Sentences (#27)

Malcolm Pollack capitalizes upon a commentator’s insight:

Our commenter’s observation is spot-on: if we (correctly) understand political Leftism as a movement toward increasing disorder (in evidence of which we can present, for example, the Left’s relentless campaign to flatten and ‘equalize’ human societies, and to obliterate all of the social organism’s essential distinctions and discriminations), then Conquest’s Second Law is just a special case of the more general Second Law. (XS emphasis.)

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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    I used to think not all second laws are like that (NASLALT), but maybe I was wrong.


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  • Aeroguy Says:

    Which is why systems need to feed on outside sources of energy to sustain themselves.


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  • frank Says:

    Or rather decrease internal entropy at the cost of external entropy; sometimes through physical removal of entropic forces–helicopter rides–or historically, via war machines that function as entropy pumps.


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  • michael Says:

    I think if it were thought about there’s a long list of very explicitly right wing organizations that went left.Catholic church, us military,ford foundation come to mind.
    But what is the motivation of all this leftism.from the lefts perspective it seems people over principles, to the right the principles are proxy for the greatest number of people.Hester Pryinn vs divorce abortion population collapse pornography and latchkey children and their problems.It does seem a more spiritual outlook, do the next right thing in front of you and trust the rest to god. vs take the gods eye view. Would they agree we are sliding into disorder or think we are progressing into a finer order.For a long time we thought the distinction between the left and right was malleable blank slate man vs Paris Hilton clearly described by Marcus Aurelius.Despite HBD They seem to have found ways to override primal instincts at least conditionally. These are some of the most intelligent self interested people on the planet can George Soros Hillary Clinton et al not see the unintended consequences of of rehabilitating Hester Pryinn, The idea that only the very top of the left understands but has a hidden agenda while the rest are muddle headed doesnt satisfy the lefts movers and shakers are legion far too many very intelligent people to be dismissed as capable of blind faith, peer pressure or conspiracy.To me this is the crux of the problem and possibly the solution. WTF are they thinking? the dire consequences seem so sure one would think Clinton and Soros would use their power to turn the ship instead of increasing speed. Hard as it is to believe can there be a Illuminati lol. Sailor and Conquest think among others think conspiracy are the rule not myth. But that leaves a lot of really dumb >125 liberals support troops.
    Conspiracy is possible leftism is a power grab not a moral issue.
    Religion and peer pressure trump all human instinct including survival and family
    Some people no matter how intelligent can not see ahead can only work in the present. or can be trained to think only immediately
    leftism is working out some people cant see that The cathedral will eventually control the unintended consequences of leftism.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    “But what is the motivation of all this leftism.”

    Motivation is the wrong word. Institutions don’t have motivations. They have selection pressures.


    michael Reply:

    K are you saying office politics is trumping survival instinct? To me the thing i have wondered for maybe 40 years back when i thought socialism was the existential threat [ oh for the good old days when existential simply meant horrible financial catastrophe] – the one thing that i simply can not understand is HOW HOW CAN THEY NOT SEE WHAT IS SO PLAINLY SUICIDAL? As we have moved ever leftward and now play with DNA rather then debt but in both cases decades firther along and the outcome decades clearer than my 17 year old self could see I cant conceive of any any way people as clever as our elites cant see what I see. and so i think am i mad or stupid or is there some really evil conspiracy afoot. none of these answers seem right but if i had to pick one even admitting im not that smart and a little crazy id say the conspiracy is the most plausible. I have never like conspiracy theories and this one always seemed the least likely because basically capitalists were conspiring for socialism how dumb is that. but now it seems maybe its not quite socialism and they are not quite capitalists and a dumber electorate might make total control possible. I still think they are wrong that they who are mostly white will not be able to remain ruling and we all think the ponzi economics cant lat though i think a financial collapse would be an opportunity for them. but is this really possible and if it is do they consciously realize what they want. But still either way how can they not realize the danger in extinguishing western civilization? They have rand type think tanks military war games the entire academia etc etc and they simply fail to notice they are destroying westciv or that westciv matters, because they are too busy signalling worthiness to get to the next level?


    EvolutionistX Reply:

    I think it really is just a mundane combination of stupidity + status signaling for immediate gain + the novel information environment furthering horizontal meme transmission over vertical.


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  • EvolutionistX Says:

    All living things are homeostatic system; for organizations like companies and nations to exist, they must also be homeostatic. Homeostatic disequilibrium leads directly to death; on a molecular level, it is death.


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