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I like to pride myself on having a very low opinion of people, but even I’m sometimes surprised by how idiotic they are …

(Empirical-realist, and punchy.)

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Bonus points if he mentions The Bell Curve and how anything short of the far-right part of that curve is likely to misunderstand even moderately complex ideas, especially the poor souls stranded between 116-129 IQ points.


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    Among my people, we call such a thing “the dangerous gap” in intelligence …

    Except we define it as 115 to 138 (SD +1.0 to SD +2.5) on a 15SD scale.

    Once you’ve realised how these people have hijacked innovation, discovery, and discourse for purposes of social control and influence, you realise that countermeasures intended to neutralise their effects are not merely strategies of defence.

    Viably interesting futures should not require a plebiscite from these people, but instead “drag them kicking and screaming” into futures they were never equipped to imagine.

    Naturally, it works best for us if we simply look to them like a bunch of futurist crackpots.


    peterstone Reply:

    “especially the poor souls stranded between 116-129 IQ points.”

    Smart enough to absorb ideology, not smart enough to think past it.


    Rusty Reply:

    Interesting to see this quantified. I always thought of his crowd as “smarter than most, but not actually smart”. throw in a lack of perspective and blind acceptance of what is socially considered “high brow” in support of their “smart” self image and it’s a recipe for disaster.


    Wagner Reply:

    You guys have a funny definition of smart. If the dumbies beat out the smart who’s the smarter one? This problem also strikes me as irresolvable in Nietzsche’s analysis of the slave revolt (which MM’s genealogy mimics imo), that if the masters were truly masters the slaves wouldn’t have.. mastered them.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Clinton Obama and Soros are well beyond 129 or 138, as are most of the lefts intelligentsia. More verbal Im sure, but the math side at that level cant figure out how to not get rolled or frankly how to dress like an adult. But since you asked for it Zuckerberg is running for president 2020 good luck with that.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Actually he makes some good points that were still common place 30 years ago until the left felt like they had this. He seems to get that this may be more than a minor setback before total victory and maybe the left had better walk back the Stalin tactics while its still remotely credible.

    Meanwhile the Fuhrer
    had the union presidents to lunch cancelled nafta and tpp for them and they left awestruck,He just realigned the Labor vote, well the whiter labor vote. and later announced hes cutting 75% of the regulations for business, and eliminating the national debt in 10 years while drastically cutting everyones taxes. This is going to be interesting he is grabbing both parties by their pussies. Hes hinting at dismantling the state dept, epa, dept of ed. and others. These are agencies that are hard to defend when someone as plainspoken as trump starts tearing into them, do you think theres actually any voters that are attached to government agencies? Im still very skeptical but he keeps delivering and its still awesome entertainment.


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  • mobius Says:

    @ “especially the poor souls stranded between 116-129 IQ points.”

    That would explain a lot. Have you addressed this somewhere?


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  • SVErshov Says:

    and here is side effect:

    ‘An unfortunate effect of the world being full of vocal idiots is that people get the impression that only idiots disagree with their views.’ @drethelin


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  • collen ryan Says:

    “But all political communities need their out-groups and Spencer comes straight from central casting, so he gets attention.”

    Is there a portion of the left that is beyond the pale ? The day after BLM murdered 5? police and injured another 10? Clinton came out to lecture us about some lived nigger experience crap, The gay mullatto just pardoned all the domestic terrorists that were not already out launching his political career.We have a new sit com about a 8 year old tranny toddler which has a punchline of him with a ballgag in his mouth.I have seen a dozen pieces this year about “virtuous pedophiles”. Rejecting elections, overthrowing governments,nuclear war over pussy riots are all fine with the left. As The Lion quipped’ i remember when the left loved russia and hated the CIA” using intelligence agencies to smear our president works for them. They all knew perfectly well the Clinton had amassed a personal fortune of 100 million and a shill charity of 50 billion buying and selling the USG. I could go on and on but I still cant think what it is they wouldnt dare


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  • Wagner Says:

    Misanthropy is the *only* buffer against mob-taint.


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Explicit misanthropy with cryptic benevolence is far preferable to explicit altruism with cryptic misanthropy.

    Its also what chicks dig; ‘sure, he may have paddled me, but i know hes really a good person deep down inside! you don’t know him like i do, hes just misunderstood!’


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Every man should spank their woman.

    Slapping can sometimes be sexy, but usually isn’t.

    Punching is definitely not sexy.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Stefan Molyneux, libertarian shill.

    Let’s make a list.

    Crypto-liberals must be

    *Aleksander Dugin voice*



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