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Post-smug politics:

One of the most arresting aspects of the start of the Trump era is that nearly everyone, regardless of their political persuasion, seems convinced that their side is losing.

Perhaps because the thing that’s winning is unrecognizable? Partly its the rise of China, partly its Capital phase-transition, and partly its the messy stage of collapse. In any case, it looks like the signature of the Outside.

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  • An Fomoire Says:

    You used to think Trump would be a band-aid candidate. What changed? Advancing chaos?

    I only ask because Hillary was the collapse candidate. Was this merely the ghost/spectre of 1980?


    Jefferson Reply:

    I was of the impression that admin viewed the election as a likely win – win, but with low odds of Trump as a bandaid (and no downside to Hildog).


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    In a dying civilization, who wins? It’s impossible. We all start over, since our last attempt exploded in the lab.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Balkanization. The ‘sides’ are illusory – they’re fractal coalitions. Nobody (who talks to or listens to mass media) is getting most or even many of their interests served.

    Combine with media sensationalism. In many areas technology continues to advance, but not in a journalist-friendly way, so the national conversation, including the so-called ‘alternatives,’ gives an impression wildly at odds with reality. This is only one example of how all journalists, not limited to official journalists, continue to be repelled by real history.

    The official news narrative is that setbacks occur, but government is making GDP go up. The alternative narrative is government is bad at being government and GDP is going down. The truth is complicated. Per Jim, the west can’t do large buildings anymore. On the other hand, machining recently got much more efficient. (Smaller bits, higher speeds – shallower and shorter cuts, but done very quickly.) Median income is stagnant but house sizes are increasing, or at least have been. Stagnant, but inflation is going on. So is that richer, or poorer? Everyone already knows what their narrative demands, so nobody cares what reality thinks.

    And their narrative is losing, because reality blithely fails to cooperate.


    Weebz_r_us Reply:

    Everyone here would probably enjoy Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (if they haven’t read it already).


    Alrenous Reply:

    It’s a democracy thing.

    Especially in America, democracy is high status. Popularity contests are won by appearances, not substance, and so appearance-manipulators (liars) become high status, and this results in a positive feedback loop.

    Humans naturally have a problem where they believe their naive perceptions and don’t into double-checking, once you have democracy it’s basically game over for the opposite virtue.

    I always remember plastic fruit. Americans would rather have something that looks like food but is inedible than something delicious that doesn’t look particularly good. A related problem is Americans become noninteractive. Museum displays, not people. Interactive appearance is basically a contradiction in terms.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Herman Minsky’s insight: the ratio of private debt to GDP will rise if the rate of growth of private debt exceeds the sum of inflation plus the rate of economic growth.

    In post-WW2 America, it was 40% private debt to GDP. Today, it is 170% debt to GDP.

    Marx’s insight from Capital I (Ch. 25 S. 1)

    “To put it mathematically; the rate of accumulation is the independent, not the dependent, variable; the rate of wages, the dependent, not the independent, variable.”

    Capitalists share fluctuates around equilibrium, while a rising share to bankers is offset by failing share to workers until the worker’s share falls to a maximal rate and deflation follows. Deflation plus debt compounding means the falling worker’s share no longer offsets rising bankers share. Profit collapses without warning. The economy collapses into a debt crisis.

    “There is no alternative.” – Margaret Thatcher

    What we are seeing playing out in political theaters is HELPLESSNESS.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Information wealth is increasing


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    The conversion of price information into naturalistic data (or absolute reference) presents an extreme theoretical challenge. – Nick Land “Teleoplexy”


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Information wealth converts into technology, including health (negligible deterioration).

    I think Gleick’s The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood might have an answer… — is it ambiguous? I’ll have to have a re-look.

    Can we see the conversion rate of information amassed to GDP?

    » a demon controls a small door between two chambers of gas. As individual gas molecules approach the door, the demon quickly opens and shuts the door so that fast molecules pass into the other chamber, while slow molecules remain in the first chamber. Because faster molecules are hotter, the demon’s behavior causes one chamber to warm up as the other cools, thus decreasing entropy and violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics. »

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Information wealth certainly does that. Although, Land might say we don’t need health where we are going.

    A taste of the dialectic:

    “A contract for the transfer of a commodity now specifies… an event on the occurrence of which the transfer is conditional. This new definition of a commodity allows one to obtain a theory of uncertainty free of any probability concept and formally identical with the theory of certainty..” (Debreu, Theory of Value)

    “Usually some error in the act of valuation is involved. The most common error is a failure to recognize that a so-called fundamental value is not really independent of the act of valuation.” – George Soros

    Price is the demon opening and shutting doors. And price movements create self-perpetuating spirals.

    Look at the FRED history for Stock Market Capitalization to GDP for the US.

    Prior to the 90s, when traders could use 20-100-200 day moving averages of the S&P500 as a decent predictor of future price action, you see a patient graduation of capitalization on the FRED graph, meaning capitalization of financial markets and economic growth were somewhat marching together.

    But after the 90s, starting with the dot-com bust, and continuing into now, you start to see the Himalayas.

    Does Gliek speak about how information can be used to correct overcapitalization and underconsumption?

    I don’t see how supporting money manager capitalism could advance an accelerationist program.

    Also, demons are responsible for browning my toast. Maillard was just a euphemism for demons.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Maillard was just a euphemism for demons.

    You’ve got that right!

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  • csl Says:

    All the sides really are losing. The winning side is simply the first enterprising progenitor to use the new artificial wombs to manufacture an army of 400-IQ children — head size is the primary bottleneck on intelligence, and bipedal pelvis width is the primary bottleneck on human head size. That limitation is now obsolete. The future belongs to the Grays.


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  • mobius Says:

    Civilization is insulation. We’ve gotten used to a cocoon of cotton batting, but it’s composting rapidly.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    That’s because The Political Class is losing it’s power.

    Even if Trump fails.

    Mr. Stevens et al the civilization isn’t dying. The elites are and they know it.
    Weimar America is dying. They did not fatally wound us on their way down.
    Grievous indeed are our injuries but not fatal.
    Much suffering is before us but not the end.

    You see they did try, just as they did in Weimar. They missed.
    If what happened next happens again I don’t pity them.

    Why Fate of Empires will not befall us: because it was artificially engineered and forced, not a natural occurrence.

    Here is why:

    1] America and indeed rest of Anglosphere are ISLANDS. America/Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand.
    Islands are not easily conquered nor is it wise to try.
    And we have no natural enemies but ourselves, or among us.

    2] The natural course charted above does not apply because in our case the Intellectuals and Power FORCE FED US DECADENCE against our Will [porn for instance exists at mercy of courts, none even San Francisco! vote for porn where they live, they vote against it]. It’s social engineering by hostile alien [not European] culture and it is openly hostile. We were force fed shit from above and natural resentment rises now to overthrow them. 

    3] What’s actually happening in America and the West is a sort of Civil rising and Civil War against foreign and alien people’s and ideologies that are Intellectual, Alien, decadent to an extreme.  This did not rise from we ourselves. We were simply caught off guard. 

    4] What’s actually happening in America and Europe is late stage Weimar who’s particulars were duplicated formaically in every detail and it’s leading towards same reaction and result. 

    5] Except that there’ll be no outsiders to intervene in any end game changing way. Just enough to infuriate and arouse us – as they have already done.


    s Reply:

    I will try my best to make you right


    Weebz_r_us Reply:

    Senile Delusion – The Post.

    If you think ‘island’ means what it once meant with the current level of technology, you’ve in for a lot of surprises.
    It already meant little by the end of the 19th century, and nothing at all by the end of the 20th. There are no oceans left on this planet.


    Weebz_r_us Reply:

    It’s also funny how in just one post you manage to portray your “people” as at once duped last men *and* overmen. Land’s schizophrenia must be rubbing off on people.


    John Hannon Reply:

    VxxxC2014 is the most entertaining poster here. Doesn’t matter if what he says makes any sense or not, ol’ Action Man has a great way with words. His terse and stylish exhortations for us to act like men provide a much needed counterweight to the rarefied abstraction of Land’s post-human future dreaming, though for some unknown reason I always picture him as looking like Radar from Mash.


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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Trump wanted to help the people using Jamie Dimon. Nuff’ said.


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  • Suburban Schizophrenia Says:

    This is where Civilisation goes to die. Hard to make much sense from a zombie apocalypse. The few can only hope you are right about China. The Outside is always working in beautiful/horrendous ways, it’s hard to make out whats going on from the brainless necrocore of Cathedral politics.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    “Perhaps because the thing that’s winning is unrecognizable? ”

    bitcoins deffinitely winning, 100% grow in last few months.


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  • Tsaekasith Says:

    Its generally advantageous for ideologies and parties to imagine themselves to be losing, to be the sole opposition against vast conspiratorial forces only they can see, this increases the value of individuation gained from associating with them.


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