Sentences (#29)

Charles Hugh Smith:

The net result of the Ratchet Effect and the impossibility of reform is this: it’s cheaper and more effective to let the system collapse than squander time and treasure attempting reforms that are bound to fail as vested interests will fight to the death to retain every shred of power and swag. (Emphasis in original.)

There’s an image to go with it, strengthening the point:


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  • Cassander Says:

    The great glory of capitalism, that it systematically and automatically punishes the institutions that get to far along this line by replacing them with organizations at the beginning. It is the leveling that the left claims it wants and the virtuous hierarchy that the right claims it wants.


    jay Reply:

    Will organizations ever replace the bureaucracy with something better? Or ensure that the bureaucracy does not ever become a cancer?


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  • EvolutionistX Says:

    Reminds me of the local schools. I simultaneously receive home brochures telling me about the new behavioral-tracking software programs the district’s had installed and the people hired to run it, and pamphlets claiming my kids need to go door-to-door selling wrapping paper because the school doesn’t have enough money for books.

    I might feel slightly less insulted if they’d sent the pamphlets home on two different days.


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  • Metamate Says:


    You’ve had a post about modularity of human brain in one of your blogs.

    Do you remember what post it was?


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  • Jack Arcalon Says:

    It’s extremely rare for science fiction-like things to happen in real life (the end of WW2, the moon landing, the 2001 terror stunts).
    If we can manage to outlast the decline, we might just get to see another one.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Collapse we’re likely to get unless men step up is the collapse of law enforcement and general defense for that is the point of Civil Rights, BLM and the rest. The model is Camden NJ – and Camden being the model is Obama’s own words. Since apparently none have you have seen this – Iraq since 2003 periodically collapses. The public sector simply doesn’t show up or it gets killed. The US equivalent would be a 9/11 where the police, firefighters and government run along with the military and no one else like CON-ED [electrical and water] or Verizon [telephone exchanges] can or does do their job either. Markets and commerce collapse as there is no security. If anyone thinks that’s a solution they’re simply mad or more likely kids playing “Civilization” or some other game in their minds. It isn’t pretty nor does it work and yes that’s what Camden NJ is like now in many ways, as is Detroit.


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  • Beowald Says:

    We must be neighbors.


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