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From a dear friend, whose anonymity I would protect with my life. On the phenomenon of fertility panic among late 30s (early 40s!) childless professional women in the West:

This is an educated person with a PhD, they know better than some teenager in the middle ages.


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  • Ripper Says:

    They know other, now they can find out if it is better to follow Mammon and Baal or Gnon.


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  • Mark Yuray Says:

    We will have no shortage of teenagers in the foreseeable future. Educated people with Ph.D.’s on the other hand…


    peter connor Reply:

    PhD in what???…education, sociology, xxxx studies, anthropology….none of the least value to society…


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Well, if it didn’t take a PhD to prove you were “educated”, then maybe people wouldn’t sell their souls (and their biological drives) for it. To be honest, I think all a PhD proves is that you’re very good at filling in bubbles and doing everything “The Man” asks. Any “education” that occurred is merely incidental.


    John Reply:

    Plenty of “education” takes place, it just has no relation to the arts and sciences universities were formerly associated with. Most who earn the PhD these days to do it for status and intra-party signaling.


    Izak Reply:

    A PhD just proves that you felt like doing something for a little while before doing something else. If you’re not getting funding, you’re a dummy; if you’re getting funded, you’ve got a gig. It is what it is.

    And of course you get educated, even about the stuff you’re choosing to study. If you have a reasonable way of understanding the difference between propaganda and real information, then you learn some things.

    I just think it’s kind of sad to see women in their late 30s doing this sort of thing, long after they missed previous chances to get married, knowing that their biological clock is pretty much run out. But then you look at their personalities and realize it’s probably a good thing.


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  • SGW Says:

    Your willingness to lay down your life, rather than letting the browsers of this site put the fear of Gnon in her by posting snarky tweets on her wall, leads me to believe your friend is female. Anyway, since when does the fertility panic start in the late 30s? I always thought women had those in their late 20s. Does long term exposure to academia even delay the panics? I wonder if there is a study about the phenomena floating around. It sounds like something people with a PHD in Gender Studies would be interested in.


    Thales Reply:

    Credentialism is mostly zero-sum, but fecundity is exponential. A teenager in the middle ages doesn’t need to know that — Gnon has already performed that calculation, as it were.

    Anyway, since when does the fertility panic start in the late 30s? I always thought women had those in their late 20s

    I’m guessing sometime after it was known that birth defect rates skyrocket once a woman hits her 40’s. Panicking is only appropriate for the late 20’s now if a large brood is desired (or if she is still unwed, of course).


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  • Karl "Madman" Mundt Says:

    Life of the mind not working out as she expected? Tell her to follow my example.


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  • Bryce Laliberte Says:

    “they know better”

    This sounds like it can be quite reasonably disputed.


    forkinhell Reply:

    Everyone’s assuming the original sentence was delivered without sarcasm.


    Thales Reply:

    …because that would be the far less entertaining read.


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  • anti-hermetic Says:

    This is why the Shinblades of the world can grasp subtleties of male-female dynamics that over-educated SWPL’s cannot.


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  • ivvenalis Says:

    Teenagers in the Middle Ages also knew that acute stress could cause infertility, something that the Dod’s ill-advised “experiments” in getting as many women into combat as possible are probably going to rediscover. Of course, it will be blamed on sexism or improper fuel safety protocols or some nonsense.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    It’s actually the USG, not DOD. None are such slaves in the West as the Military.

    Now mind you NO must be followed through ..Understand?

    If we get a Sulla, or Marius there will be much gnashing of teeth in many quarters.

    Or Starship Troopers. There are most definitely Losers in these scenarios.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    It has occurred to me that if we want to save our nations through anything to do with the ballot box, assuming the Fiat money cloud holds it would have to be through a party that advocated socialism for the majority, it would also help if it was pro-working/manufacturing, and of course Nationalistic. The right wing would be handled as it is now, by militarism and pro-business policies.

    This has of course worked before, and can’t be ruled out.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    “advocating socialism”
    “pro-working/manufacturing, pro-business”
    Wait you can have both? That sounds like boilerplate Rino Republican logic, beat the left by being the left but not extreme about it. Then the left wins because they don’t have to compromise on the socialism. You didn’t forget how the ratchet works?


    VXXC Reply:

    Yes, you can have both.

    It was called the NSDAP.

    Had it not attacked all 3 world’s leading Industrial powers at once, in particularly Russia it would still be around.


    vimothy Reply:

    [T]he US with its disastrous 37% labor-force nonparticipation rate (ie, the real measurement of “unemployment”, which is commonly cited in terms of the meaningless benefit-claims number), besides borrowing $1.2T a year, runs a trade deficit of $600B a year. Ie, 3% of US GDP. What does this mean?

    What it means is that if USG entirely eliminated foreign trade, closing its ports like Tokugawa Japan, US businesses would experience an immediate 3% jump in gross revenue, and hence in employment. Of course, this would involve a boom in import substitution industries and a bust in export industries, but the net effect would be a boom. 500B ain’t nothing. The hedonic effect, of course, would be negative – but as we’ve seen, inadequate hedonism is anything but our problem.

    We could do even better than this. We could eliminate imports, while maintaining exports. Of course, we would be admitting the mercantilist reality of world trade, something our Asian trading “partners” already understand. Does it hurt that much to say: “Friedrich List was right?” Let’s say that retaliation would cut our exports not to zero, but just in half. In that case, we have $0 in imports and $650B in exports, meaning a net gain in revenue to US businesses of roughly 1.2T – and that’s not counting a multiplier effect of money spent over and over again.

    Again, we’d see some hedonic pain. We’d also see something like a 10% boost in [Actual GDP] overnight, as all the crap we buy from China now had to be made in America. Which means a titanic economic boom perhaps unparalleled in history, except at the inception of the Third Reich when Hitler adopted more or less the same autarkic policies. Less fun – more prosperity.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t believe mercantilism – which, before Adam Smith, was no more than conventional wisdom in political economy – is inseparable from yet another persecution of the Jews. Indeed, any pre-liberal mercantilist would regard the combination of free trade, massive trade deficits, and massive unemployment, as economic insanity on a par with persecuting the Jews.


    As List puts it, free trade is the weapon of the strong. England and later America adopted free trade when we were strong. Well, face it, we’re not strong anymore. But we keep hitting ourselves over the head with the weapon. Why? It’s simple: blithering idiocy.

    — Mencius Moldbug, “Sam Altman is not a blithering idiot”, 12th March 2013


    Hurlock Reply:

    One of Moldbug’s bad posts.

    You don’t need to bring back mercantilism (which is still mostly fallacious) to fix U.S. unemployment.

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Not to go all Adair Neto on you guys, but I don’t actually understand admin’s dear friend’s point.


    Wen Shuang Reply:

    Agreed. It’s eluding me without just a bit more context.


    admin Reply:

    You guys need so much hand-holding sometimes.


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  • bob sykes Says:

    I agree. The original sentence drips sarcasm.

    To push the point, if you are a Darwinian, does not the dearth of children among Ph. D. women indicate that the fitness of the species is being increased? Would we not be better with many more (white) medieval girls among us?


    VXXC Reply:

    We’d be better with women who know they want to be women, yes.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I’m going to put this out there, it’s more of a manosphere and Christian manosphere matter and so far not an Outsideness matter, and it’s truly creepy…

    There is among the broad spectrum of the movement an unhealthy open straining for teenage girls so as to be certain virgin brides, and we should not encourage this, if put into action even so far as conversation unless you’re 19 years old or younger you need to be put down.



    Aeroguy Reply:

    Not sure if actually serious or if there’s a joke hidden somehow in there. To those aspiring for the dream, as someone living the dream, feels good man. Going 3 years with double the gap in age (no gov contract, because palimony isn’t a thing), haters gonna hate. Thank you based manosphere for the gifts you so freely offer.


    low income low status low brow juvenile reader Reply:

    what’s unhealthy about it?

    women brains run teenage software for pretty much their whole lives so why not get the best hardware?


    Hurlock Reply:

    I fully endorse 19-year old virgin brides.

    In fact marriages should be preferably arranged by fathers at an even earlier age somewhere in the early to mid teens.
    A girl is ready to become a bride as soon as she has her first period.


    Posted on January 30th, 2015 at 2:41 pm Reply | Quote

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