Savagery Management

The Left-Salafist alliance:

… the cause of Salafist Islam has come to dominate the field of armed struggle since 2001 and to be the most attractive option for people inclined to practice insurgency. Salafist Islam also melds well with the lessons in insurgency and terrorism previously taught by Marxist theoreticians such as Carlos Marighella, especially when one factors in the ideas and strategy of modern Islamist theorists such as Sayyid Qutb and Abu Bakr al Naji, author of The Management of Savagery. These concepts have also been quite attractive for many on the radical left in the West, who may go so far as to be motivated by the melding of a theory of armed revolution with an intact religious tradition, thereby even converting to Islam. It may also mean that support for jihad, particularly in Europe, may go well beyond Muslim enclaves.

This process of amalgamation between the camps of the enemy is of the very greatest advantage to the Outer Right. The model of domestic progressive ‘evolution’ is switched to one of stark foreign aggression. It thus terminates all prospect of political compromise, and integrates a single military security problem.

If the Right is incapable of recognizing what it is, it can at least consolidate against what it has to stop. It is in the ashes of this conflict that the toxic dream of political universality will have died.

The shattering of the Overton Window and the elimination of the Grayzone is the same thing.

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  • Savagery Management | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Savagery Management […]

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    The model of domestic progressive ‘evolution’ is switched to one of stark foreign aggression.

    Dear Leftists, please continue branding yourselves Other so that no one feels a sense of discontinuity or anomaly in displacing you. Signed, the Outer Right.


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  • Arkon Says:

    That’s odd because Salafism is more like the Islamic alt-right. Westerners who embrace it tend to be right wing; Salafism gives them a way to be reactionary without being accused of being a neo-nazi or a racist (see Abdur Raheem Green, Musa Cerantonio, Abdalqadir as-Sufi). A lot of them are ex-Catholics, it seems, who got sick of the liberalization and wanted something stronger. Salafism is good medicine for a white progressive; what better antitode to progressivism than the belief that every idea introduced after the 7th century is a heretical innovation that leads straight to the Hellfire?


    Tek Reply:

    Leftists acting as enablers for foreign socially conservative movements only makes sense when you realize that leftists don’t care about surviving. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics to get them to care, including analogy to the far-right. Informing a leftist that migrants from Islamic countries are largely the socially conservative hicks they hate only brown gives them pause for a while, but then the next day they will be extolling the virtues of mass immigration and cultural enrichment again.

    So, the inescapable conclusion is that leftists are quite fine with radical traditionalism (if you want to call that right wing), so long as its a foreign radical traditionalism they can use as a battering ram against domestic traditionalists. There’s nothing inherently cohesive about being right wing when you are comparing the traditionalism and social conservatism of too different cultures with different histories.


    Xoth Reply:

    The campus people haven’t thought in terms of ‘caring about survival’ in the first place. It’s not like they’re getting blown up monthly by crazed Republicans or anything. They’re just having a laugh, or attention whoring, or scrounging for tax money (or a few patreon bucks), while epatering the bourgeoisie in the most virtuous manner possible.

    Using rationalist traps of logic or principle like “democrats are the real racists”, “islamists are the real conservatives” and suchlike is like arguing with your neighbour’s cat. In order to convince, you will need to adapt the message to the recipient.


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