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  • Handle Says:

    It’s even more fascinating to see the pictures of Zimmerman look-alike Hispanics in what goes for ‘protests’ these days wielding their “Injustice courtesy of this Racist System” placards. The lack of ethnic solidarity cries out for an explanation. It’s more like class solidarity, but even that is an incomplete description since some cross-class support is more purely ideological, and the whole distribution of motivation is the most unreported / unanalyzed aspect of this whole trivial circus (trivial because there have been 20,000 US homicides from incident to verdict, and no one knows any of them but this one).

    Arnold Kling has his new book out about the three axes of political ‘language’ (or ‘pigeon-holing’). Progressives try to force everything onto an “Oppressor-Oppressed” axis, and any inter-racial incident involving a young black male identifies that black male as “oppressed” and the rest of the story writes itself (and sometimes needs a little artistic license nudge for flair and panache) in a way in which it is easy to determine which side one is supposed to be on.

    Kling says Conservatives do the same for their “Civilization-Barbarism” axis. You could alternatively call this axis Rule-of-law-vs-Anarchy, or Order-Chaos.

    But trying to combine the two axes, as I think is more apt in this context, you could have The System (Cops, Law-abiding middle class) vs The Streets (Crooks, and the thug-tolerant / glorifying underclass). The Man vs The Homies.

    A lot of people on the right support Zimmerman because they identify with The System, Law and Order, the Cops, and an ordinary lower-middle class man trying to keep his community safe from petty criminal thugs. But on the left, there are two groups – those of a higher class which support Martin because they ideologically see his class as oppressed, and those that support Martin because they see themselves as belonging to that oppressed class, the folks “kept down” by The Man.

    Victim-Ideology has a double constituency – those who see themselves as victims, and those who, while not victims themselves, hold themselves out as being champions of the oppressed. Basic Law-and-Order Conservatism only has one audience – themselves.


    admin Reply:

    Perhaps the frustrations produced by this — i.e. by the supercilious indifference of the gated-community constituency to the strategic dismantling of basic social order norms — is a key driver of the Zombie Apocalypse fantasy. The image of an affluent left-leaning Whitopian being dragged from his Mercedes by a milling slow-mo riot of brain-munching cannibals fulfills a sense of Nemesis, and cosmic rightness.


    Thales Reply:

    “Zombapoc” is simple forecasting.


    admin Reply:

    There are alternative possibilities
    (a) Jesus could save us
    (b) ???
    … OK, keeping stocking up on the hollow-point ammo

    spandrell Reply:

    Brazil is still holding out. Zombies are weak against shotguns.

    fotrkd Reply:

    @ Spandrell

    Cheerful Brazil news for you (if you haven’t seen it).

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