T-shirt slogans (#20)

Fork America.

The matrix:

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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    Until Trump, leftists had no reason to think molecularly *in space*. Now that they are amenable to multiplicites in space, mainly out of fear and defeat, the instinct to punish them further is almost ineluctable. The boiling off effect of a MaoCorp is reward enough, I guess.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    New America and American Classic.

    See if you can get Coca-Cola’s old marketing materials. It’s probably still relevant, targeting same demographic with New Coke and New America.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    We’re gonna need to fork Western Civilization, with a new one for post-collapse people and the other for people who want to keep living in the collapse time for their safe spaces and hashtags.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    Sounds good, though we tried that once


    Zimriel Reply:

    yeah,the CSA Constitution was a new, improved USA Constitution with formalised slavery. and slavery was hard to repeal in it, not Honduras hard but hard.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Chopsticks America


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  • Daniel Chieh Says:

    Well, I think quite a few Americans would like to go back to a previous version at least.


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  • Post Alley Crackpot Says:



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  • John Hannon Says:

    “If you come to fork in the road, take it!”

    – Yogi Berra

    P.S. Maybe a bit long for a T-shirt slogan, but in light of recent events relating to my vibrant neighborhood (the Westminster attacker would have shopped in the same Tesco as me), it has to be asked “if Islam is the religion of peace then how come Islamist extremists aren’t extremely peaceful?”


    collen ryan Reply:

    If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him


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  • Wagner Says:

    Here’s a nice little present for y’all from Bill Hicks:

    “Boy, Jesse Helms. Isn’t that a great one, i’n’t he? Just another little fevered ego tainting our collective unconscious. Cos you know, anyone – like Swaggart – anyone that far to the right is hiding a very deep and dark secret. You do know that, right? I’m an armchair fucking psychologist, but anyone that – you know when Jessie Helms finally dies, he’s gonna commit suicide first of all in a washtub out back underneath a pecan tree. He’s gonna slash his wrists and he’s gonna write in blood, ‘I been a bad boy.’ But you know they’re gonna find the skins of young children drying in his attic. Swarms of horse-flies going in and out of the eaves, and on CNN, over and over, his wife going, ‘I always wondered about Jessie’s collection of little shoes.’ Anyone that far to the right is fucking hiding a deep, dark secret.”


    John Hannon Reply:

    Here’s Tom with the weather.

    Saw a stand-up last week making the point that just as the right is hopeless at comedy, so the left is hopeless at producing action films.
    Division of cultural labour by political mindset.
    Though I find the best of classic comedy completely transcends right-left division –



    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    No Alt Right Left Behind



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  • pgbh Says:

    America Classic already existed once, and the forces which caused it to disappear are still around


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