Sentences (#13)

More of a substantive than a stylistic entry, but the high-impact sarcasm jolt wins it a place here:

if indeed it was the Obama administration’s brilliant ploy to kickRussia – and by geopolitical affiliation, China – out of a monetary transaction mechanism that is controlled and supervised by the US and force the two biggest challengers to US global dominance into their own (or joint) payment system, then well, congratulations: it succeeded.

The geostrategic grand mal seizure fully lives up to the hype.

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  • Sentences (#13) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “The geostrategic grand mal seizure fully lives up to the hype.”

    Good line.

    Better even if you drop Seizure…I dunno how but grabs me more with less –“The geostrategic Grand Mal fully lives up to the hype.” or “The geostrategic grand mal fully lives it’s potential…”

    Make Grand Mal a new concept of Strategic Stupidity, need to make it sound French like Coup de Main and so on…

    I’m wargaming the theft of your line if it’s not obvious.

    “In a Fit of Strategic Grand Mal, Hitler invaded Russia..” Ah..AH.

    Now all cheer up, I’m off to the Dentist soon…


    Global Tradition Reply:

    —„I’m wargaming the theft of your line”.



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  • Orthodox Says:

    Low time preference politicians take the unfolding dollar rally as a sign that they were right to kick out China and Russia, rather than the death throes of the ex-US dollar system.


    admin Reply:

    Sure, they can probably postpone the implosion for a different administration. That’s why the Outsideness strategy is the only way to go.

    “You get to sleep in the bed you made, however long it takes.”


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  • blogospheroid Says:

    When I was a child, I used to wonder why my third world country couldn’t just trade with the other third world countries and get whatever it wanted, instead of going through the first world’s “hard” currencies. It was much later that I understood trade and trust.

    The web of trust for China and Russia to trust each other is simply not there. The chinese government will not give up its current industrial base by accelerating its currency to reserve currency status. They care way more about unemployment within China.

    A possibility is that China and Europe lead the way to create a new bancor. It will depend on other countries trusting China to go through with it. Who knows what the end game is here…


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