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Twitter just did the most nauseating thing since Spike Jonze made Her.

(I wasn’t going to fizz off about the whole Twitter polling innovation — which is sheer demotic virus — but it’s getting increasingly difficult to miss the pattern.)


“Everything is going according to plan …”

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  • Thales Says:

    “…and we’ll be calling them likes.

    Mark Zuckerberg, call your lawyer. That word was patent-trolled out of public domain years ago, with Oxford and Webster getting grandfathered in as part of the settlement.

    Srsly, twitter is a wasteland, get out of there…


    Skilluminati Reply:

    Still getting way too much entertainment — and quality brainfood — from Twitter. It’s fascinating to watch this incremental assault on UX, though. They haven’t really found the right straw to break this egregore’s back yet.

    They surely will.


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    Anyone care to explain for those of us that avoid Twitter on principle?


    michael Reply:

    i think they are talking about the little heart symbols down at the bottom im thinking you can vote a heart thsts the number next to it and its like a like but since i avoid facebook as well… It does seem that to complain about the heart after you have given them your mind is protesting a bit too much.


    michael Reply:

    Which kind of brings me back to one day on the way to the ministry of truth conservatives will find all of these communication mediums shut to them of course it already happens to a large extent.It really seems there is still some crossover on the issue of privacy anonymity non censorship etc with many on the left and middle. Before its too late these twits blogs facebooks etc ought to be supplanted by truly open systems and all you DENRX techies ought to do it.The Cathedral is not going to collapse and surrender its going to declare marshall law,systems need to be in place to make their choice shut down the internet or put up with open communication, not shut down individuals or certain blogs or pressure zuck to do it for them under some lefty principle. obviously what makes these mediums important beyond basic private communication is access to greater audiences which is why it must be done now and before zuck etal because now a truly open system could widespread adoption simply based on those principles.


    admin Reply:

    You really think the Cathedral could do martial law? (I’d respect it more if I thought that was imaginable.)

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  • michael Says:

    @Grotesque Body
    UHHH YEAH in a NY minute.But they would not have to go full on a few well placed demonstrations of willingness to do whatever it takes. They do it now all the time anarcho tyranny, prosecutions for one crime when everyone knows its punishment for another crime. policemen doing their jobs, predatory lenders lending to who they were told to lend to,come to mind. Being a brit you may not get what european speech laws look like to americans of a certain age but ill tell you they look like the stasi like 1984, like everything i was taught from kindergarten we could never be, and yet the US is well on its way they could probably pass them here now. hate crime legislation and the private sector enforcement of speech, the civil rights laws that required not simply the govt but private property owners to not discriminate,the laws that counter the clearly defined right to free association;have all prepared the way. The left that once agreed with the right on these freedoms from government now sees no danger of such laws backfiring on them they understand their will be no more swing to the right of any consequence.
    But militarily of course they will, if a financial collapse were to cause riots or a call for a change in government they certainly would put troops on the street they do it all the time routinely breaking all sorts of laws and unless the left press objects they can go on indefinitely. If China and Russia somehow crippled the fiat they would not hesitate you dont actually think a mere financial collapse would cause the cathedral to simply surrender power. They will stay in power by any means necessary and the academics and media will ensure they need use the least obvious means possible but whatever means they use will be justified by the cathedral as necessary to stop the nazis


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