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George Friedman:

Thus, nationalism turns into a class struggle.

Is anyone still disputing this proposition?

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  • Nulle Terre Sans Seigneur Says:

    Well, nationalism *is* a class struggle, first and foremost. For every nationalist revolution to succeed, you need at least four elements: a Mazzini (sophist scribbler), a Garibaldi (warrior), a Count Cavour (cunning diplomat) and a Louis-Napoleon (geopolitical sponsor). These elements must interact at the right place and right time for the nationalist revolution to succeed. It’s also preferable that you get a bunch of philologists and historians beforehand to build an orthography for a written language and fabricate some national history and folkloric tradition, as Ljudevit Gaj did for the Croats and František Palacký did for the Czechs.

    Don’t forget, you’re a monarchomach. Your first and foremost goal is to overthrow legitimate royal dynasties. The whole shtick about “rights of peoples to self-determine” can safely be ignored once you get into power, as the Slovaks and Vojvodina Serbs quickly found out when the Magyars “self-determined”. In their declaration of Demands of the Slovak Nation (1848), the revolutionaries demanded that “the right to vote is not determined by status and estate, but rather by the spirit and right to equality”. Here it is, right there. No longer shall we have privileged men of status. We shall now instead compete for privileges by lobbying and siphoning off the fiscal resources of the liberal state. Again, you’re a monarchomach, and here is your source of power.

    It also helps if you travel across the world meeting like-minded politicians, and deliver rousing speeches, like Lajos Kossuth did in the U.S. and Britain. He said:

    “The oppression of Hungary has ratified the oppression of all our continent. Since she has fallen, Italy has been completely crushed, the moderate freedom of Germany has been put down by Austria with the support of Russia; lastly, the usurpation of Louis Napoleon has been made possible. Without the restoration of Hungary Europe cannot be freed from Russian thraldom; under which nationalities are erased, no freedom is possible, all religions are subjected to like slavery. Gentlemen! the Emperor Napoleon spoke a prophetic word, when he said that in fifty years all Europe would be either republican or Cossack. Hungary once free, Europe is republican; Hungary permanently crushed, all Europe is Cossack. And what does Hungary need for freedom? Not that other nations should fight our proper battle against our immediate oppressor. We have hearts loving freedom and ready to shed their blood for it; we have armies fully equal to Austria, we want only “FAIR PLAY.” Let the United States feel itself to be as it is, a Power on earth, bound to aid in the police of the nations, and in the name of violated right let it say to the Russian intruder, “Keep back, hands off, let the brave Magyars fight their own battle, else we must take their part.” For centuries, perhaps, you will have no more glorious opportunity than now. Hitherto, the word Glory has been connected with conquest and oppression. Take the New Glory for yours, by assuring to all nations exemption from the conspiracy of tyrants. That is what I first humbly request and hope.”

    Fair play! We only want peace and what’s right! Republican or Cossack, that’s the choice before us! Indeed. Here are the seeds of American adventurism, by the way. Here are also the seeds of Russia-baiting.

    Oh, and the best part?

    Give it a 100 or 150 years, and by that time most people have forgotten your crimes. In fact, your crimes are the *very foundation of the nation-state*. Now, you get to be a “reactionary” by rebranding the revolt against legitimism as instead being an “expression of ethnic genetic interests against a totalitarian Habsburg multiculturalism”. HBD saves the day!


    Garr Reply:

    From GatesofVienna today: “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech on March 15 to honor the revolutionaries of 1848, and to draw parallels with what is happening today in Europe.”
    Orban’s a good guy, isn’t he? Stuff that good guys like is good, isn’t it?


    collen ryan Reply:

    youre describing ethnic conflict that because HBD and history will have economic dimensions. Unless you insist on conflating nation with concentration camp cobbled together by some monarch to suit his purposes at some time.The more important point is within these empires [and by the way thats why they call them empires not nations] and often despite economic interests, through religious iterations,and under successive empires there exist nations usually ethno nations. These ethno nations sometimes have existed for 10,000 years [sardinians, basque welsh?] under brutal attempts to eradicate them yet persist, and can with a little breath be blown back into a fire.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Standard Leftist trope. They mean that the lower classes are the third world, and that nationalism restricts them.


    wu-wei Reply:

    I see this sort of thing reading the far-left all the time. “If we import enough third-worlders, then the workers revolution can REALLY begin!”.

    Funny enough, the neoliberals (which the far-left think they oppose) are basically on the same page. “Boy, all this cheap, disposable labor is really helping my stock portfolio…” Gotta keep growing them GDPs, right?


    collen ryan Reply:

    yeah obviously globalism is a joint venture between (((commies))) and (((“capitalists”))).And sure some of the pawns imagine the game is real and in the end they will double cross the other side.But the reality is the puppetmasters long ago gave up on actual capitalism and communism and what you see coming is what they actually have in mind. Today they may be using niggers to eradicate white men as their greatest impediment, but if you think they intend to let niggers chimp out and sand niggers impose isalm youre deluded. when the time is right islam will go the way of christianity and niggers the way of white men. Of course their entire plan is bonkers and wont get that far.
    The plan is racial marxism giving way [when those presky white boys and their ideas of liberty are dealt with] to corporatist marxism world order. Think soviet union conquered the world and figured out how to harness capitalism like commie china only run by jews and Nick Land types. Frankly I dont see what hes complaining about they are orchestrating exactly what he wants.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Well it may be what he settles for Mike.

    We don’t have to and aren’t.

    Yes it’s bonkers. What will happen is some more of us whites but then far more non-whites will suffer and die and in the end the Jews will be lucky not to find themselves in 70 AD with us playing the Romans.

    And wherever we need to be we’ll be in charge.

    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    Funny how colonialism is seen as an ugly thing when it’s externally focused on empire, but how it’s defensible when it’s internally focused and successful at displacing native workers …

    “Give us your poor, your easily exploited masses, who we shall arbitrage so they shall never be free …”

    Then again, you have to admire the size of the stones of the Americans who believe they can colonise America from within by “inviting” those easily exploited masses so they can be led into subservient relations with Americans, taxed by Americans, regulated by Americans, and manipulated by Americans so that they provide a profitable alternative to hiring the Americans they are displacing.

    You also have to admire the size of the stones that Americans have when they lecture the United Kingdom and certain European countries about “their colonial legacies” — this is rather rich coming from the Americans, given their willingness accept auto-colonisation as a societal auto-da-fé.

    So where will these Vichy Nationalists find a country to call home? Oh, right, they’re working on taking yours. 🙂


    Wagner Reply:

    The hands of you brits are caked, absolutely caked, in nigger blood. How do you look yourselves in the mirror without wincing? Australian aboriginals, Native Americans, opium war of China, enslavement of India. And yet the Germans carry the brunt of the burden somehow. “Nasty little buggers” you brits, “a real classy bunch”.

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Australian aboriginals, Native Americans, opium war of China, enslavement of India. And yet the Germans carry the brunt of the burden somehow.

    There’s more hypocrisy like this to be found. Someone should compile a list. E.g. nonwhites are modernity’s major slave-traders, yet whites get the blame.

    Most Western cities are hardly racist anymore, yet they get blamed for the misintegration of immigrants.


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  • Leonardo Says:

    Off topic, but:

    Admin, I am very angry at you. In your twitter feed you wrote: “This is the Whitest thing you’re going to read all year:” and attached a link, which I’m not going to copy here, to a truly malicious article that asks in the headline: “If babies were randomly allocated to families would racism end?” and whose opening sentence reads: “Imagine a world in which all the babies born each day were randomly redistributed among the biological parents.” I did not read any further because my veins have had already enough adrenaline flowing inside them, but I’m sure it’s full of pure evil, and obviously you concur with my assumption.

    What infuriated me is your ostensible disingenuousness in framing the article as “the Whitest thing” when the names of the authors are: Howard Rachlin and Marvin Frankel. It’s as if you purposefully gloss over the very specific ethnicity of these two “white” advocates of “social justice”, hoping no one would notice the (((pattern))) manifest here. These monsters aren’t “white”. Lev Davidovich Bronshtein wasn’t “white”, either They are something else, something very distinct and very conspicuous. And the thing is, I had intuitively known, with 90%+ certainty, that it would have been unlikely that an actual member of the European race had written this foul verbiage, even before clicking the article and being proven yet again that “every.single.time” has not been coined in vain.

    The reason I’m angry is that I consider you an honest person, and by so carelessly (assuming it has not been done deliberately) presenting as “the whitest thing” what should rather have been described as “the Jewiest thing”, you have essentially betrayed my trust in you as someone who follows your writing. Not that I expect you to care about the emotional state of some anonymous commenter on your blog, but I do hope that by bringing this matter into your attention, I may induce you to exercise due caution the next time you are susceptible to conflating authentic white guilt with Ashkenazi subversion.


    admin Reply:

    Why do you think “Ashkenazi subversion” works? Europeans adopted a Jewish religion for Christ’s sake. They manifestly love this hyper-moralistic shit.

    “Don’t blame the addict, blame the drug-dealer.”


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    This still is the Jewiest thing, unfortunately.

    It seems to me Whites were racist generally until the 70s. Incidentally, » The Immigration Act of 1924, or Johnson–Reed Act, including the National Origins Act, and Asian Exclusion Act (Pub.L. 68–139, 43 Stat. 153, enacted May 26, 1924), was a United States federal law that limited the annual number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States as of the 1890 census, down from the 3% cap set by the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 » The new quotas for immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe were so restrictive that in 1924 there were more Italians, Czechs, Yugoslavs, Greeks, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Portuguese, Romanians, Spaniards, Jews, Chinese, and Japanese that left the United States than those who arrived as immigrants.

    The quotas remained in place with minor alterations until the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. »

    Can’t say I don’t favor Jews as immigrants to America tho, as I’m a fan of Hollywood, the music Industry, HBO, etc.

    But someone should do a percentage of Jews in notable “Anti-Racists” in history.

    Googling Jews and Antri-Racism brings the second result: « Anti-Racism as a Sacred Jewish Value: A Sermon for Yom Kippur »

    » It is said that before (((Boas))), anthropology was the study of race, and after Boas, anthropology was the study of culture. »

    As I relayed the other day » » At the start of the 20th Century, the work of anthropologists trying to end the paradigms of cultural evolutionism and social Darwinism within social sciences—anthropologists like Franz (((Boas))), Marcel (((Mauss))), Bronisław Malinowski, Pierre Clastres and (((Claude Lévi-Strauss)))—began the initiative to the end of racism in human sciences ». And I asked are they all Jewish? 3/5.

    Another is Otto (((Klineberg))), third » Ruth “Landes” (((Schlossberg))) (1908–1991) was an American cultural anthropologist best known for studies on Brazilian candomblé cults and her published study on the topic, City of Women (1947). Landes is recognized by some as a pioneer in the study of race and gender relations. »

    Is there even a Jewish anthropologist who wasn’t an “anti-Racist”?


    Wagner Reply:

    “Europeans adopted a Jewish religion for Christ’s sake. They manifestly love this hyper-moralistic shit.”

    You mean the Allies of WWII adopted a Jewish religion for Christ’s sake. They manifestly love this hyper-moralistic shit.

    Leonardo Reply:

    I’m all for blaming the addict as well as the drug-dealer: it’s not “either-or”. But why confine the blame to addicts and dealers only, when it is the forces of law-enforcement who should bear responsibility for tolerating, or failing to efficiently combat, drug dealing and drug consumption? Since the whole community in which the addict-dealer dynamic takes place suffers due to drug-dealing / drug-addiction, it’s in its own interest to *discriminate* against the undesirable influence and those who promulgate it; it should do so by employing its policing apparatus.

    Hence my anger with you. By calling this article “the whitest thing”, you are akin to a policeman who focuses exclusively on arresting junkies, while negligently, or for other reasons, allowing dealers to roam freely unscathed. (If one didn’t know any better, one would suspect this policeman of being in cahoots with the dealers, as is often the case) Well, dealers are still an integral side of the equation, in the sense that without them, drug-consumption couldn’t have become as widespread as it had become, and would probably have subsided very dramatically. If you think I’m wrong, then you must think Duterte is wrong, and that he should focus on targeting only junkies, not dealers — which is absurd. Evidently, Duterte is not wrong.

    And as for your statement: “Europeans adopted a Jewish religion for Christ’s sake.” First of all, this adoption has been far from voluntary in many cases. Secondly, by the time Christianity reached the farthest regions of what would eventually have become known as Christendom, it had been so thoroughly Europeanized/Hellenized as to take the “Jewish sting” out of it for a millennium (I believe Bruno Bauer had something to say to this effect), up until the Enlightenment.

    You’ve made here two analogies or comparisons, both of which sound plausible superficially, but which don’t actually hold any water upon closer inspection.

    Finally, I will answer your question: “Why do you think “Ashkenazi subversion” works?” The straightforward answer is that it works because all too many individuals, like one “@Outsideness” for instance, refuse to address it from an unbiased, objective perspective. If and when this obstinate refusal finally ends, the uprooting of the subversion could consequently commence in earnest. Meanwhile, we can deliberate about just why these individuals hold the positions that they do – I’m sure someone else would have put it with much more cheek than I had, admin, alluding to certain (((extraneous interests))) which may, or may not, cloud these individuals’ judgement.



    collen ryan Reply:

    I have to reluctantly agree the Jewish Question is a serious problem in fact i think white leftism is completely different from Jewish leftism white leftism is do goodism, Jewish leftism is do badism, its witch hunting kulak killing, its deconstructing, redistributing, anti whitism,communism, revolution, etc.

    Obviously an intelligentsia/power elite of 50% jews is going to have a hard time sorting this particularly given the catch 22 moral structure of jew viictimhood. That said Admins right we are running a christian program and that program is slave morality, this only worked for us when the altruism accrued to ourselves, and while we had legacy old religion values running parallel.

    Ironically I have actually had the same thought of baby swapping to fix the jew problem. forbid jews from marrying jews or other wise intervene in their procreation process to accelerate their inability to identify as non white or as jews.However I think the author and admin had something like adopting niglets in mind, which in fairness is a white thing a jew would never adopt a niglet. It may be true jews have engineered a culture where a white would consider such an abomination, but whites are into it Im disgusted to say. Oddly though a jew will marry a non jew, and a jewess is certainly the most likely to marry a nigger of all races besides negro.

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    There doesn’t have to be a ‘Jewish question’ per se, except Jews should have their own patches and allow others to have their own (and not be a “market dominant” subversive minority in every single nonjewish patch that innocently lets them in).

    Simply those who start “Anti-Racist” rants by saying “Us whites …” or the like, while being Jews, are contemptible or at best laughable.

    It’s a subversion that should always be called out, like thieves or drug-dealers at middle school.

    There have been perhaps a few Jew who have known this. Maybe Moses Hess (1812–1875) is one of them.

    » From 1861 to 1863 he lived in Germany, where he became acquainted with the rising tide of German antisemitism. It was then that he reverted to his Jewish name Moses (after apparently going by Moritz Hess[5]) in protest against Jewish assimilation. He published Rome and Jerusalem in 1862. Hess interprets history as a circle of race and national struggles. He contemplated the rise of Italian nationalism and the German reaction to it, and from this he arrived at the idea of Jewish national revival, and at his prescient understanding that the Germans would not be tolerant of the national aspirations of others and would be particularly intolerant of the Jews. His book calls for the establishment of a Jewish socialist commonwealth in Palestine, in line with the emerging national movements in Europe and as the only way to respond to antisemitism and assert Jewish identity in the modern world.

    Hess’s Rome and Jerusalem: The Last National Question went unnoticed in his time, along with the rest of his writings. Most German Jews were bent on cultural assimilation and did not heed Hess’s unfashionable warnings. His work did not stimulate any political activity or discussion. Hess’s contribution, like Leon Pinsker’s Autoemancipation,[6] became important only in retrospect, as the Zionist movement began to crystallize and to generate an audience in the late nineteenth century. When Theodor Herzl first read Rome and Jerusalem he wrote about Hess that “since Spinoza Jewry had no bigger thinker than this forgotten Moses Hess” and that he would not have written Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) if he had known Rome and Jerusalem beforehand. Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky honored Hess in The Jewish Legion in the World War as one of those people that made the Balfour declaration possible, together with Herzl, Rothschild and Pinsker. »

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Simply those who start “Anti-Racist” rants by saying “Us whites …” or the like, while being Jews, are contemptible or at best laughable.

    Which isn’t to say I’m averse to counting Jews as whites. Obviously many of them are.

    However the Jew that goes occupying his life with shit like MTV’s «New Years Resolution for White Guys» needs to get a life ; and stop writing articles like “Us white people …” when he at the same time does not look upon himself—to himself, his friends, co-operatives and family—as white. That’s pure subterfuge.

    Am I going to start writing as “Us Jews …” now? Might as well, my name is part Hebrew derived.

    Anti-Semitism as pure prejudice is excessive. There’s no need for anti-Semitism… — anti-hystericism, anti-Atheism and anti-Communism suffice.

    Wagner Reply:

    Erikson, I have a mindfuck for you; I challenge you to sing an Ode to Jews.

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    » Major Robert Borchardt won the Knight’s Cross while fighting in Russia but, once he had been captured by the Allies, was reunited with his Jewish father in England. Borchardt was discharged from the military in 1934 for being half-Jewish but was reinstated the same year after receiving Hitler’s German blood declaration and sent to China to help Chiang Kai-shek’s army. »

    Categorical antisemitism is categorically retarded.

    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    Don’t blame the drug dealer — become the drug dealer!

    (with more than a nod and a wink in passing to Jello Biafra …)


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  • collen ryan Says:

    I think this article is a retread seems i read it some time ago

    His thesis has all sorts of unsupported assumptions.First his “nationalism” is one he derives from upper classes importing immigrants of another race with no abundance of resources available thereby setting up what he describes as “racist nationalism” with the newcomers and “classist nationalism” with the elites. So yeah, under that scenario, and if you insist on calling the reaction to that situation “nationalism” which seems absurd, and if you pretend only elites are behind the great replacement and only proles are against it, and that every one who has an opinion has an informed opinion and is not simply being manipulated by an elite of elites, them sure. Other wise its hogwash.Or at least you have to throw out all the traditional baggage of the phrase “class struggle”. The proles are not struggling as a class they are struggling as a people. The elites are not even struggling as a class they are struggling as ideologists. The proles while massively impacted economically by immigration are mostly unaware of this and are resisting the social impacts, the culture, the crime, the forced accommodations imposed on them rather the newcomers.Even the elites are oblivious to the trillions and trillions diversity costs annually in the US. The elite elites are quite aware of the cost as they loan those trillions at interest to their former nations while claiming global citizenship

    nationalism is patchwork. The empire-ists globalists paint nationalists that they crush as the cause of the wars in typical Orwellianism propaganda, when in fact they were resisting being absorbed into world socialism or this or that empire union or order.Some nations are more explicitly genetic while others are more cousin like but have reached a social equilibrium.


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  • wu-wei Says:

    >Thus, nationalism turns into a CASTE struggle.

    I like this interpretation (and its implications) more. “Class” is too loaded in people’s minds with the conception of “divisions of wealth” as the primary catalyst – the marxian “class struggle” – which, while in a sense part of the picture, really misses the driving factors. Moldbug had a thing or two to say about this…


    Dale Rooster Reply:

    I was just thinking this on my drive to the grocery store tonight. Moldbug would call it a caste struggle between the Vaisyas (and perhaps some Optimates, those few left in existence, and probably more than half of the white Dalits) vs. Brahmins/Helots and rest of the Dalits. Ryan Landry (28 Sherman) has an expression–high and low versus the middle–that seems to be fitting as well.

    Reducing the struggle strictly to class–as in the Marxian materialist meaning–washes over the religious conflict as well. Neo-Puritans want to wipe out all non-believers no matter what their economic class might be. Vaisya blowback (or Reaction) is expressed as nationalism, a fierce defense mechanism pitched through the call for unity against their aggressors.


    collen ryan Reply:

    The blue team see the red team as evil heretics the red team see the blues as crazy race traitors. Economics is only peripheral and not restricted to upper lower class dynamics.


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    Where’s the purple team that looks blue to the blue team and that looks red to the red team?

    Oh, right, they’ve already slipped in unnoticed behind both teams to be ready for the coup de grace

    Crazy evil heretic loyalists, what great fun. 🙂

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  • collen ryan Says:



    No there doesnt have to be a Jewish question, if as you say there were no jews there would be no jewish questions. The jewish question arises because jews have embedded themselves in our nations and we are reluctant to hunt them down and root them out, preferring instead to try to find a less final solution. unfortunately jews themselves wont cooperate with finding a less final solution and respond to such compromises with everything they have.Even those favoring final solutions rarely have figured out that the logistics make it next to impossible anyway.And some who fully recognize the validity of the JQ and who while not squeamish about solutions nevertheless wonder if jews could not be an asset if somehow their otherness could be eradicated. Thus there are jewish questions.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “white leftism is completely different from Jewish leftism white leftism is do goodism, Jewish leftism is do badism, its witch hunting kulak killing, its deconstructing, redistributing, anti whitism,communism, revolution, etc. ”


    A few smacks and they’ll run to Israel or assimilate.

    Remember the main problem is we lost control.
    That re-established many serious problems become trivial or vanish.

    Not that I’ll stop at anything short of total victory. I just don’t think genocide for it’s own sake is necessary.


    Anonymous Reply:

    “A few smacks and they’ll run to Israel”

    The time for the smacks is long overdue.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Oh well don’t worry. Our prime concern is to be first men and then again our own masters.
    The smacks are built into that formula for survival as are hints,etc.
    We be men or we die, if we be men we be masters, if we be masters we tolerate no disloyalty or dissent from us being in charge. All baked in.

    These are the pack rat type who can’t let go, didn’t let go of Germany in 1933 etc.
    Some ran they just had to run penniless. This is quite documented. From 1934-1937 Heydrich himself was absorbed with problem of getting rid of them but Germany keeping the money. After that well known events took on a life of their own. Heydrich 1934 isn’t Heydrich 1937 and Heydrich 1942 Wannasee isn’t Heydrich 1937.

    let them run. For future reference don’t be idiotic let them run.


    Bruce Arney Reply:

    Understanding the division between good liberals and evil liberals does serve a purpose.The litmus test being is it good for the race?


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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    L O L — Some commentator managed to try to frame the whole thing as Jews and Muslims as the victims :

    » One needs to start with the following: what Europe is experiencing today, echoed in the US, is the return of fascism due to generational forgetting. Fascism is a political methodology of social control through propaganda of scapegoating. Propaganda of scapegoating represents means of political ascent, followed by expansion of state power and repression of political opposition. War is the common end stage of fascism. In Europe, Jews were traditional scapegoats, <now Muslims have been added to the mix. George Friedman, as a Jew, ought to know better. Fascism was widespread in interwar Europe, a historical fact that has been swept under the rug in a post WW2 rush to blame German Nazis for everything. This was a convenient and expedient narrative, alas it was untrue. The first interwar president of my native Poland, Gabriel Narutowicz, was assassinated within days of assuming office by a Polish nationalist who explained his act in court by saying: "a Jew will not rule Poland". He never showed any remorse, and his funeral (following his execution by still democratic Polish state) turned into a raucous, nationalist demonstration. Polish democracy succumbed to a military coup d'etat in 1926. Poland was not an exception in Eastern Europe. During WW2, a fascist government in Slovakia not only rounded up all Slovakian Jews, but paid a price per head to the Germans for their extermination. Germans had willing accomplices to holocaust in most European countries, even though Germans must bear the majority of the guilt. This is the truth about Europe that the EU was and still is trying to relegate to the trash heap of history.

    Assimilation is not a one way street. Immigrants need to desire assimilation, and most of them do. The host society has to have the desire and means to assimilate them, however. Most terrorist acts in Europe are committed by natural born citizens of respective countries, second or even third generation immigrants ,who feel that means of economic ascent are closed to them because of intrinsic racism. My suspicion is that they are partially correct about racism, but also unaware that they are victims of generally deteriorating economic conditions that close off their economic opportunities. »

    France, a society that lets in scores and scores of their nation's %, i.e. lets them selves be replaced by Muslims, is actually just racist!

    And it's all about the Holocaust™! 2017 it's the Holocaust again!

    And it's a Holocaust against Muslims now too!

    Because of da racisst whyuites!


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  • Wagner Says:

    admin there is a meme evolution in the works, likely because you will not submit to white supremacy:


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  • Garr Says:

    Real American Jews that I know: (1) My father: loves Vermeer and George Eliot; writes amateur philosophy advocating “inwardness”. (2) My father’s cousin: old homosexual hipster, attends “Rainbow Tribe” gatherings, drum-circles in New Paltz; has written books about Shawangunk folklore and the history of Ulster County (my father and his father started a Bronte Sisters society; his father loved Thoreau). (3) A fellow adjunct — a Trump-supporting right-winger very frustrated by academic failure; married a Chinese women, has two kids. (5) An old now-retired faculty guy, a vaguely Leftist Straussian (I don’t know how he managed this), kind of an annoying pretentious prick but his best friend was a Franciscan Aquinas-loving monk who taught in the same place; he was very happy when he finally found a third wife that he could watch art-films with. (4) Various middle-class Park Slopers attending left-Orthodox shuls: identical in politics, education, and interests to non-Jewish Park Slopers. (5) Boro Park and Crown Heights Orthodox: politically conservative; don’t understand the Western European tradition but aren’t at all hostile to it. (5) Lots of half-Jews (this is relevant because a lot of the people on you-all’s Jew-enemies list are probably half-Jews: tend to be comic-book nerds, stoners, ADHD and spectrumy freaks.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Half my friend are Jews [also NYC} cant think of one Right winger but most mave many redeeming qualities. The thing that really finally sent me over the edge was in attempting to disprove the anti semites I began reading jewish publications that are not for goy eyes, Of course as a conservative of a certain age I had subscibed at time to things like commentary and as a child of the 60s new about Tikkun we all know whos runs the mainstream. But these were small intra jewish and I was stunned it was the most hateful stuff Ive ever read. i realized I hardly knew you, which was shocking being a certain kind of new yorker.

    no doubt there are peaceful muslims and Thomas Sowell speaks truth but its really beside the point. We dont have any more time, we are being genocided right now an african islam amerindian invasion of murderously radicalized bioweapons are being used against us and it been a 95% jewish project from the beginning. You have had thousands of years to learn how to stop this behavior that keeps getting you kicked out. I would think after the USA gave you another chance after germany you would have learned but no you were not five minuytes out of the camps before you were reorganizing the exact same shit hitler put you in there for. You just have no clue you cant see it, and its never going to change. I wish you all the best in israel


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Jew-enemies list are probably half-Jews: tend to be comic-book nerds, stoners, ADHD and spectrumy freaks.

    A lot of them are comic book nerds, or pseudo-fans, no doubt as that’s supposed to be ‘cool’ for adult males to be into nowadays. B.t.w. that industry is partly a Jewish creation, many of the big names are (Stan Lee, etc).

    But ADHD and spectrumy? Doubt it. Those are journo-types we’re talking about, they seem to be very sociable types. Hardly spectrumy at all. They’re a popularity and neo-puritanist “social justice” mob. They’re not communication-ally challenged, which would be a symptom of ASD. They are actually socially clever and communicationally adept, in that they managed to sell the goys their own mutilation and rapes — and too even make it look cool. (See «The Century of the Self» about Freud’s relative Edward Louis James Bernays, who through cleverness managed to make cigarettes appealing to goy housewives. Incidentally, also check out Jewish path-forging in the porn industry.)

    A type of Jews’ look matches demons and insects, while Nordic man reminds one of an eagle. Not saying there aren’t pretty Jews.* This is just a morphological fact, not prejudice. It’s no surprise then that there’s something demonic about the behavior of Jews (on average), but that doesn’t mean they have to be our enemies. Asian males are in a sense quite ugly too, but I sure do value their nations!

    * Einstein is quite pretty.

    Everyone has something to add to world culture, so to speak, so let’s all just be friends.

    Heck, I even value having immigrant quarters in European and Western cities. I like to see what comes out of such cultural mixes. I like (love) Freud, the Frankfurt schule, Marx, Marxists, etc, etc. It’s all good with me. Just don’t support turning our our valued capitals into hives for brown peoples. Have you been to Paris lately? Or Oslo? Berlin? Something’s wrong. Human trafficking too, on scale not seen in the global North since the 12th century. Pakis prostituting 12 year olds.

    It’s not gonna work. It’ll just mean North-Europe’s gonna become more like Italy, Spain, Greece, Bangkok, whatever. Browner and swampier. There’s magic in morphology and behavior! It’s obviously not random but a face of evolution. Niggers look crude because their race is subtly much cruder in behavior than say Austrians. The Romans made statues of their nobles to preserve how they looked. They also wrote about it in the alphabet we are using. They were morphologically ‘Nordic’. That’s a term from physical anthropology but anthropology used to be scientific about race until a Jew-started trend caught on. The pigmentation described in their scripts is ‘blond’, ‘blue-eyed’, etc. Just google it. Even HBO is honest enough to present the Romans as white still (not swarthy ‘Italians’ only, as much as I like Italians) — red haired, fair eyed, etc, even Augustus is correctly blonde.

    Ok, so let’s say you do a morphology study and compare it with behavior or culture. Achievements. Well that’s what science actually did until it was really taken over by the Cathedral famously in the 60s. But Boas and the Boasians were at their gamer earlier.

    Yet if science continues without too much Cathedral of neo-lynsenkoist meddling, all will be revealed. Morphology is math, baby.

    Comparison is math. Ain’t too human.

    Compare, compare! See difference!

    I remember a BBC show that shewed the ‘Nordic’ face was universally preferred. That’s from a modern study on beauty, I think in a Psychology department. I.e. people in the study select the face they find most appealing.

    We’re also discovering the biology of feminists. Hormones, morphology, etc. (saw this in another BBC show, incidentally, as a kid.)

    A type of face corresponds with a type of behavior. This didn’t end with the Nazis… This is just beginning.

    So like the African American in the video on MTV’s video said: stop being envious.
    It’s infantile. We all have different capabilities. Thus talents.

    Nobody’s gonna scapegoat anyone.

    It’s not about that. It’s about knowledge and not letting Third-World conditions increase in the First World. That’s intrinsically linked with race. Genetics and morphology. If humanity can get over its pseudo-moral moralistic ideology of “Anti-Racism”—incidentally for some reason much fabricated by Jews—it will be able to tackle problems more honestly and thus more effectively. We need to strike a balance with the Jewish influence.

    I think they helped us evolve culturally. But any substance can be poisonous if too much is taken. We need to draw some of the poison out of the tincture for it to continue having a proper hybridizing effect. Too much poison kills. But the right dosage fixes the tonic effect, or effectuates the cure.


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Best be clear here: I do regard all people as demonic to different degrees.

    » In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon (/ˈdiːmən/ or /ˈdeɪmən/)[1] is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user. »


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    Do you use intellectual violence to cause them to page fault?

    I find it quite enjoyable myself, but then again Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me … 🙂

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Intellectual charity, hopefully.

    Thumos, perhaps.

    Bridge-building. Pontifexing.

    Posted on March 19th, 2017 at 10:56 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Land, go back to being cunning, not for Christ’s sake, not for Kek’s sake, but for fuck’s sake.

    You, the advocate par excellence of escaping one’s genes, are still a British operative all along? Is a joke being played on us by Loki?

    This is the dark path in the crossroads before you:

    Apologize for the Nazis.

    Of course do your philosopher thing too and critique them,

    but the goddess Truth is still looking for someone brave enough to let them speak.

    If not you then someone else. Will Accelerationism accelerate… you?


    Garr Reply:

    Why do you prefer the Nazis to the aristocratic conservatives (including Rommel) who tried to blow up Hitler in 1944? Maybe you think they’re more relevant … but isn’t the AfD what’s actually relevant in Germany now? They aren’t even close to being Nazis, are they? Well, maybe you’d say that they are … okay, but then why not talk about the AfD and Orban and even Paul Weston (British Freedom Party) instead of the Nazis? Because the Nazis were awesome …? Well, the British and Americans turned out to be more awesome, didn’t they? (If awesomeness is measured by tank-assault effectiveness. [British invented tank-assaults anyway, in WWI.] If it’s measured by crowd-spectacles then the Rolling Stones are way awesomer than the Nazis ever were.) Because they hated Jews so spectacularly? Yeah, but Hilaire Belloc and Chesterton and T. S. Eliot and people like that were so much more entertainingly snide about Jews … they weren’t scared of them the way Hitler and his friends seem to have been.


    Wagner Reply:

    Why do you prefer rhetoricizing to seeking the truth? Are you a Jew or something?


    Garr Reply:

    Half-Jew. Lapsed Orthodox Jewish convert, too. I’m seeking the truth about YOU, Wagner! (I assume I’d like you, personally.) It occurred to me after posting that a big difference between Rolling Stones shows and Nazi mass-rallies is that in the former you watch the performers while in the latter you feel like an active participant. So maybe it’s the idea of being an active participant in something comradely and awesome? Aristocratic conservatives wouldn’t let you have that feeling. This is probably the feeling that the 1000+ Muslims who recently did their evening-prayer in orderly lines in front of Brooklyn City-Hall at an anti-Trump protest had. Also the feeling that the hundreds of Satmars at the big Boro Park Satmar synagogue must have had at the Shavuot or Sukkot (can’t remember which) evening prayer-service that I wandered into a few years ago … that was truly awesome. (At the smaller shuls, called “shtiebles”, there’s a homier, sort of family-feeling — maybe more the feeling you’d have gathered together around the campfire with the other men of your hunter-gather-group.)

    Wagner Reply:

    The way you gentlemen tend to resemble the sophists of Plato is startling. Red herring after red herring, almost as if you evolved to rationalize revelation over reason.

    The aristocratic conservatives are everyman’s hero you stinkin normie. The point of philosophy is to subtilize and confuse, not bolster the status quo. Myths are to be subjected to examination in order to loosen the roboticism of thought. The more taboo it is to question a myth, the merrier. Hitler is the postmodern incarnation of Satan, therefore studying him objectively is the most philosophical of enterprises. Conspicuous that a half-Jew would want to throw a monkeywrench into this experiment–no it must just be a pure coincidence.

    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    » Jack Johnson hoax
    In 2015 it was circulated on social media via viral picture-sharing that African-American boxer Jack Johnson invented and patented the wrench and the term “monkey” was applied to it as a derogatory name for black people.[9] In fact, Johnson did receive a patent for a wrench, but this was only improvements on an existing wrench, which was not related to the monkey wrench, which had been so-named almost a century prior. He patented his improvements on April 18, 1922, as US Patent 1,413,121. »

    collen ryan Reply:

    The reason I suspect Garr applies to a lot of political affiliation especially nrx, its a quick mental fix to a complicated possibly intractable problem. In this case the insidiousness of leftism.It really hard to at how leftism operates without getting into the JQ, and Hitler just tackles it head on, almost comically he implements gas chambers and esoteric rules about whos a jew and who isnt. Of course the more you study how he got to that point and ultimately failed the more you realize even when willing to go to those absurd lengths the problem was insurmountable. But ” intellectually ” it still appealing as a quick fix.And of course it really pisses off all the right people [not just jews by a long shot] and serves as a shit test for allies. And any of us feel there simply is no time left for any solution to leftism than war that our struggle is existential so why not the nazi option. In fairness though I dont think I have yet heard the most virulent antisemites anywhere on the net suggest murder when they speak of naziism its a modern nazism that asks jews to self deport to israel or be forced to.Thats a significant difference. I think many of us like myself only reluctantly come to the conclusion its best we part ways.
    I will say this I think the only path is war and the best strategy for that war {which is not necesarilly even a hot war just a lot hotter than right now and clearly for absolute control of the western world} -is to make it a red/blue war white on white. This will give the NAMS an opportunity to self deport which i think many will during a white civil war.This strategy allows the war to be less bloody and will give the right the most adherents and fewest adversaries. To be clear I think the right easily wins any total civil war but at greater cost civilizational, and its likely the left will go for this option.But if it goes as hoped there would be a period for jews to come out loud and proud as white and right.And use the full might of the jew power structure for good for a change. I think if that were to happen the nazis would get a night of the long knives and jews could stay. I dont see the jews doing this I see them doing the opposite.It wont be death camps it will be jumbojets everyone gets home safe


    Posted on March 20th, 2017 at 12:01 am Reply | Quote
  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    » In 1983 Dr Glenn Wilson of King’s College, London published a study examining the correlation between assertiveness in women and their digit ratio.[9] This was the first study to examine the correlation between digit ratio and a psychological trait within members of the same sex.[10] Wilson proposed that skeletal structure and personality were simultaneously affected by sex hormone levels in utero. »


    Posted on March 20th, 2017 at 11:30 pm Reply | Quote

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