T-shirt slogans (#17)

Nothing lasts forever

Stolen immediately from T-Zip, this kind of crypto-nihilistic word game has an archaic classical pedigree, is (weakly) anticipated in the Odyssey, became an obsession among the Elizabethans, and contributed the engine of Heideggerian fundamental ontology. It still guides the Outside in reading of Milton, and no doubt much else besides. It hides a gnostic-skeptical metaphysics within a commonplace resignation. Zero, time, and camouflage are bonded in chaos. Make of it what you will …

ADDED: “The Austrian theory of the business cycle has never been a radical premise. It only stipulates that any workaround of the natural cycle of economic growth must come with ensuing costs. It’s a simple law: you can’t get something for nothing. A majority of economists believe the opposite. In other words, they believe in magic.”

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  • Michael Says:

    clever quip but while i count myself a Austrian capitalism/economics is kind of the theory /study that you can indeed get something for nothing at least temporarily a market can be exploited a widget is greater than the sum of its parts.Their magic is the belief this is sustainable,


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Nothing you build. Nothing you destroy stays destroyed either. Your mistakes are as ephemeral as your successes.


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  • T-shirt slogans (#17) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    For added piquancy, add an american flag to the t-shirt.

    We could probably also unite the atheists NRxers and the faithful NRxers around a version of the t-shirt that has the cross on it.


    admin Reply:

    Yes to both.


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    ‘Nothing lasts forever.’

    This is probably the closest thing to a promise of long-term commitment one Pyrrhonist could make to another amirite?

    lol anyway, I am currently dwelling in a living room filled with greater emptiness than usual, with what small amount of valuable qualia I own packed away in boxes and a single mattress left in the corner of the floor. The rapid dissipation of years of accumulated entropy over the course of a weekend is immodestly liberating, even if it requires some days (and a couple more yet) of generally inutile labour. Soon-to-be x-housemates have told me the moving process is ‘tedious’ and they ‘just want it to be over’, and sure it is tedious, but when people are exiting from each other’s lives it can be taken slightly personally, and sure it is personal. Daily routine here had become too much like navigating between the Scylla of unguarded charitableness and the Charybdis of accusatory paranoia, and there are better prospects on which to waste my pathological altruism…

    In other news, I scored four tabs of LSD! I’ll be taking them when I finally quasi-settle into my new lodging. I can’t wait, nothing nothings quite like it…


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Alongside Doolittle’s other fantastic output. I would like others who might consider Austrian economics

    I am not an austrian, although I will go through the major works no matter what eventually to see if my intellectual positions remain firm. I believe in the correct use of mathematics.

    Who knew the “Far-right” could be so fresh? When I was a leftist more of my journey into the reading material of the right was a bunch of nonsense or children. The amount of high quality right wing thought I encounter now is incredible. I am eternally grateful for having discovered every one.


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    A couple of links here to prove it isn’t all mere drug-fuelled Dionysianism from my end:


    Looks here as though Noys has criticised Accelerationism for being nothing more than mere drug-fuelled Dionysianism engaged in a fantastical denial of the Real (lack of desire) through a traitorous identification with the deceptive productive forces of Capitalism. The idea seems to be (take a deep breathe) that production eventually ‘cools off’ to reveal the un-alienated ‘real’ self of the labourer represented in the phallus-bereft ideal ‘I’ whose newly-realized dis-empowered desire Noys would like to direct away from the ‘increasing tempo’ of free-market accelerationism and into ‘disruptive intervention’ of the presumably unnatural cycle of capitalist growth itself.

    (Quickly aside Noys also claims to have pinpointed a ‘perverse traditionalism’ in the acceleration canon – including Nietzsche, Bataille, D&G and N. Land! – but we’ll leave that discussion off there…)
    So if ‘I’ were to follow Noys’ advice ‘I’ would be led to ‘disengage, negate, and develop a new politics that truly challenges the supposed pleasures of speed’. Now, I’ve never been so enamoured of speed, either in drug or drag-racing form, and accelerationism to me is more like a selective positive feedback pressuring the cycle of production into self-escalation under the axiom ‘increase in order to preserve’. Noys’ fundamentally negative feedback system OTOH is advising productive cycles to pull the emergency brake and watch all imagined cybernetic futures crash and burn, and then step out after the dust is cleared to re-start history (without all the violence this time).

    Hickman has already noted the Deleuzian opposition to Noys’ vision of an unproductive (absent) schizo-unconscious and adds ‘in the end I wanted to know beyond the negative critique what he might offer as part of his positive program, his counter-accelerationist agenda.’ I’m guessing he means besides the ‘disruption of acceleration itself and all its capitalist machinery’ which is one path advocated by Noys. Anecdotally, and perhaps unfairly, I know a lefty who had read about the emancipatory potentials of ‘disruption’ and used to practice by ‘disrupting’ me in casual conversation as part of the larger (opaque) strategy. This led to avoidance of communication. Such micro-political concerns are not entirely out of the question regarding adversarial memetic strategies, and Noys himself admits the plan ‘is not to offer an exhaustive account of accelerationism, but rather to choose certain moments when it emerges as a political and cultural strategy”. Something to look out for in any case. Ok this is getting lengthy. To hastily conclude:

    When the only practical purpose of ‘counter-accelerationism’ is to place a speedbump on the intellectual road of the accelerationist goal-in-itself by intervening into accelerationist cogitations so as to provoke self-conscious depotentiation, any fictional and/or self-respecting accelerationist meme-carrier will pursue the counter-counter strategy of ‘going back to work’ and leaving it to fate to decide whether the counter-A agenda will succeed in its ‘disruption of acceleration itself and all its capitalist machinery’. If the lust for machinic immolation is more than human fantasy, than its more than human. The personal ‘I’ itself may be nothing more than a fictive means to excuse slow output (see: my last comment). But let’s move on…

    Alright, I don’t have the joie de vivre right now to take on this next link in any detail:


    I think this one is an esoteric ‘science of the commune’ or something. I figure when you find yourself this far in enemy territory you either retreat or start firing shots. The real questions here come down to how one measures value. (For another time.)


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