Sentences (#99)

Venezuela’s near-future (but it could be anything):

[Some X] will not be pretty, but it is difficult to see how it can be avoided.

This is the world now.

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  • Michael Rothblatt Says:

    Huh, one of the world’s premier Carlylese countries is going to bite the dust? It must be because they allowed too much capitalism! If only they had fetted markets some more, everything would’ve been fine and dandy. Yes, if Venezuela enslaves all of its subjects and organizes them into subsistence farming sovkhozes everything shall become A-OK.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    You do realize that Venezuela’s gov’t is modeled after ours, with its own checks and balances, executive, legislative and judicial wings, including its own supreme court?

    But Carlyle, maaaannnnnn



    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    >You do realize that Venezuela’s gov’t is modeled after ours, with its own checks and balances, executive, legislative and judicial wings, including its own supreme court?

    And Roman Empire had a senate, and England has a queen. What’s your point? Mere existence of institutions doesn’t imply that they hold any power. We all know paper “constitutions” and actual constitutions as a rule don’t have anything to do with each other, because constitutionalism is a hokum. Gee man, that’s Reaction 101… except when it’s convinient to forget it I guess.

    Chávez did whatever he wanted, and he did things Carlyle would’ve approved of. But to give credit where credit’s due, socialists believe in socialism because they believe it will bring prosperity, Carlyle would’ve approved of it exactly because it brings misery.


    Wagner Reply:

    It is really suspicious that Carlyle has gone missing. I’m pretty sure that a lot of Land’s official XS TM stances are a result of his not wanting to be burned at the stake. Radish has some articles more in Moldbug’s vein than Land’s moldbugmirages. Why is it that the director opened up the trapdoor under Carlyle’s feet? (And with his Froude and Maine’s)? An honest genealogy of the Civil War and its consequences still needs to be undertaken. People are a little less kneejerk about that than WWII so it has promise. Hymns to the AI cause forgetfulness by placing consciousness in a promised future and distracting it from self-deception and deleterious cultural programming in the present.

    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    >Why is it that the director opened up the trapdoor under Carlyle’s feet?

    As Moldbug said Carlyle is not for the swine. Reasonable people can salvage Carlyle. Unreasonable turn into advocates of Juche.

    I thought that the War of the Norther Aggression has already been covered to death. As for the WWII, check out Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, and Norman Stone.

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  • Hegemonizing Swarm Says:

    Their only hope to avert complete disaster is to learn from Chinese “communism”. Small chance.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Once you go Leftist, there is nothing but a long slow fall into permanent, cyclic mediocrity.


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  • Malfunctioning Academic Says:

    Admin, what do you think of the article’s take on The Federalist? I’m curious about the use of classically liberal American political philosophy in your recent work in general: Gnon, after all, is a riff on Jefferson’s “Nature and Nature’s God.”


    admin Reply:

    My only problem with the piece is its axiomatic commitment to the geopolitical of the USA. The socio-political disaster it outlines cannot be resolved within those terms.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Venezuella, despite of all odds, is not going to collapz. it is very reach in minral resources country, that is why many ‘neutral’ observers interested in its collapz.

    The Las Cristinas mine of Venezuela has gold reserves of 27 million ounces. In 2009, the mine was estimated to have 464.4 million Mt of gold.

    Goverment invested about US$5.81 billion to develop its mining industry. So, Venezuella is going to tango with Russian and Chinies military backups.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    I’m sure IQ has something to do with that. Only high-IQ countries can make socialism work, somewhat


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “the world has experienced only 56 hyperinflations, and half of them occurred when communism collapsed”?

    {AK}: That necessarily suggests, if using the binary of capitalism/communism to the exclusion of any third way, that the other half of the 56 hyperinflations were collapses of capitalism, lol.

    This technotheoretical history of cybernetics, Eyewar – Cybernetics and Project Cybersyn, is very interesting, might have posted it before somewhere.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Welcome back, Mr. Kaphni.

    This documentary is welcome as well, a welcome addition! I’d never heard of it before, altho I’d read about ‘Cybersyn.’ It is top notch beyond my first expectations! Weimar cyborgs, huh?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Thank you , Mr. Eiríksson!
    And thank you for the ‘Weimar cyborgs’ reference; don’t think I’ve seen that before. So far Google is saying, in answer to these search criteria –,ssl&ei=TmIPWfK5O8aTgAbyjTI – this:

    and this:–_the_dada_cyborg.pdf

    They look very interesting.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    “Venezuela has been ailing ever since the decline in oil prices that started in June 2014”

    Get the prediction markets going, allow people to bet on credit and make participation mandatory for all analysts, opinion writers, etc. Within a decade we’d have the entire progressive establishment bonded into slavery.


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  • Uriel Fiori Says:

    the bar is set high for Sentences #100


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  • Uriel Fiori Says:

    also, hints:


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