control the means of making science (i.e. credible, Cathedral-approved science). You need to dig out.


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    ▬ „Race was […] described by French naturalist and anthropologist, Joseph Deniker as being the “sum-total of somatological characteristics once met with in a real union of individuals, now scattered in fragments of varying proportions among several ‘ethnic groups’, fromwhich it can no longer be differentiated except by a process of delicate analysis” – and a historical symbiosis, both physical and spiritual [spiritual refers to modus vivendi, typical worldview & lifestyle preference direction].”
    — Marius Turda
    Oxford Brookes University
    Craniometry and Racial Identity in Inter-War Transsylvania.pdf


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