T-shirt slogans (#8)

It’s time for our source of perpetual sunshine Kevin C. to get some T-shirts printed:

Things will get worse … and that’s it

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  • Igitur Says:

    Ever seen that internet meme that has women (womyn) holding signs saying “I need feminism because [list of grievances, malaises and things that don’t make her a happy princess]”?

    Some things may be construed to be endogenous to the system as-is-now. Democracy can’t control government is one; a number of collapse scenarios follow. Jim Kunstler-type admonishments also apply, although not just by his belly intuition method.

    Neoreaction is not one of those things. (Nor is feminism). It’s not a product of civilizational entropic creep, although ideally people on the other side should see it like that; it’s an actively maintained social movement.

    If you ask me, this (things will get worse, period) is a medium to long-term failure marketing, catastrophically so. If everything’s going to Heck, why do I need neoreaction anyway?


    Ex-pat in Oz Reply:

    I think it is just one element but hits the right note. Consider the phases of organisational change (this is one, I’ve seen other more detailed ones: http://www.ehow.com/info_8236354_three-phases-organizational-change.html). You start with an existential challenge then work through it. But it starts with acknowledgement that things are bad & likely to get worse.


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  • Igitur Says:

    (By the way: is there a way I could send you a link by some private channel?)


    admin Reply:

    It’s easy — check out ‘Contact’ (ccru00@hotmail.com).


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  • VXXC Says:

    Not Citizens: we are Tax Farm Animals or Clients.


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  • Aaron Says:

    Everyone is a low information voter.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    How true it is


    admin Reply:

    To be a voter — informed or uninformed — you have to vote. Does anyone here still do that? (Quaint.)


    Aaron Reply:

    Good point.

    All voters are low information voters.

    VXXC Reply:

    I can plead nolo contendre due to congenital Irish Romanticism.

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  • Artemisia Says:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOuumGX-6uc&w=420&h=315%5D


    Artemisia Reply:

    Hm, that was supposed to embed. Well, doesn’t matter anymore.


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  • Antisthenean Says:


    His speech is so strongly reminiscent of Artaud it’s astounding.


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  • Michael Says:

    no representation without taxation


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