Sentences (#25)

Brett Stevens interviewed by Fangorn Forest:

FF: What do you believe is the greatest problem Western Society faces today?
BS: Its imminent death.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    “commitment to pulling humanity out of its dead-end path” cryptic signaling, if death is imminent, then why bother.


    Ur-mail Reply:

    Because death is not the end. The death of a society is not the death of societies as historical phenomena and actors.


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  • OLF Says:

    Do not fear it. Embrace it.


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  • Sentences (#25) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Very cheered to see a quote from me here! But yes, the West sees the ground rushing up to hit it as some kind of performance art, and is busy shopping when it should be getting ready to either (1) fly or (2) brace for impact.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Gee could we try 3) Fight __-?


    If nothing else it would be different. And AUTHENTIC!

    We know we crave variety and authenticity not to mention entertainment…right?

    I don’t know about Europe but in America they’re quite ready for #3.

    We lack only leaders and we’re beginning to get them.


    Jefferson Reply:

    I love this in theory, but I know too many millenials to have much (any?) hope. They’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed that if they do decide to fight, it will almost certainly be for some progressive flag or another. The opportunity to fight a winning fight passed at least a generation ago, now it’s time to find like-minded families and prepare to weather whatever comes.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    Cthulhu has crashed into Western Civilization, thrown up dust and blocked out the sun. Any that would build a civilization once the dark passes (after how long?) must be content with surviving and evolving, isolated, in darkness.


    michael Reply:

    spend a lot of time in urban hipster cafes? theres a whole world outside brooklyn that might surprise you half the countries actually armed to the teeth and just waiting for a sign.Most ex military is similarly locked and ready.heres an idea why dont you geniuses come up with a solution to the ratchet and let us stupid guys worry about the dont ask dont tell defense system, trust me the easy part is taking down the cathedral militarily. whats needed is something to rally to and the technological support meaning secure communications


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Most the vets ready for a fight would see it as “restore the constitution” without any irony as to what actual restoration is, and in the name of “we the people”. Sure people know shit is deeply fucked up, but that doesn’t change the fact that the mind viruses they’re afflicted with run deep. Sure you can easily rally a bunch of people to break shit and kill people, ninjas in Africa do it all the time. The problem is that functioning institutions are a lost social tech. Either way you look at it, you have to build up new functioning institutions, “taking back” existing institutions is like taking zombies captive. I know you loved them but it’s a diseased infectious freak from which no good can come. The thing is, those zombies can’t compete with living institutions. I you want ACTION, be productive not destructive, do something the ninjas can’t, build something.

    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Your analysis correct.

    The others not based in reality.

    They don’t like the country mike, they want to be LARP Lords without the pesky Aristo fighting thingie….

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    I know too many millenials etc…

    There’s a game on…

    I’m really busy at work now….

    The kids start school next week…

    Who will feed my cats……

    I just completed level 25 of WOW and don’t have time for the real thing….

    What are we fighting for…..I want something positive….like right wing progressivism<<<<


    michael Reply:

    Im beginning to think if we want these guys to fight we are going to have to invent some really gay uniforms and decoder ring stuff.I could do without their martial expertise which they havnt if they would simply solve a couple civic and tech problems.


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  • Lucian of Samosata Says:

    Was too excited to wait for a Chaos Patch to post this.

    “Darwin will be viewed as a better economist than Adam Smith”.

    That’s probably a bit of an overstatement. Nobody’s going to diminish Smith, but the more Darwin is brought into the popular consciousness as an economist and the more Darwinist economics becomes, the more NRx the world is going to look.


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  • michael Says:

    …And yet here we are larping around discussing science fiction.Could it be DE/NRX is really some revenge of the nerds project,Or does it simply need a a NNRX to get it to raise its gaze from the galaxies in its navel to the advancing Zulus


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  • michael Says:

    AYE Captain we’ve been it with a phason blast the Klingons are coming around our bow I need time to laser weld the widget and patch her up.
    Negative Scotty this ships fundamentally flawed the design was not optimal any attempt to repair it would be an insult to empire theory its our duty to die with the ship.
    SPOCK: but captain if we patch it we can live to redesign it and restore empire honor.
    Kirk; Im surprised at you of all “people” dont see the folly in throwing good effort after bad.
    Once the klingons have defeated us they will se our wisdom and allow us to redesign a new world order.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Michael that Star Trek goof captures it.

    Listen: just stay out of the way.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Counterpoint: You’re not going to try anything. But if I’m wrong and you do, then you’ll die horribly, and no one will care.


    michael Reply:

    i have an idea i have been thinking about i know from travels and my place in idaho much of the flyover country is heavily armed and prepped already they are not militia or preppers per se but get the shit just might hit the fan ans so have sort of just stocked up more than usual. officially their politics are all over the map. They pretty much want to be left alone to raise families. I want to design an organizational structure they can adopt thats really minimal on politics but aims at keeping the lights water gas etc running, that plans for food fuel medicine etc. And most importantly communication to other groups.
    many of these men and women are bright talented people that do these things already for a living the idea they will be prepared organized and ready to accept leadership. AA which Im familiar with has a service structure thats a sort of organized anarchy which has kept it free of politics for 75 years while allowing it to grow immensely I think some modification of that will be the structure. But I want to embed some reactionary principles subtly nothing that will be attacked but enough to possibly affect a future. An example might be having separate mens and womens groups sure a few progs will object but not enough to deter people that are already naturally organized this way. Race is the third rail for a group like this but I think it will be self regulating since it the most productive people youre trying to organize. and the fact thats its non political and quite technical will bore the prog entryists but im thinking about how they might be kept out. im also thinking about how to handle security without getting a militia thing i think it might be best to be clear thats a separate outside issue that will drag the organization into politics, and assume that they will understand its to be handled off book.though I think sheriffs are certainly top of the list for recruits you want law enforcement on your side well the right kind of law which is a lot more common in out of the way places.
    But I suppose you meant if I started a revolution
    well its true odds are any patriot with a gun going postal will simply be shot by swat. But I dont think thats the final word on the situation, Consider some recent polls have found really large percentages of the citizens to be in a pre revolutionary mindset.
    5 years ago the mideast was in total lockdown and some piece of shit fruit vendor in Tunisia got his ass kicked by the cops one too many times and set himself and the mid east on fire.
    The Cathedral is not yet impervious, communication is still fairly free this wont last but it means if a revolution started they couldn’t hide it.George Washington new he couldn’t beat the Cathedral but also knew if he could stay in the field long enough they would defeat themselves armies wear out their welcome s quickly imagine cathedral troops going door to door looking for “racists” I watched it happen at ruby ridge the summer I moved to Idaho nothing brings the far left and far right together faster than the feds.
    The cathedral is quite susceptible to entry most people realize the emperor has no clothes they just dont want to be the first one to stop clapping. a full take over is not necessary just access to enough intel would do it and i hear they leave it laying around on home would be quite easy to pwn the left to help in this in fact i could think of hundreds of way to attack them non militarily if an intelligence service was set up.
    So you needn’t sacrifice your comfortable life for nothing things could be done that might even give your life meaning but if nothing is done soon they will completely lock down all communication and very little can then be done. and while people my age may escape an uncomfortable end my children and grandchildren wont.But its so easy to pretend I dont really know that for sure.

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