After the counter-revolution, when the most ludicrous Lysenkoists have been cast down from power, it will be necessary to undertake a scrupulous examination of horizontal genetic transfer. Among the stream of data received from Existoon on the topic, this line of inquiry is definitely notable. The phenomenon in question is introduced well here:

Within our bodies resides a dynamic population of microbes forming a symbiotic super-organism with whom we have co-evolved. Recent investigations indicate that these microbes majorly impact on cognitive function and fundamental behavior patterns, such as social interaction and stress management. The collective microbiome comprises a myriad of bacteria of approximately 10^14 cells, containing 100 times the number of genes of the human genome. Despite evolution of this microbiome for 500 million years, only recent advances in sequencing technology have allowed us to appreciate the full complexity of the host–microbe interrelationship. The gut microbiota is a highly developed organ of immense metabolic complexity and has approximately the same weight as the human brain. It is now clear that the gut microbiota plays a key role in the life and health of the host by protecting against pathogens, metabolizing dietary nutrients and drugs, and influencing the absorption and distribution of dietary fat. However, the influence of the microbiota extends beyond the gastrointestinal tract, playing a major role in the development and functioning of the central nervous system (CNS). Among the many substances produced by the gut microbiota are key central neurotransmitters whose influence extends beyond the enteric nervous system to the brain. [See original for references.]

Under present cultural conditions, in which the imperatives for wishful thinking — and even raw, institutionally mandated dishonesty — are so extraordinary, I doubt that significant cognitive resources can be spared from the primary task of defending basic Darwinism against the aggressions of Cathedral religious ideology. That does not mean the rhizomatic (lateral-reticulated) model has been addressed with any detailed adequacy, but only that, in a ruined culture, its time has not yet come. Perhaps the Chinese can get on with it in the interim …

ADDED: Contagious insanity (via).

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  • SVErshov Says:

    there is also ideas that humans become intelligent as a result of few genes become silenced in the brain of chimpanzees. in labs it routinely done with use of adeno viruses, called gene knockouts .


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  • Rhizomes | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    There’s a lot of great potential related to stuff like this and I wish we could see some people playing around with some experimental enhancements regarding this.


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  • Hattori Says:

    That Jacobinmag article. Holy mother…
    Life truly imitates art. He really wants his imaginary commie aliens to come save us. An astrophysicist too.



    “An astrophysicist too.”

    Is he? I read the article, and there were several things that made me believe that he wasn’t. Since then, I’ve found out that the name “Keith A. Spencer” doesn’t appear to be an astrophysics grad student. I’ll justify that claim below, but what tipped me off was his terrible reasoning.

    He jumps from Hawking’s description to the claim that Hawking is just parroting some capitalist ideology, when Hawking’s original claim includes assumptions based on biology and evolution. Then he makes the claim that the anti-SETI claims are “not science” and logic by explaining the claims away with hegemony and culture. That isn’t a counter-argument, that’s an explanation. He side steps the issue of addressing the arguments, by giving us a genealogy (or you have might even say a genetic fallacy) of the arguments. Then later he says that things like competition and violence only arise from capitalism, while ignoring the entire pre-history of humans and the evolutionary history of life. He then finishes by dismissing any biological and historical counter-claims as “biological determinism” (while being a cultural determinist himself, e.g. “If we look to the way that neoliberalism has shaped our thought and culture,” and ” … not of the cultural and historical situation we live in”). But he doesn’t dismiss the biological determinism on factual or philosophical grounds (attacking either the particular case of biology being deterministic, or the concept of determinism itself), he dismisses them because of their perceived bad consequences, e.g. DATS RACIST. Again, he is side stepping the issue here while invoking a logical fallacy (appeal to consequences).

    How do you become a PhD student in Astrophysics (someone who would have been trained both in the deductive argument of mathematics, and the inductive reasoning of statistics), and end up making such terrible claims? I’d say, because he isn’t a scientist.

    Now, to justify the claim that Keith A Spencer isn’t who he says he is. Here are some anomalies:

    (1) If use the following search string:

    “Keith A. Spencer” site:edu

    You only get 8 hits on google. None of which have anything to do with astrophysics.

    (2) If you use:

    “Keith Spencer” | “Spencer Keith” site:ucsc.edu

    You only get two hits to what appear to be a student (with a middle name Aaron) from 10 years ago.

    (3) There is no hits on the campus directory for his name: http://campusdirectory.ucsc.edu/

    (4) His LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/keith-spencer/60/976/111

    Archive: https://archive.today/2ffVB

    backs up the VERITAS claim, and the undergraduate claim (but it is from Oberlin as a Bachelor of Arts in 2007 and 2009). Nevertheless, there is nothing on there about being a current student at Santa Cruz. In fact, his background is nearly all entirely in social media and politics. He even worked for the Democratic Socialist party as the head of their social media. He also claims to have a Master of Arts, not in anything STEM either. But in “literary and cultural studies.”

    (5) There is a claim from 10 years ago that he was still a student at UC Santa Cruz: http://www.accelerating.org/ac2005/attendees.html#spencer

    (6) He has a chip on his shoulder about his undergraduate degree being from Oberlin (the “bourgeoisie” made fun of him for a physics degree from Oberlin): http://www.dissentmagazine.org/blog/buying-your-way-to-the-top-a-cadillac-education

    At minimum the evidence suggests the following conclusions:

    (C1) He was a physics undergraduate from Oberlin obtaining a bachelor of arts via (4).

    (C2) He was involved in physics somehow at Santa Cruz 10 years ago — mostly likely as an undergraduate student — but currently isn’t there via (2), (4), and (5).

    (C3) He is less a scientist, and more a political lapdog for the cathedral via (4), (6), and being published in Jacobin.

    [Some evidence for Keith Spencer’s UCSC credentials, added as a point of information.]


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  • Exfernal Says:

    Re: contagious insanity:
    and epitope drift in chronic infections:


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Genomics of schizophrenia: time to consider the gut microbiome?

    interesting review indeed. but it inconclusive on main subject of relation of gut bacteria to schizophrenia. problem is that our brain to protect it self from excessive stimulus, originated from gut bacteria or exogenous sources. Once over stimulated brain down regulate expression of related receptors. Process called receptors internalisation.

    subject of mental differences between children born in different ways is completely missleading. Most children who born in hospitals experience hypoxia related brain damage twice. First it is caused by oxytocin which is injected routinely and well known to cause hypoxia in unborn babies. Second time when baby born and still unable to breathe on his own, he/she got umbilical cord ligated immidiately after birth. If umbilical cord remain attached it will supplies oxygen reach blood from mother for 15-20 minutes. Nothing sensational here it is all well know facts deliberately ignored by medical professionals. it is main reason why we are having such retarded population in countries with advanced medical services.


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