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The moderators of the Outer Right information exchange / discussion forum at /r/DarkEnlightenment are mulling an overhaul (i.e. “gutting the hell out of the … sidebar”). Any suggestions? This is a piece of dissident Cyberspace with a significant defining role.

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  • Piano Says:

    I thought we all decided somewhere that subreddits weren’t the way to go, that they’re particularly unsuited towards anything neoreactionary. I forgot what the conversation was exactly, but easy entryism, the encouragement to dumb-down things, and the ultimate lack of control of the forum (belongs to reddit, not any one of us) were main points. The /r/neoreaction subreddit is dumb, and “Dark Enlightenment” is wayy to Im14andThisIsEdgy for the reddit crowd. Both should be made “private” and have a link to a NRx canon page in the blurb below the “this subreddit is private” image. Then, don’t use them.


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  • peppermint Says:

    no one ever reads the sidebars. what belongs there is links to articles that people can copypaste into replies to comments from outside trolls. If /r/darkenlightenment needs a glossary, put it in the wiki, that’s what it’s there for.

    I suggest eliminating votes in neoreactionary subs, and possibly also eliminating comments. NRx needs a system of blogs with comments attached to the blogs so the authors of blog posts can hear feedbacks and take them into consideration; comments on reddit are not on the posts themselves.

    /r/niggers was a great subreddit; what reddit was made for. Really, when they deleted /r/niggers, they should have just folded.

    Anyway, Reddit might be the beginnings of Moldbug’s plan to put trusted people in charge of every topic. But while lots of intelligent people waste time on reddit, reddit is probably not the best place for serious NRx discussion. It’s actually a lot like DailyKos, but more demotic. is okay, but the best way to keep track of your favorite NRx blogs is something like feedly; make a wordpress and a disqus account to see replies to your comments.


    laofmoonster Reply:

    “>Anyway, Reddit might be the beginnings of Moldbug’s plan to put trusted people in charge of every topic.”

    StackOverflow is far better structured for this, but even they are suffering recently:

    Internet communities have a rise-peak-fall lifecycle that is difficult to stop. They need to be enticing enough to gather contributors, but repellent enough to deter deadweight. The problem in this is that enticingness is a function of popularity: the bigger the community, the more that deadweight desires to join, and the less that contributors want to join.

    Slippery slopes can sometimes be avoided by establishing a “Schelling fence” – a Schelling point that the various interest groups involved – or yourself across different values and times – make a credible precommitment to defend.

    What kind of Schelling fence on popularity can you set on a subreddit? Expert-driven subreddits like /r/AskScience and /r/AskHistorians fight a constant uphill battle.


    Steve Johnson Reply:

    “The problem in this is that enticingness is a function of popularity: the bigger the community, the more that deadweight desires to join, and the less that contributors want to join.”

    Actually the problem is a bit more subtle – what is the selection mechanism for gathering ratings selecting for? Ultimately dead weight outweighs actual contributors and the selection mechanism becomes about appealing to the dead weight (sound like a familiar problem?).

    This is actually the central insight of xNR, imo – the function of any institution depends entirely on how it selects the people to whom it grants authority.


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  • Reddit Shift | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • John Says:

    Whether it is the preferred medium or not, as Nrx grows there will be a subreddit dedicated to it, and that will become a point of first exposure and major gathering place for those who weren’t around when the party kicked off. Better to exert what influence we can, while we can, than pretend it isn’t going to happen.


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  • Ademonos Says:

    On the topic of reddit, has anyone considered setting up some sort of botfarm in order to control the flow of opinions and information on there? It’s easy to set up votebots with Reddit’s API, though I’m sure that in order to avoid detection when using them in greater quantities one would have to obfuscate them somewhat (lots of IP’s being necessary, perhaps, for example). One could then connect that to a master account(s), and they would upvote and downvote content proportionally to the amount of existing votes.


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  • Steve Johnson Says:


    Hey, just like the idea behind the Republican party!


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  • VXXC Says:

    Actually I hardly ever go there, but the comments went more N/L’s way as it went on…and on..and on…

    That’s Racist is a mantra with these people of truly fanatical faith. If they were Muslims they wouldn’t have prayer bruises they’d have indentations.


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  • laofmoonster Says:


    You may be thinking of this post which I wrote a few weeks ago:

    I’ve lurked on /r/new_right for a few years, and trust me when I say there is no original thought worth doing on Reddit that can’t be done better on a blog or even Twitter. It’s good for link sharing, that’s about it. Any participation on reddit on my part should be seen as a flaw rather than a precedent.


    laofmoonster Reply:

    ack, clicked the wrong “reply” link


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    Adore the river of clicks!

    Upvotes! Votes to filter and sort content is asking for problems whatever the formal admins and mods are.


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