Sentences (#15)

Nice analysis, except for the screaming. (Quite.)

ADDED: The link goes to a comment in the ZH discussion thread. It’s not directly about Yellen, let alone Santelli. I’m not treating comments that miss this as OT for XS nano-state police purposes, but they are (at least a little).

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  • Kgaard Says:

    Well she’s right, of course, and Santelli is, at the deepest level, wrong. Consider Argentina under the currency board in the 90s: They tried their damnedest to keep the Argentine peso, fixed at 1 to 1 with the US dollar, as a store of value. But they couldn’t do it. The reason is that currency is simply non-interesting-paying DEBT of the government. If the government can’t service the debts, the currency can’t continue at its pre-existing level. That’s what happened in Argentina (and why the peso is now about 13 to the dollar in the streets of Buenos Aires).

    As has been noted before, if you want a currency that is as good as gold, you simply have to do away with democracy and the pressures it creates on government fiscal policy, both on spending (too much) and taxation (too high).

    Anyway the dollar has been rising against gold for the last 2-3 years so there’s no imminent risk of the dollar becoming confetti. Dollar holders have plenty of time to buy all the gold and silver they want! Santelli can take his paycheck to the local coin dealer every other friday and convert it all into gold with no problems. I doubt he does that though …


    grey enlightenment Reply:

    @Kgaard Santelli was right about homeowners, but wrong about the dollar, which has proven to be a pretty good store of value. Pretty much anything that isn’t denominated in dollars or yuan has lost a lot of value since 2011 when converted back into dollars. Time and time again, and recent years no exception, those who preach doom and gloom are with very few exceptions, wrong.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Minus the opinions on Nassim, I have deep respect for holding strong on your opinions and providing a stable source of insightful dissent.


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  • Different T Says:

    Santelli lets himself assume that the “average man” will still have job paying him in cash in such a scenario. If only Yellen could remain behind such a veil and forego any considerations about economic/social stability.

    Et tu, Nick Land? Your support as only a pia fraus? It would at least be respectable, though your writings indicates you have no idea what you’re actually doing.

    But on to more important tests of your hypotheses…

    There is a program called “Magic City” in which a hotel owner gets in bed with a psychotic mobster. In attempting to tie up loose ends, the mobster plans to murder a hooker, so the owner tries to convince the mobster to refrain.

    Mobster: “Again, you come to me for favor. Again, you offer nothing in return. Where’s the incentive?”

    As growth appears to be slowing and the world powers appear to be positioning themselves to settle distribution resentments outside of the courtroom, Singapore is in the news as its founder passed.

    In a post regarding modern city-states, you stated:

    The most advanced models of neoreactionary social order on earth work like this (Hong Kong and Singapore), combining resilient ethnic traditions with super-dynamic techonomic performance, to produce an open yet self-protective, civilized, socially-tranquil, high-growth enclave of outstanding broad-spectrum functionality.

    To which VXXC responded:

    “yet self-protective,”
    No, no they’re not. They’re independent cities. Absent the US or a replacement protecting power they fall.
    In Hong Kong’s case they have China, and China has them

    You ignored the comment then as now. Though we may finally receive evidence of the degree to which this community really understands social conflict.


    admin Reply:

    Both Hong Kong and Singapore appear to me far more mortally threatened by internal dynamics of degeneration (reinforced by external ideo-spiritual assault) than by any kind of military challenge.


    Different T Reply:

    Both Hong Kong and Singapore appear to me far more mortally threatened by internal dynamics of degeneration (reinforced by external ideo-spiritual assault) than by any kind of military challenge.

    At this moment, your analysis is likely correct. But consider your city-states rose to prominence because of the niche provided by the last 50 years high global growth rates and ability to remain relatively free of “military challenge.” If these dynamics change…


    Different T Reply:

    Singapore is very well positioned. In the absence of empire they are no more vulnerable than ancient Athens.

    Singapore: touts their lack of natural resources as some sort of badge of honor; contains 5.5M people; entire area of less than 300sqmi

    some Gnon doesn’t care joke

    They’re smart enough to have USG as an ally

    Whether it is US or China as the ally in the scenario:

    Mobster: “Again, you come to me for favor. Again, you offer nothing in return. Where’s the incentive?”

    What is the response?

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  • Kgaard Says:

    Can’t say it’s pointing to a comment in my screen (or on my iPhone actually). Just comes up on the main ZH story …


    admin Reply:

    The ZH system probably isn’t that great, but the quote is a comment (# 5935805), and the URL confirms that.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Go here and search the page for 5935769 or 5935805:


    chedolf Reply:

    #5935769 and #5935805:


    Kgaard Reply:

    Thanks Cheldof. This worked.

    The commenter is in the right solar system but on the wrong planet. For one thing M2 is doing fine. The Fed IS successfully doing exactly what it wanted to do. (If it wasn’t the stock market would be going down, not up.)

    But his larger concern is fairly worthwhile: Deflation is the fear of developed-world governments. And they are right to be concerned. I keep thinking once virtual reality gets rolling — particularly VR porn — deflation is gonna accelerate, leading to the greatest crisis of capitalism the world has yet seen. And of course the powers that be will welcome VR porn because it will be the best way, by far, of anesthetizing excess males (to avoid further Germanwings incidents etc).

    There’s a great Youtube video showing the reactions of 6 or 7 young men and women to the first time they view VR porn. Almost without exception, they all say the same thing: This shit is dangerous. It will change the world.


    Izak Reply:

    Hey, wow!

    I speculated about this exact possibility right here on this blog, a while back.

    Good to know that I’m up there with the greats, such as the commenters on Zero Hedge.


    Hey, wait a minute…


    admin Reply:

    Ah yes, but it’s a sentence.

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  • Kgaard Says:

    Tried all these approaches … see the comment number thread system but can’t find the comment via hunting or searching. … Gotta say I’m getting kind of curious WTF this is. Can someone post the relevant comment?


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    I was going to say that the screaming was the most important part of the aesthetic


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  • BD Says:



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