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If this analysis is right, Romney would be sure to lose a 2016 presidential bid. “Voters will compromise on a lot of issues on Election Day but they won’t ever vote for you if they don’t like you or worse yet, think you don’t like them.” That makes him the perfect GOP candidate — delegitimating the opposition, without seizing the poisoned chalice of democratic leadership (i.e. increasingly vacuous symbolic authority). If the electorate grudgingly concede, after renewing his humiliation, he was right, but we voted against him anyway because he didn’t kiss my baby, it’s NRx gravy.

This has to be in some way related:

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  • Romney 2016 | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Aeroguy Says:

    Anyone know the best places for Presidential betting? I think Elizabeth Warren is going to sweep and I’d like to put my money where my mouth is. In primaries the old saw holds true, Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. If Hilary was a Republican she’d have already secured a primary win, but Pocahontas is a prog’s prog with anti-establishment cred. Also the Cathedral will not be able hold back their love for her. If she loses NRx is going to need to revise our diagrams of the Cathedral.


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  • Anthony Says:

    @Aeroguy, it all depends on which white man decides to run for the Democrat nomination. The Dems aren’t going to nominate a black person this time – Obama hasn’t been enough of a success, even from their own perspective, for that. If there are a bunch of white men in the race, then Hilary and Warren will be the main contenders. Similarly if there’s just one man, but he’s lame, like Kerry or Biden. But if there’s just one man, and he’s a good candidate and unafraid to hit Hilary and Warren (perhaps Manchin, or Cuomo?), the “let’s elect the first woman president” vote might split and let the man in. If Hilary declines to run, though, it’s Warren unless she completely falls apart.


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  • Anthony Says:

    People voted for Nixon in 1968, after his humiliation in 1960, but we had a different electorate then. However, Ace’s analysis probably extends into the Republican primary electorate – Romney probably can’t be nominated. Because even among Republicans who either don’t care about “likable”, or who think Romney *is* likable, being a loser is a pretty big handicap. They’ll vote for someone who says the same things as Romney, as long as it’s not Romney.


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  • Romney 2016 | Reaction Times Says:

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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    As an extra reward for following the link, we get a guest editorial by Steven Den Beste on how insane the Cathedral is.


    admin Reply:

    Yes, I almost linked that — before getting distracted. It’s great.


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  • James James Says:



    Aeroguy Reply:



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  • James James Says:

    “reform conservative”
    I like that, it’s like “reform Judaism”.

    “Reform” is such a horrible word, it makes me think of the “reformed” House of Lords.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Great, now even more uneducated people are going to find out about NRx.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    ala Moldbug, reform was a perfectly decent word until the 20th Century got hold of it.


    snorlax Reply:

    19th century; “reform” acquired its modern definition of “making an institution more leftist” with the “Great Reform Act” of 1832.


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