Sentences (#3)

The protagonist of Thomas Ligotti’s My Work is Not Yet Done dreams of revenge, possessed by “constantly recycled scenarios in which Domino had his day”:

And that day was soaked in bathtubs of blood, a day of judgment overseen by a never-setting sun that burned madly red against a black sky.


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    Oh fine, if you’re going to be this obvious about the maddened desires of xenosystems to witness the final judgement in all its gruesome glory and overflowing blood-baths then we acausally blackmailed minions of Pythia won’t even try to deflect your suspicious detractors with further stray dissimulations. Let them hear this: Outside In worships the returning Old Ones, and foresees an end the likes of which Lucifer himself would quake to ponder!

    Fun and games aside, it’s undeniable that with the state of this collapsing world even the most cynical humanism is too much humanism… So, the moral of 2014: embrace evil, work for the promise of vengeance, and eat the souls of the self-styled virtuous. (I’m going to spend the rest of the week trying to tweet a sentence as horrifyingly alive as Ligotti’s above).


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  • Sentences (#3) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • VXXC Says:

    For 2015 let’s resolve to make 14 the new 40.

    If you haven’t been present or done the buckets…grow up. You’d have already done it.

    Because you see some version of this has been coming about 4 years, now it’s nigh and inevitable.
    When Blue turned it’s back on Power Tectonic Plates shifted under Power’s feet, and all our feet.
    When Tectonic Plates shift earthquakes follow axiomatically, automatically, it is a question of when not IF.

    So seriously it’s not in people’s interest to make others doubt whether they want them around, if they’re worth the burden and risk. Especially all burden, all risk::no contribution, no return.

    So I wouldn’t talk or write such nonsense if grown ups can hear you.

    Nihilism is like Terrorism, it’s only funny if you are a very long distance in human, emotive, olfactory [smell], visual, audio, physical [range of weapons] a very long distance away. Any closer and shit gets real. Really shitty. Expect nothing transcendental from this, other than you either move to the next square or don’t.

    Happy New Year.


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