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The single worst impediment to better forecasting is a culture in which respectable people aren’t supposed to notice the obvious precisely because it’s obvious. Dr. Merkel, for example, isn’t stupid or notably less competent than her peers; she’s just part of a zeitgeist in which there are certain things you aren’t supposed to say because they are so clearly true. But if you aren’t allowed to talk and write in public about the truth of stereotypes, it’s hard to always remember them when making decisions in private. (XS emphasis.)

When fretting about the radical entrenchment of the present social order, it’s worth recalling the degree to which it has cognitively incapacitated itself. Chronic lying is hard. Eventually, it results in mistakes.

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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    just a typical leftist bureaucrat


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  • Dave Says:

    Every regime is doomed when it starts believing its own propaganda.


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    Will the West learn its mistake before its too late? Probably not.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    We’re in the 2007 ARM reset period for Western Politics across the board.

    But not comprehensively through down to the lowest level except for the national level funds, which aren’t order or immediate government related – public order and utilities.

    Unless you – YOU – accept Vibrant riots where you live as some kind of human right.

    On you – MEN.

    Or fail. Not all will, stay out of the way.


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  • Y. Ilan Says:

    I wonder how the final collapse of the slave morality will look like. How will the combination of external pressures and internal decay look like?


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    It won’t collapse. It will reconfigure itself and saddle the complacent and gullible with its externalities.


    Y. Ilan Reply:

    That does seem plausible. After all, human nature is inherently liable to such outcomes. Self-perpetuating and self-defeating. We shouldn’t expect too much of our species… Replacement seems like the only long-term positive development.


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  • Xoth Says:

    Merkel has been behaving very strangely when it comes to immigration. Before her recent spell, she told the world that “multiculturalism has failed”. ( ) One can only wonder what’s going on behind the stage.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Puppets aren’t in control of their own actions so you can expect them to jerk about every which way.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    I don’t understand how Angela Merkel as a puppet. Puppet to whom? How do they control her?


    Alrenous Reply:

    We don’t know and we don’t know.

    We know she’s acting like a puppet from the inconsistency. We know Michael Mann has a boss, Mann mentioned having to answer to him in the climategate emails. (We don’t know who that boss is either.) We know Eric Schmidt is a State patsy, and that Sergey and Larry had to answer to him and the investors he was deeply entangled with. (Shameless self-plug omitted.)

    We know from theory that there should be a boss, and it should be invisible. First, Class, by Paul Fussel. The upper class is trumped by the top-out-of-sight class. Approximately 400 people in America, who, by the way, are getting tax breaks at the expense of the upper class.

    Also my Sophist theory. Repeats theoretically what Fussel found empirically.

    Finally, the Cathedral is too coordinated to truly be undirected prospiracies. It doesn’t suffer the setbacks which are the hallmark of natural selection – nothing is being violently selected out. While there’s certainly a prospiracy element, it seems the winning conspirators are picked from on high. Correctly, in most cases. It does suffer errors of slow coordination and minor strategic blunders that are plausibly low-information errors. E.g. bailing out Goldman Sachs has not, in fact, noticeably weakened USG. Or Sachs. It is likely Lehman simply didn’t pay their protection dues, much as pre-antitrust Microsoft didn’t. Similarly, it is in no way preferable for the rulers to keep Apple around as opposed to simply looting it. By contrast, the IRS is remarkably dangerous as a foe.

    grey enlightenment Reply:

    maybe she meant that it failed because not enough was done to integrate immigrants (Germany’s fault), not because immigrants themselves were to blame. Germany , like most of Europe, is too pussified to do anything. They got their hands tied


    Xoth Reply:

    We don’t know how to integrate these people properly, so let’s add more of them.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    If they outnumber us, we can integrate to them instead and everything will be fine.

    D. Reply:

    Was Merkel’s declaration that “Multiculturalism has failed” followed up by any tangible action? Or was it merely cheap talk intended to mollify rising anti-immigration sentiment and limit the number of those disaffected enough to turn to extremist movements (or become completely alienated from politics), by providing the appearance of a change in policy (as well as the appearance of a difference in position between the CDU and SPD) where none truly exists?

    I’m reminded of Bill Clinton declaring in his State of the Union Address of 1995 that “the era of big government is over” before reciting a laundry list of proposed new government programs. Of course, in that case he was responding to the Republican Party managing to win control of Congress for the first time in four decades. In the Federal Republic of Germany, voters have a choice between five parties in the Bundestag, all of which support more or less the same policy on immigration. Words are a sham when not backed by revealed preference.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    What I’ve realised is that ‘Multiculturalism has failed’ is eminently ambiguous, as is any statement of the form ‘x has failed’, because it could mean (at least) either:

    1) Multiculturalism has failed, and we should try something else.

    2) Multiculturalism has failed, and we need to try harder to make it succeed.

    The politics of failure have failed! We need to make them work again!


    D. Reply:

    Tonight, I say we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Yes, the thing to do is hire people to lie for you. Ideally, through an agent, so they can’t possibly know what you’re thinking, and so you don’t even have to personally tell them which lies to tell.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    World Democracy, Inc. — with its handmaidens liberalism, multiculturalism and pluralism — is heading for a big crack-up as all the problems it has denied come home at once. The globalist Potemkin economy is faltering and political instability is making everything worse. “What is falling, push.” Let’s hope for a Berlin 1945 or Moscow 1991 moment for democracy.


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  • Izak Says:

    This is partly why Social Desirability Bias doesn’t always work as cleanly as we wish when trying to mark a distinction between poll results and votes in elections. The human brain is very fragile. And if you go on playing the role of a certain character for long enough, you may find yourself turning into that character.


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  • chedolf Says:

    “[Political correctness] is a compliance test. Will you be party to a blatant lie? If you will be party to one blatant lie, then you be party to each of the other lies.

    “So we get a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. But in fact it is not in the interest of people, society, or the state, to have a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. It makes elite cohesion difficult, which increases the likelihood that the elite wind up murdering each other in large numbers, usually murdering a lot of innocent bystanders in the process to provide cover.

    PC is pretty much the opposite of the old honor codes. Instead of an honor code, we have a dishonor code. Instead of compliance testing potential elite members for courage, honor, and dignity, we compliance test them for cowardice, lying, and groveling.”



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