Race to the Bottom

As the foggiest two-thirds of ‘NRx’ continues its devolution into ENR-style ethno-socialism and activist voluntarism, it is inevitable that Europe’s populist ‘far right’ will increasingly be seized upon as a source of inspiration, and even as a model for emulation. This is, of course, an indication of degenerate insanity, and all the more to be expected on that account. On the positive side, the practical incompetence of ‘activist neoreaction’ will most probably spare it from the full measure of the embarrassment it is due. Nevertheless, whatever applause it offers to the vile antics of the European mob will not be soon forgotten.

It would be a distraction at this point to seek to distinguish the classical (Aristotelian) conception of action from the mire of modern political activism, or mass mobilization. That is the topic for another occasion. It suffices here to accept the integrated democratic understanding of popular activism for what it is, and to seek distance from it with unreserved disdain, under any convenient sign. If passivism makes this point, the suitability of the term is thereby ensured. The important thing is to make no contribution to the triumph of the mob and, secondarily, to draw no vicarious satisfaction from its advances.

To be as clear as possible: What the ‘far right’ advance in Continental Europe represents is a consummation of democratic morbidity. It is nothing at all like a restoration. At best, it is what ‘hitting bottom’ is to an alcoholic — the crisis at the end of a deteriorating trend, after which something else can begin. (The bottom, it has to be noted, is a very long way down.)

Bastille celebration


Writing in The Telegraph, Roger Bootle casts a cold eye upon the prospects for France:
What is going to happen? I cannot see much prospect of France recovering to match Germany again without really fundamental reform – which French governments have traditionally been incapable of delivering. Accordingly, France will continue to decline relative to Germany. Interestingly, the recent beneficiary of French voters’ protests, Marine Le Pen, does not want to open France up to more competition but rather to use withdrawal from the EU to strengthen the powers of the French state to overrule market forces. This does not bode well.

Indeed, far from being part of the hard northern core of the euro, France is increasingly coming to resemble the soft southern underbelly. Accordingly, for how much longer can the Franco-German “motor” continue to drive the EU? Won’t Germany increasingly realise its own strength and want to break free from its shackles to France? And won’t France increasingly resent the increased power of her neighbour?

I don’t know how this is going to happen or when but I suspect that we are coming close to one of those periodic explosions that have shaped French history. When this happens the EU will never be the same again.

Europe is almost certainly going to complete its descent into Hell. It would be the ultimate condemnation of NRx — definitive proof that it had learnt nothing of value — if the specific shape of Europe’s damnation, as it reaches its nadir, were to be confused with a rightist ideal.

ADDED: Convergence on a different line of thought. [Don’t bother clicking, NBS has just pulled this (excellent) post for some reason yet to be disclosed.] Update:


Update: It’s back (with a much better name).

ADDED: Paul Gottfried’s take.

ADDED: Der Spiegel interviews Marine Le Pen.

Purely for entertainment value, an apocalyptic quasi-fnording of Marine Le Pen, edited irresponsibly into grossly misleading Cathedral-media nightmare fuel:

I want to destroy the EU … Europe is war. Economic war. It is the increase of hostilities between the countries. … The EU is deeply harmful, it is an anti-democratic monster. I want to prevent it from becoming fatter, from continuing to breathe, from grabbing everything with its paws and from extending its tentacles into all areas of our legislation. … A strong euro is ruining our economy. … It was created by Germany, for Germany. … the model we are advocating is less positive for Germany than the current model. Germany has become the economic heart of Europe because our leaders are weak. But Germany should never forget that France is Europe’s political heart. … Be careful Ms. Merkel. If you don’t see the suffering that has been imposed on the rest of the European people, then Germany will make itself hated. … she wants to impose her policies on others. This will lead to an explosion of the European Union. … If we don’t all leave the euro behind, it will explode. Either there will be a popular revolt because the people no longer want to be bled out. Or the Germans will say: Stop, we can’t pay for the poor anymore. … David Cameron says that UKIP members are crazy and racist. I think it is good that UKIP is as strong as we are. … We have the same fundamental approach to Europe. … We used to be one of the richest countries in the world, but we are now on a path towards under-development. This austerity that has been imposed on the people doesn’t work. The people will not allow themselves to be throttled without revolting. … We need an intelligent protectionism. We need customs duties again … The problem is the total opening of borders and allowing the law of the jungle to prevail: The further a company goes today to find slaves, which it then treats like animals and pays a pittance, without regard for environmental laws, the more it earns. … I don’t want (Germany’s) Siemens to buy Alstom. I want Alstom to remain French. That is strategically important for my country’s independence. … One could nationalize a company, even if only temporarily, in order to stabilize it. … democracy is collapsing here in France. … I have a certain admiration for Vladimir Putin because he doesn’t allow decisions to be forced upon him by other countries. I think he focuses first and foremost on what is good for Russia and the Russians. … there are many things said about Russia because they have been demonized for years at the behest of the USA. … The Americans are trying to expand their influence in the world, particularly in Europe … defending their own interests, not ours. 

Plus: Who’s going to shrink the state?

ADDED: Communism good, fascism bad. (This is apparently what passes for intelligence among the chatterati.)

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  • VXXC Says:

    I’m going to try and be helpful up front.

    Take the analytics both people and the method, and the firewall from actual policy and set to the side. Make it clear that ala Nyan’s Sandwich that this is analytics and discovery of Truth.

    And that I suppose will be N/L’s Outside looking In. [the concept not the blog].

    Because anything else you try other than washing your hands completely of it won’t work.

    You’re attempting you see to control other people, moreover you are semi-dictating from afar. Everyone has their own legitmate interests and the interests of their family, people, nation. All of which now will be tested [and indeed Sir the results are immediately self-evident for any of us. all of us].

    You have legitimate concerns but..uh..er…see if it’s my fucking redneck cousin then it’s a different matter. [It actually isn’t except in extended sense]. Same for the people on the ground where they are standing. Would you for instance recommend your policies of “passivity” to a Boer still in SA? Should the Israeli’s who are also on Progresses list of white people slated for extinction be “passive”?

    Then why should the Europeans? Walk their streets then ye tell them whether they can hold their heads up, or cower instead.

    BTW the American Whites who might be inclined towards their own typically don’t go any farther than Reagan, Jackson, etc. They’re not at all inclined towards the extremes of Euro Whites and indeed that’s looked at as unjust and oppressive [which they quite understand and not in the Progressive Holy sense]. I don’t know that much about actual ENR nor do I care. I’m not in Europe. Just mentioning that perhaps you’re using too broad a brush.

    I’m afraid the legitmate and exiled King in America is the Parchment of 1787. Just as well, we don’t have to worry about idiot pyschopath offspring being in charge. We have that now.

    However the legitmate government to restore in Europe..will depend on what country now won’t it?

    Finally as Europe and for all we know America may be facing a Germany 1932 moment then each people must choose for themselves.

    If ENR is the price and the weapon to kill the EU and that’s what’s in the interests of the respective Europeans indeed the very survival of Europe then the price may not be too high.

    Since I know the response is going to be but they can’t choose for themselves allow me to preempt with apparently you haven’t learned you’re not making any decisions .

    PS – Passivity – I can’t say enough about it and all of it’s bad. You realize you’ve arrived exactly at White People don’t have the right of self-defense and hence the right to exist? That’s exactly Passivity.


    VXXC Reply:

    The positive contribution I hoped to make there was take Nyan’s Sandwich and run with analytics.


    admin Reply:

    “Passivity” is word for a lost idiot age — it’s in reality true action, beyond common understanding. Compared to the ‘passivity’ of Laozi, no activism anywhere has mattered a damn.

    As for the concrete European situation, the intensification of its deep fascist traditions (rooted in Bismarckian populism) will flush the whole continent down the sewer. You can try to persuade me it ‘did the right thing’ when we’ve got the smoking ruins for a dramatic backdrop. The ‘right’ will have spent itself on stupidity once again.

    “White People don’t have the right of self-defense and hence the right to exist?” — That formulation sums up the current disastrous ‘NRx’ trend. It basically says: Collectivism will save us! No it won’t. Blockchain-escalated capitalism will rip these pop-activist loser societies apart. Watch France, and weep.


    VXXC Reply:

    Ripping societies apart isn’t normally a good thing.

    Or reactionary but why pretend anymore.


    This Rough Beast Reply:

    European fascist traditions rooted in Bismarckian populism? Methinks that would be news to the Iron Chancellor and the Iron Guard both. Bismarck’s institutions have proved extremely resilient over time. Germany operated on a similar federal/plural model for most of its history since Bismarck, with the exception being when Hitler centralized things under the Third Reich. Using social programs to take the wind out of socialist sails might be construed as populism by some, but I would consider it rather preferable to the radicalization which would likely have otherwise occurred. Russia found out what happens in those situations, and Germany did as well during its own Weimar depression. It might be tempting to cry Left Drift here, but the fact is that Germany became a conservative powerhouse from then on. Trotsky used to jeer at German workers who were not amicable to revolution because it might “disturb their manicured lawns” (which they could, after all, afford).

    I do agree with the statement on activism. Building something real on the down-low is preferable in this time. I do wonder what the boundary is between holding the line and activism. Casa Pound in Italy seem to walk in the grey area quite a bit, city-level focused as they are.


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  • Nyk Says:

    The real question is: will electing Marine Le Pen make it safer, or less safer, to take a walk on the Champs Elysees at night? Anything else is pure sophistry.


    admin Reply:

    Since Marine Le Pen is going to oversee the final collapse of the French economy, any short-term security gains will be drowned in social disintegration — and most probably (as Bootle suggests) yet another French Revolution.


    spandrell Reply:

    Oh, you don’t know that. The fascists made the trains run on time.


    James Reply:

    France’s (economic) demise has been long predicted but France’s economy has turned out to be surprisingly resiliant. People and institutions are somewhat loosely correlated, and people are more important.

    My reading of Devin Finbarr and Gregory Clark suggests an answer. Some economic activities are zero-sum, so e.g. restricting everyone’s working hours costs a less than proportional fall in output. Same follows from positive-sum work that exhibits diminishing returns to work. But the government has to enforce it otherwise defectors will profit (prisoners’ dilemma). (Religion can have the same cooperation-enforcing effect. I think it was Clark who pointed out that medieval labourers took a huge number of religious holidays.)


    I read somewhere that Italian trains ran on time before Mussolini’s government, so they don’t get the credit. And the Nazi’s Keynesianism would have played out much the same as everywhere else in the world. As an aside, I think in one of Hayek’s books he says that very soon after the Nazis came to power, party members just walked into some businesses and took them over. Not nationalisation — they remained private — just theft in a lawless gangster state.


    P.S. What does ENR stand for?

    fotrkd Reply:

    @ James

    European New Right


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Activist neoreaction is inaction, the Benedict option.


    admin Reply:

    The sovereignty of inaction is a profound occult truth. Simply not screwing up like a convulsing half-wit has to do in most cases.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    http://ionthesky.blogspot.com/2014/01/antony.html (one vision of this concept, but by no means the exhaustion of its breadth.)


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    Wu wei


    admin Reply:

    Yes (the summit of practical intelligence).

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  • Orthodox Says:

    What’s coming is an order of magnitude greater than the 1930s. This is not the battle of Leftist Leftism and Rightist Leftism to see who wins. It is a battle to the death between pagans and nihilists. This is the Age of Reason’s final descent into madness.


    admin Reply:

    Very much my sense of it, too.


    Alfred Reply:

    Good. Here’s hoping both sides destroy each other forever.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I don’t know … that seems too extreme. I am long Central European real estate and East European banks. France is about 9% of the pan-European population. What portion of the French are truly frothing-at-the-mouth lefties? 25%? So that’s 2% of the total European population. If we say the French left is the absolute worst of the worst, it’s just not a very big portion of the total. Marine Le Pen is right about one thing: France would do better if it had the franc. ECB monetary policy is too tight for France. One way or another one has to expect the ECB to ease up. That would help a lot of things in Europe. Much of the PIIGS debacle can be laid at the foot of the ECB.

    Overall I visualize southern Europe trundling along as always in a kind of permanent (but improving) semi-recession — while northern Europe continues to gather steam. Germany will be a growth engine for years to come. Poland is doing well too. The UK will be all right. The Balkans are generally improving and have great tax policy.

    By the way … French tax receipts came in WAY below forecasts in 2013. Hollande’s tax hikes backfired on him. Ha ha. The Laffer Curve wins again. Perhaps the French will learn from that error (or not) …


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  • Mark Yuray Says:

    Completely idiotic. The rise of Europe’s far right is providing a spectacular show of elite progressive hair-pulling and hand-wringing. It is also a comforting display of rising ethnonationalist or — at a minimum — anti-progressive attitudes in the browbeaten populations of Europe. The FN might not ‘save civilization,’ as it were, but God knows it might save some European land from the truly barbaric hordes pouring over Lampedusa.

    That the Europeans are discovering their Tribe in the final seconds of the Leftist crucible is hardly a bad thing.


    admin Reply:

    Sure, do the 1930s over again — maybe it will all come out right this time.


    Mark Yuray Reply:

    I vote (pun intended) we run the 1930s over and over again until there is nothing left to do except rebuild.


    Mr. Archenemy Reply:

    Not another future utopia built on megadeaths? Surely there’s better to hope for.

    neovictorian23 Reply:

    @Mark Yuray–Except that the 1930s rerun followed by a Sept. 1939 – May 1945 rerun would be taking the necessity of rebuilding A BIT FAR., no?

    JPOutlook Reply:

    That is a pretty awesome response to a blatant invocation of Godwin’s law… Bravo, good buddy.

    Hawk Spitui Reply:

    You’d be pretty hard pressed to name *anything* in history that ever ended well. Everything goes to hell eventually. The 1930’s are hardly unique in that respect.

    Besides, I’ve put way too much of my time and money into various political movements with nothing much to show for it. While I certainly appreciate NRx, I suspect it’ll wind up being one more movement of Beautiful Losers.

    At this point, the scent of a possibility of being able to look out of my window and see an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost is the best I’m likely to get. Chalk one up for the vile mob.


    VXXC Reply:

    I’m all for the vile mob.

    NRxn doesn’t need to be a political movement and it shouldn’t try.

    Red Pill attacks and Moldbuggian analytics is fine.

    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    >NRxn doesn’t need to be a political movement and it shouldn’t try.

    >Red Pill attacks and Moldbuggian analytics is fine.


    Expose the lies of the elites and Things Will Happen.

    Try to push directly on culture and policy, and you’re competing with the hundred million other activists, a good number of whom are privileged by Cthulhu, smarter than you, and more experienced.

    The comparative advantage of neoreaction is the truth.

    Dan Reply:

    “While I certainly appreciate NRx, I suspect it’ll wind up being one more movement of Beautiful Losers.”

    Neoreaction is not so much a political movement as a pursuit of what is true in a confused world. Knowing the truth is in itself rather satisfying.

    I know that my knowledge in relation to what matters is greater than that of the President of the United States, most of the public commentariat and most university faculty. This is in itself rather satisfying.* My ancestors probably also knew more than these people as well. This makes my feel rather elite, in relation to society’s leading figures. It does wonders for my self esteem.

    * The problem of course is not that they are uneducated. The problem is that they know so much that is empirically false.

    peppermint Reply:

    And it’ll look something like this, right?

    The last was a White girl, about 1 9, a bit flabby but still pretty. The shootings had calmed her down enough so that she was no longer
    screaming, “Racist pigs!” at the soldiers, but when the preparations for her hanging shortly thereafter awakened her to her own fate,
    she became hysterical. Informed that she was about to pay the price for defiling her race by living with a Black lover, the girl wailed,
    “But why me?”

    As the rope was knotted around her neck, she blubbered out, “I was only doing what everyone else was. Why are you picking on me?
    It’s not fair! What about Helen? She was sleeping with him too.” At this last outcry before the girl’s breath was cut off forever, one of
    the other girls (presumably Helen) in the group of now-silent spectators on the lawn shrank back in terror.

    Of course, no one answered the girl’s question, “Why me?” The answer is simply that her name happened to be on our list and
    Helen’s didn’t. There’s nothing “fair” about that-or unfair either. The girl who was hanged deserved what she got. Helen probably
    deserves the same fate-and she is undoubtedly suffering the torments of the damned now, in fear that she eventually will be found
    out and forced to pay the price her friend did.

    This little episode has taught me something about political terror. Its very arbitrariness and unpredictability are important aspects of its
    effectiveness. There are a great many people in Helen’s situation, whose fear that lightning may strike them at any moment will keep
    them walking on eggs.

    The melancholy aspect of the episode is epitomized in the girl’s lament, “I was only doing what everyone else was.” That is a bit of an
    exaggeration, but it is true enough that had others not set a bad example for her the girl probably would not have become a race-
    criminal. She paid as much for the sins of others as for her own. Now I realize more than ever before how essential it is that we instill
    in all our people a new moral basis, a new set of fundamental values, so that they will no longer be morally adrift like that unfortunate
    girl was-and like the great majority of Americans today are.

    This total lack of any healthy or natural morality was brought home to me again just before noon. We were hanging a group of about
    40 land developers and real estate brokers outside the offices of the Los Angeles County Fair Housing Association. They had all
    participated in a special program which made lower mortgage rates available for racially mixed families buying homes in
    predominantly White neighborhoods. One of the realtors was a sturdy, handsome fellow of about 35 with a blond crew cut. He was
    vehemently defending himself: “Hell, I never agreed with any of this race-mixing crap. It makes me sick to my stomach to see these
    mixed families with their mongrel brats. But a man has to earn a living. I was told by the head building inspector in the county that it
    would be a lot easier to avoid building-code violations for those realtors who went along with the special mortgage program.”

    Without realizing it, he was telling us that a bigger income came before racial loyalty in his set of values-something which is
    unfortunately true also of a great many who were not hanged today. Well, he made his choice freely, and he hardly deserves any

    The soldiers didn’t argue with him, of course. When his turn came, he was jerked off his feet with the same impartiality they had
    shown toward those who had accepted their fate in silence. They were under orders not to argue with anyone or to explain anything,
    except a brief statement of the offense for which a person was being hanged. Not even the most convincing protestations of
    innocence or that “there must be some mistake” caused them to hesitate for an instant. Certainly, we must have made some
    mistakes today – mistaken identities, wrong addresses, false accusations-but once the executions began there was no admitting to
    the possibility of mistakes. We deliberately created the image of inexorability in the public mind.

    And apparently we were quite convincing. Our execution squads were hardly back in their barracks this afternoon when we began
    receiving reports from all over the city of what appeared to be a sudden wave of murders and beatings. Corpses, most of them
    showing stab wounds, were being found on sidewalks, in alleys, and in apartment-building hallways. A number of injured persons-
    several hundred altogether-were also picked up on the streets by our patrols.

    Although there were a few Blacks among these beating and stabbing victims, we quickly determined that the great majority of them
    were Jews. All apparently were persons whom our execution squads had missed, but the citizenry had not.

    Questioning of several Jews who had been beaten soon revealed that at least some of them had been hiding with Gentile families.
    After our proclamations were posted, however, their protectors turned on them and drove them into the streets. Local vigilante groups
    armed with knives and clubs had ferreted out others who had not even been on our lists.

    So what is NRx anyway? Is it a circlejerk, is it another destined to fail right-wing political movement in a democracy?

    R7 Rocket Reply:

    Sure, do the 1930s over again — maybe it will all come out right this time.

    Nuclear weapons tend to change things, alot.


    Aaron Reply:


    Sure, do the 1930s over again — maybe it will all come out right this time.

    Let’s not get carried away here. Or worse, become overly concerned with broadcasting an image of moral hygiene. Marine Le Pen is a far cry from Hitler.


    admin Reply:

    It’s not that Marine Le Pen is Hitler II, it’s that the collapse of a decadent European social order is closely echoing the pattern of 80 years ago.

    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 4:23 pm Reply | Quote
  • Lesser Bull Says:

    I still reserve judgment, but noticed that UKIP recently made noises about offering better welfare benefits to attract more disaffected Labour voters.

    So my hopes aren’t high.

    Another reason for pessimism would be that even if the ‘far right’ parties were full of goodness and light, they still only got around 25% of the vote in elections that are about as meaningless and non-scary as can be–the average voter stood to lose pretty much nothing from voting for them.


    admin Reply:

    UKIP is a different story. Farage will be a disappointment (rather than a calamity).


    Dan Reply:

    UKIP doesn’t have to have power to change policy:



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  • spandrell Says:

    Surely if UKIP were to take the UK out of the EU that would be a good thing in itself.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    How are they supposed to accomplish that? They got 27% of the vote in a meaningless Euro election where voters are happy to indulge fringe parties. That’s a highwater mark.

    What would be a good thing in itself would be Scottish independence. Just as likely, if not more so, to lead to UK independence.


    spandrell Reply:

    I mean down the road.

    Not that I think it’s very feasible but it’s fun to contemplate.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 4:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alfred Says:

    “Europe is almost certainly going to complete its descent into Hell. It would be the ultimate condemnation of NRx — definitive proof that it had learnt nothing of value — if the specific shape of Europe’s damnation, as it reaches its nadir, were to be confused with a rightist ideal.”

    This is pretty much exactly what excites me about it. We’re seeing the end coming around the bend. We may begin seeing the Restoration very soon. Certainly, there’ll be a “collapse” and screams of “this can’t be!” from the masses between here and there. But, hey, Phoenixes are supposed to be beautiful after their rebirth from the ashes.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 4:55 pm Reply | Quote
  • spandrell Says:

    And by the way, the appellation of “foggy” is fairly ironic coming from China.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 5:02 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alfred Says:

    The kind of “activity” we need for this? Popcorn!


    VXXC Reply:

    Including if it’s heated with the flames of your home?

    Snuff pron’s not so fun when you’re in it.

    BTW that wasn’t “Alfred’s” response at all. That’s not how he made his mark on History.

    Try this guy.



    Alfred Reply:

    Lol. Fair enough. Look, I don’t believe it WILL be my home. I think the “collapse” we keep predicting will be a minor thing and only good can come of it. And, besides, I don’t call myself Alfred because I believe I embody his best traits, but merely because I admire him.


    Alfred Reply:

    On that note, though, I should probably choose a more apt pseudonym.

    VXXC Reply:

    Well Fair enough is Fair enough.

    It’s not likely a policy of passivity or spectator by the informed or I daresay the good will result in minor.

    Minor would require power intervening at last for the common good instead of itself.

    It would have to at last be acting in good faith instead of In Male Fides.

    Such power will not come from our elites they are beyond redemption.

    Mind you all I think NRxn should do is continue Red Pill and Moldbuggery.

    Alfred Reply:

    And, if I’m representative of a pop culture figure, it’s more this guy:


    My beliefs may be Reactionary, but my personality is more like a ferret.


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    And, thus, I am born.

    Karl F. Boetel Reply:

    i extremely approve

    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 5:07 pm Reply | Quote
  • neovictorian23 Says:

    The pull and the lure of scheiss-throwing is still high in many of us, who participated for years in trying to “save the country” by electing Republicans, or Libertarians, or Tories. We all come to our senses at varying rates. For myself, I was actually paid good money for 14 years to elect American “conservatives” and help them govern. In the dead of night, in our cups, we sometimes whispered the awful truth that, really, we were trying to slow and manage a decline.

    The Right can’t “save” Europe anymore than Ronald Reagan could “save” the US. He and Thatcher did manage to increase morale for awhile. but the Welfare/Warfare Permanent State ploughed on only slightly below the surface. Techo-Eco-Historical forces are at work that can’t be voted out. The future has many wonderful possibilities, but so does an obese man. He just has to go through some pain first.

    The future of civilization is, once again, local. Some of America’s 61 quasi-independent States in 2030 will be run, more or less, on lines that NRx, Moldbuggians and More Rightists will take to. But, to return to the point of this post, activism will not a functioning Grand Duchy of Houston make. “Politics” will only divert resources from the schwerpunkt. Preparation mental and physical, and Aristotelian action, yes, that’s where all the effort ought to be.


    VXXC Reply:

    What concept of Schwerpunkt are we using here?

    I really think NRxn should take a look at Nyan’s Sandwich [TM].

    NRxn if an analytical movement would be at most Nebenpunkte; essential supporting attack. Which happens to be what it does best. Dark Gift of analyzing Progs in the Mirror and fatally cracking the many edifices of conceit and self deception. You suddenly begin to believe your lying eyes at last.

    In fact it’s about the only thing it does at all. Does.

    As to laying down and dying or sitting back watching the horror show with popcorn kindly explain when you did either. Personally. You were there. No. Nor will you.

    A person might lay down and die but it won’t be with detached irony.

    The kind of person who watched gleefully with popcorn doesn’t bother with the internet.

    I don’t ask NRxn to act in terms of well decisive action, but it can utilize it’s Dark Gift, bought into existence of course by Yarvin and not ..us…with exception of Admin and “Dark Enlightenment.” When the Lights of the Enlightenment were first turned on they went and conquered the earth, the waves, the skies even reaching out to the stars.

    We are being told to lay down and die. There are of course precedents. There’s also unfinished business. That it’s with dead men and dead reigns doesn’t matter, we’re available.

    In Male Fides. We cannot accept this counsel. Sorry. Take another look at Nyan Sandwiches Analytics NebenPunkte. That’s positive and plays to Dark Gift.


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    The schwerpunkt is the mind, in this particular battle. Action v. activism is learning how to hit a dinner plate at 25 metres with your Glock v. going to CPAC.


    VXXC Reply:

    eh depending on whether metaphorical or literal I can conditionally endorse this message.

    No of course I don’t mean the GOP or normal politics. They’ve quite sewed that up, and themselves inside it.

    admin Reply:

    Exactly so.

    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 5:11 pm Reply | Quote
  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Masterly neoreinaction?

    King Coolidge?


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    reinaction. contains the word ‘rein’, which is an archaic word for the will or desire.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    You’re a man of my kidney.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 5:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    I don’t get it.

    Who cares about whether France’s economy gets a little more efficient or a little less efficient? The French clearly aren’t interested in becoming hyper-capitalists (they’d rather take time off and enjoy life), so they’re going to remain a disappointment in that regard. Unless you think that you can force them to become committed hyper-capitalists somehow?

    On the other hand, important stuff is at stake in other issue areas. Like whether or not France will remain a recognizably French country.

    When it comes to “optimizing France for intelligence”, hyper-capitalism is off the table. It’s not wanted, it’s not happening. The question that is on the table is, to what extent will France be a French socialist country and to what extent will France be an Arab / African socialist country?

    When it comes to optimizing for intelligence, one of these choices is clearly superior to the other. And the question is pretty important because while economic policy can be reversed, genetic policy is semi-permanent.

    So if the French choose the better option, that’s good, right?


    Hurlock Reply:

    I am curious, when you guys use the word socialist, do you even know what it means?


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    No, not really.

    There is the poly sci definition, then there is the techno-commercialist definition which, as you no doubt recall, defines any sort of mixed economy or regulated capitalism as socialism.

    To quote admin in this very post “ENR-style ethno-socialism”.

    It doesn’t really matter which version we’re using though, the point remains: Who cares whether the French economy gets a little worse or a little better? It’s going to remain within a certain boring and conventional window.

    But there are interesting issues at play, ones where radical and positive changes are imaginable, if not likely. Ones that could dramatically change the picture of dysgenics in France and Europe as a whole.

    Not seeing how that’s bad.


    admin Reply:

    “… radical and positive changes are imaginable … that could dramatically change the picture of dysgenics in France and Europe as a whole.” — OK, I know you qualified this, but if you find it even remotely plausible I’m going long on snake-oil stocks.

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    Polls indicate that current levels of immigration (and numbers of immigrants) are exceedingly unpopular among the “European mob”. 71% of the British mob said “There are too many immigrants in Britain”.

    Moderate-right populist / demotic civic nationalist demagoguery may be distasteful, but if demotism is worth anything then demagogues with the mob behind them ought to be able to exert some pressure on this issue.

    I think we’ll see populism defeated by elite progressives, proving the impotence of the mob once again, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. Even if they only manage to reduce to the inflow of immigrants, the demographic effects will be significant in the long run.

    Hurlock Reply:

    [b] Ethno-nationalist philosophy has nothing to do with reactionary philosophy [/b]

    First of all placing your faith in the mob is foolish (and demotic). It’s the mob. They will sell you out the moment someone promises them more goodies. You do not appease the mob, you whip the mob. That’s something that true reactionaries realize and nationalists don’t.
    You can use the mob to get to power, but you can as easily lose that power if you forget that the mob is, regardless of all ethno-nationalist romantic sentiments, a mob.

    Of course the mob wants less immigration. The mob will always want less immigration because they want their life to be easier. Something you will find out about the mob however, they don’t want modernity to end. Modernity gave them their very own welfare state. Why would you like that to go away? The mob only wants you to close the borders so that only they can get to be useless proles and claim benefits. Sure, Le Pen might prevent dysgenics from massive immigration, but will she prevent dysgenics from socialism? I don’t think so. She is a standard ethno-socialist. And this makes her a child of modernity. Nationalism is a modern invention. If someone thinks he is more “rectionary” than someone like me, or our host here, because he is more nationalist than us, he is kidding himself.

    Ethno-nationalists say the care about their nation so much and that we are “culturless shekel-worshippers” (or something of the sort). Irony is, that if they were to follow our reccommendations, they would solve their immigration problems just as easily. You think anyone will want to migrate to Britain if there is no welfare state there? Yes, there will be such people, but current immigration will drop by something like 95%. Same goes for any other western european country. And it would also prevent the decadence of your own nation. But as I said, the mob doesn’t want that. And because of that ethno-nationalists like Le Pen don’t want that either. They are not a solution to the problems of modernity that reactionaries identify. They are part of those problems. You think it a coincidence that nationalists used to be the greatest enemies of kings, aligned with communists and anarchists?
    Ethno-nationalists of course try to sound like genuine reactionaries, so they say stuff like “we hate capitalism because it’s part of our unpleasant modernity”, while at the same time advocating nationalism and socialism. I laugh at such people. They are about as reactionary as Lenin was. “Socialism for me, but not for thee” is their motto. And how is that reactionary?
    So can someone explain to me what is so reactionary about ethno-nationalists and why is there any reason to celebrate their demotic victories in Europe?
    The despised capitalists are despised because they are not demotic. Of course the mob doesn’t like them. But they are at least not lying through their teeth.

    VXXC Reply:

    Not a Frenchman but endorse this message. France should be for Frenchmen. Germany should be for Germans, Scandinavia for the respective Scandinavians and so on.

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    Response will be limited because FN isn’t the right wing kind of ethno-nationalism, if it’s even ethno-nationalist at this point, which is not entirely clear. I’m not going to claim they’re more right wing than anybody.

    But they may still be useful.

    “Le Pen might prevent dysgenics from massive immigration, but will she prevent dysgenics from socialism”

    I don’t like very much of FN’s program, but they have potential on the one issue that really matters. Any dysgenics from socialism absolutely pale in comparison to the dysgenics from mass immigration of the sort that is currently occurring.

    It’s a difference of an order of magnitude. Low IQ Europeans in “socialist” countries aren’t really having all that many children either. There is research to suggest that fertility may actually be slightly eugenic (rather than dysgenic) in some of the Scandinavian countries. Jayman quotes a fertility rate of 1.9 for educated Danish women vs 2.0 for less educated Danish women here:


    But even if we assume some dysgenics from socialism are occurring, it’s a rather slow process and it is difficult to imagine how anything can be done about it, until the whole thing ends.

    On the other hand, HBD tells us that the dysgenic impact of the kind of mass immigration that is occurring in France is absolutely cataclysmic. To the point where there won’t be much worth saving if current trends continue for long enough.

    And there may be some potential for change on this issue, although it’s a long shot.

    So, you should be cheering for the victory of Ethno-Communism in Europe because it could dramatically alter the genetic stock that will be available in the future. In a few hundred years when progressivism has collapsed and techno-commercialism rules the world, techno-commercialist overlords might be able to do something useful with the current genetic stock of Europe. But they won’t be able to get much use out of the current genetic stock of say North Africa. 85 IQ hominids are likely to be pretty much obsolete. And it’s possible that the genetic stock of Europe will start looking a lot more like that of North Africa… if current trends continue.

    Ethno-Communism may not be optimization for intelligence but it has the potential to dramatically reduce the destruction of existing forms of intelligence. And it’s happening right now.

    nydwracu Reply:

    Socialist dysgenics? Germany has capitalist dysgenics. La Wik:

    The Mikrozensus done in 2008 revealed that the number of children a German woman aged 40 to 75 had, was closely linked to her educational achievement.[7] In Western Germany the most educated women were the most likely to be childless. 26% of those groups stated they were childless, while only 16% of those having an intermediate education, and 11% of those having compulsory education stated the same. In Eastern Germany however, only 9% of the most educated women of that age group and only 7% of those who had an intermediary education were childless, while 12% of those having only compulsory education were childless.

    The reason for that east-western difference is the fact that the GDR had an “educated mother scheme” and actively tried to encourage first births among the more educated. It did so by propagandizing the opinion that every educated woman should “present at least one child to socialism” and also by financially rewarding its more educated citizen to become parents. The government especially tried to persuade students to become parents while still in college and it was quite successful in doing so. In 1986 38% of all women, who were about to graduate from college, were mothers of at least one child and additional 14% were pregnant and 43% of all men, who were about to graduate from college, were fathers of at least one child. There was a sharp decline in the birth rate and especially in the birth rate of the educated after the fall of the Berlin wall. Nowadays only 5% of those about to graduate from college are parents.

    The more educated a Western German mother aged 40 to 75 is, the less likely she is to have a big family.

    Isn’t that interesting? The closer to the progressive consensus Germany gets, the more dysgenic the reproduction-patterns get. (Unless the policies of Satan were less eugenic than those of the Commies, but that doesn’t strike me as likely.)

    admin Reply:

    @ aiat, nydrwracu — I’m not blocking out what you guys are saying, it’s obviously a crucial aspect of reality. I’d interpret it as a perceptive angle on the Monkey Trap, but that doesn’t provide any answers.

    admin Reply:

    I don’t really care what the French do. Other than a tiny expat elite, they’re screwed anyway. My concern is with NRx, and the credibility at stake in identifying with ENR-type idiocy.


    VXXC Reply:

    @ Admin well yes your credibility or if you prefer NRxn credibility. So denounce, fission off into whatever and make the lines clear and public. Comments can be denounced and moderated and so on. Well established mechanisms and precedents for accomplishing one’s credibility.

    Which doesn’t justify the rest of us having to make a suicide pact.

    We can form whatever alliances we need to survive with perfect justice of self defense.

    I already have said over and over that NRxn needs to be the analytics to steal from Nyan’s sandwich, earlier “attack Attack Attack” and so on. It can quite be analytics and not be a movement or activism at all, never mind ally with Godwin’s Baslik and so on. That accomplishes your purpose.

    You seem to be saying Nrx staying “pure” ** is more important than the survival of Europe. No, wrong not even close. Europe, America, Japan, Boers and all the rest can and should do whatever is necessary to survive.

    **if you want to be pure then never mention or discuss the affairs of men.**


    RorschachRomanov Reply:

    “You seem to be saying Nrx staying “pure” ** is more important than the survival of Europe”

    Claiming that the ENR will be the condition of possibility of the survival of Europe is to operate from within the very presupposition in question- in other words, Land seems to be reminding us of the story of Judas- things didn’t end well.

    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 5:42 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    Interesting. Under pressure Atavsim happens.

    For instance returning to core Prog Faith that White Europeans defending themselves from open and declared slow motion but picking up speed genocide = Hitler.

    There are other options. Many. However if it comes to cases the Will to Live will, Will WILL have you not just pulling the lever but rooting for the little guy. In this case the little guy with the Charle Chaplin moustache.

    The only popping sound will be self-delusions evaporating with little pops.

    Then end of the New Deal Progressive Global Empire is not, isn’t, =/= does not mean the end of civilization. Or of it’s component countries.

    PS if Europe has gotta go out anyway it’s Doomed~!! then shouldn’t it go out with a Xanthian Bang?


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 6:13 pm Reply | Quote
  • Mai La Dreapta Says:

    Are we allowed to engage in a little schadenfreude, at least? It’s hard to not be delighted at the progressive hellscape coming to an end, even if the poop-flinging monkeys are the ones who do it. I don’t delude myself to think that a society run by UKIP or the National Front would be remotely functional, but I can still root for the reaper.


    admin Reply:

    “Are we allowed to engage in a little schadenfreude, at least?” — Even a lot of Schadenfreude is OK as far as this blog is concerned.


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  • VXXC Says:

    The fate of England or France isn’t my concern.

    However it would hardly be more dysfunctional.

    In point of fact if it were America I’d be hopeful. Smart rednecks know how to run things, when they don’t they will stop. Since most of what the uberminds are attempting is impossible it shouldn’t be tried, normal people wouldn’t try it.

    In any of these cases yes a return to power of the normal by whatever means would of course be disasterous to the ruling elites and the Cathedral.

    Which is who’s world is actually ending.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    Well well. While I was checking the correct spelling of nebenpunkte I came across this gem of the recent past about 5GW. 5th generation warfare, you win without fighting by deceit of your opponent. Frank Underwood for instance would love it, if he existed.

    What’s interesting is the tie into Boyd’s patterns of conflict. 5GW as actual war was considered then dismissed. It might generously be called Richard III statecraft.

    But it’s interesting for gems like this…

    Slide 11 – Boyd’s patterns of conflict.

    “Diminish adversary’s capacity for independent action, or deny him the opportunity to survive on his own terms, or make it impossible for him to survive at all.

    Commentary: In limited 5GWs, removing the enemy’s “capacity for independent action” is the goal. Specifically, the fighter tries to entangle the enemy into a web of obligations that effectively reharmonize the enemy, without the enemy knowing that he has “conditionally surrendered.”

    Boyd’s Patterns of Conflict



    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    “exit in place”

    did you know that Monastics in the East must have no personal debts before they become novices?


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 7:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alfred Says:

    So, the popcorn thing was inelegantly put, but my point is that it’s a hopeful sign that the end of the Enlightenment era may be coming and I honestly feel like the end (and concurrent restoration) will contain much less in the way of fire and brimstone that many seem to fear.

    So, I’m just joining the chorus here, by saying instead of “trying to do something about it”, let’s just watch and see what happens and hope for the best.


    VXXC Reply:

    Yes well watch what happens at a minimum safe distance of 300 miles. Any closer and you need to move again as soon as able.

    That’s the veteran soldier advice. 100 miles for instance doesn’t justify more than a few hours rest before you run again. We can be there in the morning. Sooner. That’s just rapid movement over ground, I’ve done it. Not alone of course.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    I admit a head/heart divide on this. I cheer ANY response to the Cathedral (the Identarians intrigue me but don’t know enough about them) but intellectually agree with NeoVic that we’ve been here before. The latest is a less vigorous effort against a more energized adversary in an even more advanced state of decay. It also feeds the progs what they most desire– a “them!” they can focus their hate on which doesn’t have the vitality to resist them.

    I see a more probable course of successful response borne out of prog entropy. Until the swollen beast succumbs of its own ‘success’ we won’t see a return to reason. I also see the wisdom of ‘inaction’ but can see where VXXC– a warrior spirit– would instinctively push back. I’m reminded of the Republic-era Roman senators who remained in the city to face the inevitable barbarian sack– doomed yet resolved to demonstrate Roman resolve and dignity. Yes– they all died– but their sacrifice was wreathed in portent– that Roman values had more meaning than the transient invading culture could offer. I doubt any of us will live to see a restoration– but the seeds will have been planted. I’d rather bet on those seeds than the electoral fates of UKIP or NF.

    ps VXXC– thanks for the link– fascinating presentation with implications for NRx


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    I think you’re right. The Progs have to win in order for them to ultimately lose. I’ll put the popcorn back down now. I’m less excited.


    admin Reply:

    The ENR are simply rough progs, so you can pick the popcorn up again.


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    I agree, but the “acceptable” progs will call them us and blame us for it and use that as fuel for a little while longer.

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  • Erich Luna Says:

    Techno-Commercialism has to be against any kind of collectivization, whether right or left-wing (following the Austrian predicaments).

    The nostalgic of right wing populism is just a mere cry for another Cathedral because the actual one is not suitable for their territorial beliefs. Reject a progressivist Big Ontotheological Other to replace it with a “righter” one.

    The refusal of unleashing capitalism in favor of certain national groups not only will be more than expensive in the future. It will be useless because human mercantilization already on the boat.

    We can paraphrase and say that capitalism has interest that do not coincide with those of the living, regardless their ethnic or social desires.

    The true “moldbugean” move should be to pursuit not the preservation of traditional blood and soil, but their inevitable privatization.


    VXXC Reply:


    “Reject a progressivist Big Ontotheological Other to replace it with a “righter” one.”

    No actually that’s the oft stated goal and dream of Neo-Reaction. They want the corner office and the Cathedral intact working for them.

    The Banished Coders and white intellectuals of Eve = Neoreaction. Or it wouldn’t have happened.


    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    “They want the corner office and the Cathedral intact working for them.”

    That I think is the nub of what has Foseti…dis-satisfied with the direction things have taken.

    Some (many?) clearly do want that. They’re basically reactionaries in the sense of being late 19th century Wilsonian Progs, with the vestigal democratic element stripped away (Wilson’s branch of Progressivism clearly wanted top-down, elite-controlled demos, focused on expressions of approval towards one single leader. They couldn’t say out loud that what they really wanted was Progressive Authoritarianism. Thus: The Cathedral we know and loathe today).

    Now, Wilsonian-era progs were ethno-nationalists to the core. They clearly did not see that their fundamental underlaying beliefs would ultimately lead their cladistic descendents into transnationalist hell; but given that Wilsonian-era progs were “UUist”/Cryptocalvinist/PP/ecumenical postmils – well, the fatal seed was already embedded in their underlaying values/beliefs.

    Plus, what would *become* the Wilsonian branch of Progressivism very much admired the Prussian Model before WWI came along (where they became rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth “defense of democracy” types. Which fact NRx-ers who essentially adopt the late 19th/early 20th century Cathederal-Progressivism, minus this element, will say this analysis is wrong). If Wilson could have been a Hohenzollern Monarch, he would have preferred that.

    For all the reasons this branch of NRx drops the vestigal democratic part and just retains the rest of the program. To include the corner office, and the Cathedral re-purposed to serve their ends (the excuse is always “well, there will always be something like The Cathedral” – hmmmn….I would need more proof of that. Especially since almost all of us, near unanimously, see this whole thing as a uniquely invidious & destructive phenomenon of the Modern Structure).

    I mean, sure, it is reactionary in the sense of rolling back to what existed 100 years and making a few modest alterations. But it’s hard for people like Foseti (who I admire greatly) to have much enthusiasm and confidence in such a mission.


    Hurlock Reply:

    This reminds me that I saw Anissimov say on twitter a few days ago, that he doesn’t consider Wilson a progressive.

    Here: https://twitter.com/MikeAnissimov/status/472965056569675776

    Even the New Deal is not “properly” leftist to him.
    Tells you a lot, really.

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  • fotrkd Says:



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  • cthulhu 2016 Says:

    Bruce Wayne: Targeting me won’t get their money back. I knew the mob wouldn’t go down without a fight, but this is different. They crossed the line.

    Alfred Pennyworth: You crossed the line first, sir. You squeezed them, you hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.

    Bruce Wayne: Criminals aren’t complicated, Alfred. Just have to figure out what he’s after.

    Alfred Pennyworth: With respect Master Wayne, perhaps this is a man that *you* don’t fully understand, either. A long time ago, I was in Burma. My friends and I were working for the local government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders by bribing them with precious stones. But their caravans were being raided in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit. So, we went looking for the stones. But in six months, we never met anybody who traded with him. One day, I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing them away.

    Bruce Wayne: So why steal them?

    Alfred Pennyworth: Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 9:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • fotrkd Says:

    The meaning of our cheerfulness.— The greatest recent event—that “God is dead,”‘ that the belief in the Christian god has become unbelievable—is already beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe. For the few at least whose eyes—the suspicion in whose eyes is strong and subtle enough for this spectacle, some sun seems to have set and some ancient and profound trust has been turned into doubt; to them our old world must appear daily more like evening, more mistrustful, stranger, “older.” But in the main one may say: The event itself is far too great, too distant, too remote from the multitude’s capacity for comprehension even for the tidings of it to be thought of as having arrived as yet. Much less may one suppose that many people know as yet what this event really means—and how much must collapse now that this faith has been undermined because it was built upon this faith, propped up by it, grown into it; for example, the whole of our European morality. This long plenitude and sequence of breakdown, destruction, ruin, and cataclysm that is now impending—who could guess enough of it today to be compelled to play the teacher and advance proclaimer of this monstrous logic of terror, the prophet of a gloom and an eclipse of the sun whose like has probably never yet occurred on earth?

    Even we born guessers of riddles who are, as it were, waiting on the mountains, posted between today and tomorrow, stretched in the contradiction between today and tomorrow, we firstlings and premature births of the coming century, to whom the shadows that must soon envelop Europe really should have appeared by now—why is it that even we look forward to the approaching gloom without any real sense of involvement and above all without any worry and fear for ourselves? Are we perhaps still too much under the impression of the initial consequences of this event—and these initial consequences, the consequences for ourselves, are quite the opposite of what one might perhaps expect: They are not at all sad and gloomy but rather like a new and scarcely describable kind of light, happiness, relief, exhilaration, encouragement, dawn.

    Indeed, we philosophers and “free spirits” feel, when we hear the news that “the old god is dead,” as if a new dawn shone on us; our heart overflows with gratitude, amazement, premonitions, expectation. At long last the horizon appears free to us again, even if it should not be bright; at long last our ships may venture out again, venture out to face any danger; all the daring of the lover of knowledge is permitted again; the sea, our sea, lies open again; perhaps there has never yet been such an “open sea.”— (Nietzsche, The Gay Science, 1882)


    (The bottom, it has to be noted, is a very long way down.)


    VXXC Reply:

    At last death by syphillis…for us and our entire race…what more could one ask for?


    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 10:22 pm Reply | Quote
  • georgesdelatour Says:



    Posted on June 3rd, 2014 at 10:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    The end of the New Deal globally won’t be pretty and will I think have plenty of blood and fire.

    But it’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of a system of rule not even a century old.

    Nor does it mean that doing nothing in life = achievement. Especially when terrible events are afoot. Nothing = Nothing.

    As to the Progs must win first they won in 1945. In 1991 when the danger was past they went on a looting spree along with a plunge into headlong degeneracy they’d only been toying with up until the fall of the USSR.

    Now we’re out at least $100 Trillion in the Western World the last 5 years and it’s probably more, there will be another global conflagration.

    However there isn’t any reason to believe that the scum in power today won’t be the scum tomorrow absent their physical removal. Problems don’t fix themselves.

    I actually agree with Nyan’s Sandwich on Analytics or Menciism as NBS is calling it.

    I prefer Moldbuggery but that’s nit picking.


    Posted on June 4th, 2014 at 12:02 am Reply | Quote
  • VXXC Says:

    Actually 5GW may be what’s being done in the West, although the real damage is Ponzi Finance and Moral. 5GW may in particular apply to the Official Press.

    There’s no point in not calling them the Official Press now.


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    Hoping for the success of the right wing in the EU perhaps springs from a desire for a break from the gleeful descent into horror. Conservatives think that the ratchet can be turned, but Neoreacitonaries realize that the progressive decline will inevitably continue until it finally stops. The desire for a President Romney, or Prime Minister LePen is a plea for a temporary respite from the degradation of great nations.

    In any case, calls for more political activism in Neoreaction is way premature. Neoreactionary solutions are pretty piecemeal and tentative at this point and time. At best, Neoreaction has a comprehensive toolset for deprogramming blue pill thinking but there is no clear next step.

    Frankly, I think we are going to have to bide our time. the final death throes of the global political system probably has a good 10 to 20 year to go. If we are in Strauss and Howe’s Fourth Turning, at best the 25 year Fourth Turning winter began on 9//11, and we are halfway through it. At worst, the Fourth turning began in 2007/2008, and there are two full decades of chaos ahead of us.

    From my point of view, the main things to do is 1) recruit 2) network 3) develop and defend communities and 4) develop solutions. To date, we have a good start on 1 and tentative ideas on 4, but have neglected 2 and 3.

    Neoreactionares should model themselves from those who manage to swim in progressive waters, without downing in contemporary culture. Potential role models include the Mormons and the Amish. Both groups have alternative cultural institutions that provide emotional and financial support for their communities. The gravitational pull of these alternative cultural amenities is strong enough to overcome the gravitational force of the progressive program.

    Neoreactionaries need to network. In the short term, develop private communication channels where neoreactionies can move beyond their handles and get to know each other as real people (in private and encrypted channels). In the longer term, begin to build social institutions for neoreacitonares. Henry Dampier and Nick B Steves have both brought up the idea of Neoreactionary private societies. With time, these could evolved into regionally networked fraternal organizations for Neoreactionaries. These organizations could provide organization and training in a variety of traditional skills (I.e. gardening, beekeeping, brewing, fabrication) as well as self defense. Instead of immigrating over seas, or moving to a compound in the hills, Neoreactionares could establish targeted neighborhoods in major cities for potential settlement. SImply having 10 other neoreactionary families within a 2 mile radius could do a tremendous among to improve group security, counter propagandize our children, and actually have F2F friendships with the like minded.

    With such an approach, neoreactionaries try to live well while the ride through the storm. Over time our numbers will grow, and our solutions will improve, and when the time is ripe, we may be well suited to play a role in shaping the terms of the eventual peace.

    There is no need to rush, but we do need to get moving….


    Chris B Reply:

    That direction has a lot to say for itself. The question is whether it would need to be a secret society of sorts, as our prog system is very tolerant of non white alternative cultures, but spends it’s time pounding white alternative cultures (unless they are perceived as weak by the progs, but that’s a whole other story). The Amish manage to deal with progism by pretty much refusing to industrialize (anyone seeking to create a non capitalist monarchy should take note of that and appreciate that technological advancement and what we term capitalism are intertwined, though I would be open to counter argument if you argue you would set the community up with hyper intelligent people with an obsession for discovery – but they would need resources supplied to them so would not be self sufficient, so back to the capitalism/ material thing).
    As for the Mormons – Harry Reid wtf?

    If it is secret, I have some rules –
    The first rule of neoreaction is: you do not talk about neoreaction. The second rule of neoreaction is: you do not talk about neoreaction.


    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:

    I don’t think you need to go full blown secret society, but it is quite easy now to have “secretive” social groups. Perhaps the public face of the group is traditional crafts, or whatever. Or a “book club” or a workout group. The difference would be that the entire membership would be recruited through private Neoreactionary information channels. If you are on “Nrxbook” you could get wired in on regional (and eventually local) neoreactionary doings.

    The mormons are a good example – many major cities have a mormon community, but they hide in plain sight. They have canning collectives, their kid social programs, and even a communal charity system, but it all flies beneath the radar. In suburbia, you can easily blend in as long as you publicly display the proper middle class values. This is trivial for most neoreactionaries to achieve.

    Again, we are not plotting the overthrow of the government. We are simply waiting for the burning times that will inevitably come. Those Korean shop owners during the LA riots had their clan up on the rooftops, defending their stores. We need to develop our clans and our own lines of mutual loyalty and mutual defense.


    Posted on June 4th, 2014 at 1:33 am Reply | Quote
  • Chris B Says:

    The idea of cutting and disconnecting with the modern world and setting up a pre-industrial aristocracy is pretty much Islamism. Go read Sayid Qutb’s signposts (if you can put up with the constant praise Allah sctick) – http://www.izharudeen.com/uploads/4/1/2/2/4122615/milestones_www.izharudeen.com.pdf

    If you go down this road, and say for example isolate yourself like Iran did, then the leftist world system will pound on you like a 1,000 pound Gorilla. At best you could hide under the orbit of Russia, but this would infuriate the leftists even more and turn you into a proxy warzone (I’m also suspect regarding Russia at present). The only way this would work is if you had world wide anarchy and no existing poles of power. -Does this not hint that you should be concentrating on helping to bring about this anarchy (Bitcoin, 3d printing, alternate info sources than the cathedral, anything undermining the current power structure) and work to put your power center slap bang in the middle of this technological innovation, so that when the Cathedral cracks you can capitalize.

    Sure if you want to plan for a colony in Idaho then by all means, but would it not make more sense to have a number of different streams of action and thinking on the cook at the same time? why not have some ambition? exit / dominate – why one or the other? why not both?

    In addition, I have been watching UKIP closely and know someone involved with them. I would not put much hope in them beyond helping to alienate and confirm the bankruptcy of democracy. They are very willing to accommodate progressiveness in their search for power. Best case scenario is that they get 25% plus of the votes and no MPs, really alienate the supporters against democracy (the little games played by the electoral committee, the inhabitants of Tower Hamlets and the other three parties can only help).


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  • NRx_N00B Says:

    With globalization being the zero-sum game that it is eventually it would have to end with some sort of asymmetric collapse, accompanied by a whole bunch of poop flinging, soup kitchens and millions of armor piercing rounds.


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  • scientism Says:

    Capitalism vs. welfarism/socialism is a (very) minor squabble among progressives. Individualism vs. collectivism, likewise, is a (very) minor squabble among progressives. The Far Right vs. the establishment has, at least, the virtue of being somewhat less minor a squabble and so slightly more interesting to watch. Plus, there’s goose-stepping.


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  • northanger Says:



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  • Chris B Says:

    Slightly off topic, but following from a reading of this – http://www.e-ir.info/2014/06/01/visions-of-a-techno-leviathan-the-politics-of-the-bitcoin-blockchain/

    I did a little digging into the Cody WIlson character out of curiosity and came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3zx8kyVtGM which is very interesting/ funny, as he seems all over the place philosophically (constantly banging on about revolution and Marx), but does make the link between progressives and Calvinism and the current democratic system (he even notes progressives are kind of religious).


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  • Brian Says:

    White nationalism, French nationalism, German nationalism, etc. are well established traditions. It was clear from the beginning that “neoreaction” was not one of these things. It would be entirely superfluous if it were.

    There are white, French, German, etc. nationalists who read neoreactionary writings and enjoy doing so, but who identify as nationalists and feel no compulsion to identify as neoreactionaries or to possess the label “neoreaction” since it’s not the same thing.

    However, there seem to be some nationalists who feel compelled to identify with or hold on to the label. It’s understandable that some may want an alternative label for public consumption, especially in many social contexts today, but if that’s the case there should be some amicable way of divying up or devising new labels.


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  • Chris B Says:

    Around your neck of the woods isn’t it?


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  • Chris B Says:

    “The moon-base project would involve mobile printers scooping up moon dust for use as “ink” in the construction of base camps in off-world colonies. The efficiencies this would bring could reduce the cost of space travel significantly.”



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  • VXXC Says:

    One cannot put American politics in the same category as any other nation.

    American politics are about conquest and plunder, and the great unconquered and unsubjugated race are Americans.

    All American politics centers around that unresolved question. For they inherited an Empire over all men but their own people. The Hatred they feel for us is rooted in their deep rage that all the world pays them tribute and bends the knee but their own do not know their place.


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  • Lightning Round – 2014/06/11 | Free Northerner Says:

    […] warning against right-wing democratic politics. Related: Another […]

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  • Tactic of Dilution, Tactic of Infiltration, Deliberate Misidentification of a Principle with Its Representatives | More Right Says:

    […] The points about nationalism address what Nick Land discusses here. […]

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  • We’re all Atlanteans here | The Mitrailleuse Says:

    […] good reactionary should be comfortable with.Most of the neoreactionaries aren’t stupid enough to fall for this. Nick Land, who’s inveighed against “ethno-socialism” before, […]

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