Scrap snaps (#1)

The Mogao Caves are located in a harsh place. (Click on images to enlarge.)




The caves shown are in the northern cluster, whose exterior features have not been defaced by reinforced concrete. The southern group has been externally ruined by Zhou Enlai (although he seems to have meant well), but its interiors are the great treasures of the site, and some are open to the public, by guided tour. Some images of southern cave interiors (reconstructions) to follow.

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  • MLR Says:

    Fascinating pictures! I’m so glad you’re getting the chance to see all this – I never got further west than … well, western Shandong, in my years there.

    Funny that of all the demotist leaders – past and present – that I can think of, “he meant well” is a phrase I’ll most easily employ for Zhou Enlai, and he leads the pack by quite a bit.


    admin Reply:

    It would be another — very strange — universe in which I was a positive fan of Zhou Enlai, but it seems quite obvious that wanton cultural destruction revolted him in a way that can’t be said for many of his comrades (Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi also excepted). He posted guards at the Tibetan Temple in Beijing to protect it from the mobs, and his Mogaoku construction seems definitely to be have been intended as protective. (It’s still hideous.)


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