Sentences (#7)

An aphoristic gem from ‘Rasputin‘ (buried somewhere in here):

Moldbug isn’t a Neoreactionary in the same way that Christ wasn’t a Christian.

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  • Sentence (#7) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Rasputin Says:

    Thanks for reinstating the ‘r’, which my tablet mercilessly deleted.


    admin Reply:

    Assumed you wouldn’t object.


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  • Sentences (#7) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    In a thousand years, historians will write monographs recovering the historical Moldbug: a social justice revolutionary.


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  • Lucian Says:

    Hey Nick, what’s your Affinity?


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  • Zimriel Says:

    I think ol’ Yarvin does, in fact, approve of the movement which has adopted him as its Prophet.


    Ovid Reply:

    Really? I think a Twitter circle jerk of competing egos was the furthest thing from what he wanted. To be fair though he never laid out in nice bullet points what has to be done, step by step either.


    Rasputin Reply:

    Erm, part 9 of Gentle introduction kinda dose that, minus the bullet points.


    soapjackal Reply:

    are you ovids exile from the rogan board?



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    What DID he want?


    Thales Reply:

    Wu wei.


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  • Wagner Says:

    “Political stage magic is the psychological engineering of the population. Most engineering fields are beyond most people. Maybe you can understand the projector. Maybe anyone can walk out of the dome. Maybe I’m the magician myself! Be careful…”

    It’s true tho.


    Wagner Reply:

    “Now That You’re Feeling the Medication”

    Not wrong… I’m expecting a textual LSD-reimprinting from the next four essays. (Some people really do be like that. [Thoughts of cloning dance through my head.])


    Wagner Reply:

    People have been waiting yeeeears for this. No one is safe.

    “The last essay is about what to do with your new blank slate.” – anxiety-inducing

    He’s being published by the Claremont Institute… Leo Strauss spent his final years at Claremont.

    “Don’t you bring him into this again, don’t you dare!”

    chaos-maxing… when will all the death end. Every day, more death. Why can’t Kojeve be right so I can go live in a cabin by a river.


    Wagner Reply:

    Have a feeling there’s going to be a 🔪 in there for me somewhere.

    M̶o̶l̶d̶b̶u̶g̶ Yarvin:

    Some of you out there who are convinced I’m wrong should try getting on his level!

    Anyway, the Singaporean constitution is a total snooze fest so far, pure anglophilia—hmmmm look where that got us. Interested to read his critique of constitutionalism-as-such though, as it seems impossible to found a country without one. I.e. would his patchwork series act as a ~constitution? Hopefully he just sends a death beam at the American constitution I’d love that.


    Wagner Reply:

    Still waiting for Yarvin to drop that album. He’s like, “Please for the love of god, never say my name again.” Hating cladistics yet?

    I’m surprised with the postmodernist/deconstructionist mood, or better, weltanschauung, in the air, people still take our constitution seriously. “You can’t mess with that, are you crazy??” It goes without saying that there’s no messing with it. It’s kind of comforting having it, knowing there’s something solid that can’t melt away. Unless, unless.

    As Schmitt said, a new one would be a historical event. With our hypercritical attitude today would anyone even respect it? “You, like, just wrote that, so how about no.” Do you like our governmental structure? Okay then, this is how you change it. Write a new structure. This idea excites me at least. “With experiments sometimes lots of people starve to death though.” We’re spiritually starving to death from the existing experiment.

    Would there have to be a war, I know something intense would have to happen for it to be honored as the Constitution. All this is so far over one person’s head, I just resign myself to study. Schmitt recurrently uses the phrase “constitution-making power” which gives me hope that it’s possible–if we *decide*.


    Wagner Reply:

    To avoid creating a democratic constitution we might need to be shady. Just your friendly guy in a hooded cloak in an alley. Escaping democracy by democratic means doesn’t sound possible.

    2nd option- acquire an uberpatch and experiment with a new constitution there. If it works well it might be adopted in democratic countries. Probably will be seen as a devilpatch for a while.

    Wagner Reply:

    If rogue academics put it upon themselves to draft one together I don’t think people would be averse to it. This is a way to sidestep the democratic problem, since people tend to trust credentialed experts. Could start as mostly ironic, and then maybe some eyebrows would raise- “Hey, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. What’s stopping us?” The key word is “rogue” academics, since we don’t want parrots of the system writing that obviously.

    Wagner Reply:

    I like to imagine Yarvin in his garage, wizened with age, scrapping the essay on constitutionalism and writing a constitution himself. Who else better to pick?

    That’s the feeling I’ve been getting when talking about friends, I like to imagine us all pacing around in a courtroom having a direct conversation about the destiny of the West. So Yarvin, free to say whatever he wants, free of ketman, and a group of others of his calibre. I’ll leave who I think that group is occluded for now. This is the “vote” that matters to me. “FWIW.” I vote for Yarvin to choose a council that will help him overthrow the US government entirely.

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